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The smell of a passing thunderstorm filled the air; puddles of water still remained upon the ground and the full moon shined brightly from where it floated. It was pretty much quiet tonight, except for the crickets that chirped and such.


Hiei stood up on the rooftop a tall building, as though he was waiting there. The full moon floated behind him, causing a silhouette of his body to be seen, but his crimson eyes were shown clearly.

Upon the rooftop, there he waited by himself. He looked down from where he stood, watching humans, demons or other vampire races prowl among the streets, being stalked or being the stalker of their soon-to-be prey.

The crimson-eyed vampire licked his lips, he was becoming hungry. It's been a day since he had last fed.

He disappeared, but had reappeared again on the street in front of the building. Hiei smirked. "I apologize, guys, but I'm beginning to get hungry now," he said. "Can't wait forever, you know." With that, he walked away.

Inside of that building, both Kurama and Yuusuke were gathering bits of information from a fortune-teller about the Elementals. Hiei didn't want to go in, so he stayed outside, but then he left.

After a few minutes have gone by, the two came out.

Yuusuke stretched. "I thought she would never end," he said as he yawned tiredly. He looked at Kurama, he looked concerned. "Why so down?"

"What she said back there...just seemed to be...discomforting, in a way..." Kurama answered.


"I don't know really..."


Kurama and Yuusuke entered the building of the fortune-teller. It was a large building for a fortune-teller (a/n: must be pretty famous, huh?). But anyway, the two walked into the room, the light was dimmed and the smell of essence filled the room. Charms and symbols were here and there; in the middle of the room, lied a round table and of course, a crystal ball.

Yuusuke saw the bookcase near the back and went towards it. Kurama just looked around.

"Welcome to my home, gentlemen," a woman from within the shadows greeted. "Though I do find it to be very late for you to be coming here, don't you think so as well?"

The two remained calm; they had no reason to fear this woman. "Please show yourself," Kurama asked calmly.

The woman stepped out from where she stood. Her hair was slightly silvery- white, but nice, and her eyes were of a teal-blue color. Her face was young as well. "Now tell me," she began, "why is a vampire and a human here at such a late hour?"

"We've come to seek your help," Kurama answered. "We were told that you were the greatest seer in the city and we need your help...Lady Tsubaki."

"To help you find this certain type of witch, am I correct?"


"Then, please, take a seat," she said.

The two boys did as they were asked to and sat down near the table (the one that has the crystal ball on it). Tsubaki sat across from them and began.

"You search for the Elemental Witches of the Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. These witches have the power to destroy your master, race and of course, you. He fears them. However, you all don't know the identities of these young women."

Kurama nodded. "Can you tell us who they are?"

"I do no know their faces, but I will tell to you that one will become of great importance to you and you will care for her dearly. You will sacrifice your life for her."

Kurama became puzzled. "I don't understand what you mean, Lady Tsubaki..."

Yuusuke glanced over to Kurama and saw his expression...it was grave. "Umm...excuse me, Tsubaki, but while we're still here, can I ask you a question or two?" he asked.

Tsubaki stared at him. "Go on."

"Anou...what would happen to me later on in my life? Will I be happy?"

The woman looked into the crystal ball. "You cannot change Fate or your destiny, but if you change your ways, someone you love dearly will have a changed future...It's all in your hands..."

Yuusuke raised and eyebrow, obviously confused about what she just said.

"What is your next question, Yuusuke?"

"Oh yeah, how old are you?"

Tsubaki narrowed her teal-blue eyes. "Why would I tell you something like that?"


"If you really want to know my true age," she began as she turned her eyes toward Kurama, "you can ask Kurama. He would know since he was once with Kikyou."

The vampire looked up quickly. "You knew Kikyou?"

"I did, until she decided to end her immortal life as a vampire. She came to me for guidance. And so, I helped her, but telling her what she needed to know. Her death..."

"What?" Kurama stood up. "You were the one who told her to stop feeding? You made her become weak and she was killed! How could you do that?!"

Tsubaki remained in her seat and smiled. "Before Kikyou ever became part of the Kurokiba clan, we were close friends. We told one another about things that we never told anyone else. The best friends we were. We were happy in the village that we lived in. During that time, though, we were priestesses and our master taught us from what is good and evil.

He came into our village and began to live there when she and I were seventeen years old then. He was handsome and beautiful, we loved him...He had this beauty that many loved and made many men envy...During one day, Kikyou and I were walking near the lake, we met him."

