Hello! I am here again!  I'm a writer and inspiration hit!  Don't worry…this is going to turn out much better than the other one.  Yes, yes it shall. 

And…it is supposed to be funny.  Well…I think its funny. 

Thanks to all…



*If I owned Inuyasha, Kagome would be named "MC" and "MC" would get Sesshomaru.

(After a lot of drama and angst and steamy love scenes "MC" would get him that is…)


I never really liked work.  In fact, it slightly bothered me when I got to that immortal age of sixteen and my father decided it was time to start me in the family business.  I mean, I guess it was okay for the first month…okay, more like after the first hour I was ready to hit myself with my silver plated stapler (a starting gift from my dear old father).  But of course, I would never ever hit myself for two reasons: a Kingston never publicly abuses himself (among other things) and it would ruin my face, a face that had recently lured a girl into my bed.

Hey!  I was sixteen, okay?  Lay off.

All guys are a sack of hormones at that age.

Anyways, since I couldn't escape work it turned into an obsession for me. 

Years passed.

The girls didn't mean anything to me anymore.  I no longer wanted to hit myself with my gold plated stapler (a promotion gift from my dear old father). 

The numbers and figures entranced me. 

Instead of whispering seductive words into a woman's ear I shivered at the mention of words like "Nasdaq" and "price ratio." 

My life was centered around one thing and one thing only: business.

I took my father's company on the dot-com highway and to quote Linus Larabee, "changed a multi-million dollar business into some real money." 

Men were in awe of my cold-hearted business skills and sometimes-ruthless maneuvers.  I had memorized the look people wore the day after I took over their company.  My father died when I was around twenty-five.  It didn't faze me for he had retired from the company a few years before. 

It was my company now.

And what a company it was.

I held stocks in all major businesses around the world—most of which I owned.  You know how it is said the world is owned by but a few large names and labels…Disney, Aol-Time-Warner, etc?  Well, my company was fast on its way to becoming a part of the top rung—the elite of the elite. 

My company's final struggle to the top was banking on the biggest deal I have ever made in my entire life.  It offered so many possibilities beyond even my comprehension and my hands itched to close the deal. 

But there was one catch I wasn't predicting.  Looking back on it now, I can see where everything went askew.  Where everything changed.

Where my life as I knew it disappeared.

And strangely my whole downfall hinged on one petite woman.

If I only knew…