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::BOUND BY BLOOD ::CHAPTER 2 - Age Old Scars ::DarkStorm

Aiden closed his eyes, his hand still on the tag, and thought of Kael. As he opened his eyes, he felt as if everything had started to spin. Aiden felt extremely dizzy, and couldn't stand up, so he tryed to brace himself on the wall, but his legs collapsed underneath him. He struggled to get up, but he was at the mercy of whatever had come over him.

"No!", he cried. "NOOOO!!!"

Suddenly everything went black.

He couldn't see. He wondered what was going on, but could do nothing about it. As his senses started to return to him, he could feel that someone was holding his hands very tightly above his head.

Aiden cried out in agony as a cut was made on his right shoulder.

"What's the matter, Aiden? Not so tough now without your little friend, are you?", asked the voice of the male vampire behind him.

"Stop! Please, STOP!"

"Why should I? You came to my house, and when a friend tried to give his life up to save yours, you got in the middle of it all. Kael is DEAD, Aiden.

"No.", Aiden started.

"And it's all YOUR fault!"

"NO!", Aiden cried, "It's not my fault I didn't do ANYTHING!"

"You killed your own friend, and you know what? Now I will give you a punishment worse than death, because you hurt my brother!"

Aiden cried out in pain as the vampire continued his cuts that were forming a name he couldn't yet recognize.

"I didn't mean it! I didn't do anything!" Aiden called out hoping the vampire would stop his endless pursuit.

Much to Aiden's surprise, the vampire let go. Aiden looked at his right arm and saw the name Nikolas carved into the flesh. Beads of blood had already formed on the cuts, and the cuts burned like fire.

Aiden looked at the vampire who was now smirking. "Nikolas, huh? You will regret this one day, Nikolas."

Nikolas punched Aiden in the jaw, sending him flying through the air. Aiden hit the wall hard.

Sitting up with a start, Aiden looked around him. A crowd had started to form and a man in a buisness suit asked him if he was ok.

"Yeah. I'm fine" he said trying to shake off the 'tunnel-vision' that he had.

The crowd dispersed, and Aiden looked up to the tag on the wall behind him. "Why are you doing this to me, Kael? I didn't mean to kill you!"