"What was his name?"

"Naraku," she said simply with a light laugh.

Yuusuke's eyes widened. "Narauku?!"

"Yes...his name is Naraku. He was so mysterious then, and we were all god friends until he wanted to marry. It was either me or Kikyou. We loved and he loved us but he could only choose one bride....And so...Hostility between our friendship began...We became enemies, al fighting and arguing over his affections." She paused. "Naraku chose her and she was happy, while I was along, by myself in the temple. A couple years have gone by and I hadn't heard from Kikyou or Naraku...During one night, he came to my home and said to me that he had made a mistake as he held me within his arms. He said that he should've chosen me instead..."

"What happened then?"

"We spent the night together and the next day, Kikyou found us in my room. She became furious and left. Naraku stayed silent and tried to go after her. I asked him to stay, but the look that he had in his eyes told me that all he said to me was all just a lie...He soon left."

"But why did you tell Kikyou to stoop feeding?!" Kurama was becoming agitated by her talking.

"Let me continue," she said sternly. "A few weeks later the both of them left the village. It was then that I found out that I was pregnant; I carried his baby inside of me...By that, I began to think what Naraku really was...something not human...His child made me become immortal, I don't know how exactly, but that child made me live in my youth for such a long time. I was both fortunate but yet cursed. To live forever by myself – the child became still born. And so, I'm now here, with Naraku still alive and well, and Kikyou now dead."

"But why did you do it?"

Tsubaki laughed lightly. "It was because of her, that I suffered for fifty years until she came back to our village seeking for help. She betrayed the promise we made to never let our friendship perish!"

"She came to you for help and guidance from a friend," Kurama said calmly.

"Even so."

"Why did, why did she come to you?"

"She came to me because she was confused. When she became a vampire, she was lost and confused. After five decades and then meeting you, Kurama, she thought she was happy, but she was still confused about herself. She didn't want to live like this anymore. She wanted it to end, to end her suffering. So I told her to end it now, to stop it all. Back then, I didn't know there were such things like the Kurokiba race. I was surprised to see that she hadn't aged a bit and that she became one of them...She separated from Naraku a long time ago because of his womanizing habits and lying ways. He was the one who changed her into a vampire living for years, never dying. She wanted a way to end it all and I gave her one."

Kurama was silent. Throughout the couple of years that he was with Kikyou, not once did she say of this. She was still always a mystery to him.

"Now, if you don't mind," Tsubaki started as she got up from her seat, "It's very late and I would like to go to sleep now." She then walked to the door, paused and turned around. "Remember what I said to you both about your futures. You must take caution what lies before you..." With that, she left, leaving Kurama and Yuusuke to themselves.

{End of flashback}

"What she said back there just confuses me so much," Kurama said slowly.

"You're not the only one confused, Kurama."

Kurama sighed. "I've had enough for tonight. Let's go find Hiei and leave." He could sense that Hiei wasn't around. "He must be hunting for his dinner now. Mind if we find our little friend?"



Ruby-red eyes peered through the darkness, watching a young girl walk aimlessly in an abandoned alleyway. She appeared to be lost, alone and afraid in the dark. Whenever she looked into a shadowed area, she would have this frightened expression written upon her face.

Obviously lost.

He watched her walk around and he licked his lips. He stood upon another roof of a building, but from where he stood, he could clearly see the veins on the side of her neck and he could smell her rising fear.

Hiei jumped off the roof and landed upon the ground swiftly without making a sound. He walked towards her as she peered past a corner.

"Lost?" he asked gently.

The girl jumped and turned around to face who was behind her. "Uh...yeah, yes...I-I-I'm afraid so..." she stammered. "Would it be all right if you gave me directions to get out of here? Please?"

"What's the rush, Ruri? We just met...No need for you to leave so quickly."

The girl's eyes became wide; she walked back closer to the streetlight that was on. She stayed in the light, crying.

Hiei grinned as he saw her fear reflect through her dark-colored eyes. Her hair was of a light-color and her face was pretty, yet flustered with terror. She sat down and huddled to herself.

"Why are you so afraid, Ruri? I promise you that you won't feel a thing," he said softly. "Ruri..."

Ruri looked up and looked around. He sounded as if he was everywhere, circling around her. Tears welled up in her eyes and dripped down her cheeks. "H-H-How do you know my name?" she cried.

