Again I turn Around to You

Part Twenty-one: Home Again, Home Again Jickety Jig

The Great Hall was decked in the migraine inducing colors of Hufflepuff House for the End of the Year feast. The Slytherins were glaring and the Ravenclaws were moping. The Gryffindors were, in fact, the only group that Sirius found to be acting anything like their normal selves. They were as loud as always, uncaring of their loss.

For the Hufflepuffs their victory had come as something as a shock, and they were exhibiting uncharacteristic glee.

"The Snakes look like they're going to lynch the next Hufflepuff who dares look at one of them." Remus commented as the most recent onslaught of Hufflepuff happiness had come around and hugged them.

"They're just happy," A seventh year smiled. "This is the first time since I've gotten here that they've won."

"Still wish it could have been us," James sighed. "It would have been nice to tell my folks that we won."

"Eh," The Head Girl shrugged. "We won last year, and doubtless we'll win again eventually."

"As long as Slytherin didn't win I'm happy," The first Seventh Year grinned.

Sirius stifled a smile at that comment and turned back to his food.

"What are you doing now that you're a licensed witch?" Lily asked the Head Girl.

"Ministry of Magic most likely," The witch grimaced. "Either as a secretary or possibly to the Aurors. I haven't decided fully yet."

"You want to be an Auror?" James's head popped up. "That has always sounded like fun." He turned toward Sirius. "Don't you agree?"

"Not really," Sirius smiled. "I've always wanted to be a teacher, or maybe a librarian."

"How boring," Peter mumbled next to him.

"What about you Remus?" Lily sounded interested.

"I've always wanted to be an Auror as well." Remus admitted. "It is the thrill of the job I think."

"What are Aurors?" Lily asked after a moment.

"They are a Peacekeeping force," The Head Girl told her. "Sort of like the Muggle constabulary."

"Oh," Lily blinked. "Women can become Aurors?"

"The Wizards learned a while ago to never underestimate a witch." The seventh year joked.

"Oh," Lily trailed off thoughtfully.

"Do you know how to cast the Unforgiveables?" James demanded.

"I've seen them in use," the Head Girl shrugged. "But never had to cast them myself. Imperious is hard to resist."

Sirius shivered. Across from him Remus seemed to give him an odd look, but when Sirius met his gaze, the boy merely gave him a small smile.

"How long does it take to become an Auror?" Remus asked.

"It depends on the level of Auror you hope to become...." Sirius turned away from the conversation. Joelle Patil briefly caught his gaze from her seat next to Lily but Sirius allowed himself the luxury of merely passing her over. He lay his head down on the table for a minute.

"Sirius?" Remus was leaning across the table.

Sirius started.

"Come on," James said from behind him. "If we're going to stay up all night we need to get going."

'But....' A panicked voice in his mind started to protest the wisdom of being tired when he saw his mother next. "I guess I can sleep on the train." He shrugged to both himself and James.

"That's the spirit!" James grinned as the four boys left the Hall.

The Hogsmeade Station was as bustling as King's Cross was at the beginning of the year. Sirius set his trunk down next and looked over at his dorm mates.

"You'll write when you can?" James asked him hesitantly.

"When I can," Sirius smiled slightly. "I expect to receive owls from you via Remus."

The boy in question sighed. "If I must pass them along then I will."

"The train is leaving soon." Peter motioned. "I'm getting on even if you three decide to spend the summer here."

"I'll see you next year!" James called as he climbed after Peter.

Remus looked after them somewhat wistfully.

"You can go with them if you want," Sirius told him. "It's probably just going to be Severus and me, as always."

Remus darted forward to give Sirius an awkward hug. "I'll see you at the wedding." He climbed onto the train as well.

"Gryffindors," Severus drawled. "Overly affectionate and physical."

Sirius shrugged as he turned to face his friend. "It's not like we're going to change overnight."

"I, for one, wouldn't have you any other way." Impetua grinned next to Severus.

"Final Call!" The conductor called out giving them a pointed look.

"Coming," Sirius rolled his eyes. "One would think that some of the students are actually eager to see their parents."

"Why Sirius," Impetua opened her blue eyes wide. "How can you suggest that we three would be anything but delighted to see our progenitors."

"I look forward to my father's dry wit and scathing comments daily." Severus nearly forgot himself enough to stick out his tongue as they entered an empty compartment.

"At least your parents show some interest in you." Impetua mumbled.

"I pray for the day when I am found uninteresting." Sirius sighed.

"Amen." Severus nodded.

"You two heirs." Impetua laughed. "You have no clue!"

"Inform us then." Severus challenged.

"No," The girl shook her head. "I don't think so."

The three fell into a companionable silence which was broken when the door was slammed open.

Lucius Malfoy stormed in. "There you are." He ground out.

"Yes?" Impetua barely looked up.

"You shouldn't be here alone with two boys." Lucius hissed at her. "It is unbecoming of a Malfoy."

"Meanwhile you can sleep with all the women you want?" Impetua looked bored.

"The family name is at stake when you make yourself look like a prostitute." Lucius looked on the verge of murder. "I will not let you drag it through the mud!"

"Does Narcissa know who got Sarah Parkinson pregnant?" Impetua looked up at him sweetly.

"You wouldn't dare." Lucius stopped in his tracks.

"Go away Brother." Impetua commanded. "You tire me."

Lucius's eyes narrowed, but he still bowed to his sister. "As you wish." He turned and stalked out.

"You're going to get it later." Severus stated quietly when the door closed.

Impetua stood up and gathered her stuff. "I know."

"Some would say that you are as foolhardy as a Gryffindor." Sirius smirked.

"And those few who dared might be right." She moved toward the door. "Until the wedding."

"Until the wedding," the boys chorused.

Sirius nearly fainted in relief when he saw his mother's brother standing in the crowd at King's Cross. The young wizard was not his mother's favorite person, but was powerful and therefore tolerated. Plus, he had been known to get Sirius out of trouble.

"Are you ready to leave?" Mr. Ketteridge asked as Sirius approached him.

"Of course Uncle." Sirius replied.

"Then let us leave before my sister can claim that the Muggles and Mudbloods are corrupting us." Mr. Ketteridge's mouth twitched slightly.

Sirius smiled in return. 'Maybe with Uncle Patrick here the Summer won't be so bad.'

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