"It's all in you head, Ruri," he answered. "Everything about your life, I already know. There is nothing you cannot hide from me now."

"Please leave me alone," she whimpered. She rocked her body back and forth, back and forth. "Please, please, please!!"

'Ruri, why are you so afraid? No harm will come to you...' Hiei soothed in her mind. He contacted her through telepathy. 'Ruri...Relax...'

She stopped rocking and saw Hiei standing in front of her. Her mouth quivered uncontrollably and her face was flustered, cold sweat dripped down her face. "Ruri, it's all right..." Hiei held out his hand towards her. She saw his hand and placed her hand in his. He brought her to him.

Ruri didn't scream, but her heart was beating wildly. Hiei pulled her close to him and turned her around. He removed the light-colored hair that covered the side of her neck. As he was doing so, his hunger for her blood grew. He opened his mouth and his pearly-white fangs appeared as he neared her neck.

The girl closed her eyes when she felt her skin being pierced sharply. It was painful, yet soothing...

Her blood gushed into his mouth, easing his hunger little by little. She tasted good...her blood was warm and sweet and he wanted more.

'Wait for me!'

Hiei brought his head up abruptly, blood dripping down his mouth and still holding Ruri, who was now unconscious, but alive.

'Please wait for me!'

He looked around; no one was near and he didn't sense anyone at all. He closed his eyes when he found out where that voice was coming from. It was from her; when he drank her blood, he could see and hear her current thoughts. It was nothing to worry about...nothing at all...

'Just a little bit more, Ruri and I'll be done,' he said mentally to her. He knows she can hear him. He closed his eyes and continued, but the cry of a baby echoed in his mind, causing him to stop. He dropped Ruri and stepped back quickly.

"What the - ?!" he said aloud.

A crying baby echoed in his mind again.

"Stop it...STOP IT!!" he yelled. He covered his ears with his hands and disappeared.


Hiei reappeared again in the middle of the park, near the blooming trees. He went to a tree and sat down upon one of its branches. He looked at the trees that were around him; the sakura were in full bloom, but after the storm, each tree was almost completely bare. The blossoms were on the ground and wet.

The vampire shook his head and wiped his mouth. "What...just happened back there?" he asked himself. He laughed a slight bit at the thought. He placed his head back against the tree and closed his crimson-red eyes. Quickly, he fell into a deep sleep, tired from what had happened the previous day, as well as from the satisfying blood that he had just feasted upon...

Something about her...just seems to be...familiar...Her thoughts...Her life...and her soul...it feels familiar...in a way...how...?


"We'll always be together, right?"

A little boy nodded, answering the question. "Yeah, we'll always be together...forever!" He smiled happily at the little girl who stood in front of him.

Her eyes were like his, ruby-red colored and beautiful. They were of the same height, the two children, and were of the same age. Yet, they looked so different.

His hair was spiked-up and her hair was long, and tied down by a low pony- tail; her hair was of a light sea-green color and his, black with a white- star pattern.

"Will that be a promise, Hiei?" she asked with a small hint of sadness in her voice.

"It is a promise, Yuki-chan!" Hiei cried out.

"Good!" The little girl laughed.

"Hiei, Yukina!" someone called out to them. "Dinner is ready!"

"Coming!" The children called back as they ran back to their home.

So many centuries ago, Hiei and Yukina were born. It has been four years since their first breath of life into this world. Back then, both of them had a mother who gave birth to them, twins they are, but completely different. Their mother, they don't know much of...was someone that they hardly knew at all. All they know about her were the things that her best friend told. After the death of their mother, their "Auntie" Ruri took care of them since. She knew that their mother committed suicide after she thought that their lives were taken away after only a few days after their birth.

There were laws for all creatures to live by and follow. One law applies to all witches: never fall in love with demons or vampires or anything that is evil, for that type of love is forbidden and it would cause many problems. Some would break the law, but this law is stricter among the Koorime witches; those who would violate them, would face severe consequences.

The Koorime witches were a bit different than the other types of witches. Their magic is water-related, powerful magic for their kind. They could use water and create ice, snow and can cause a storm. Each witch of the Koorime kind, are women and are of pure-blood. They don't want their blood to be tainted having an evil race among them. But rules are meant to be broken...

This was why Hina became worried when she was pregnant. Her child would be of mixed-blood and the elders would never accept her child.

Nine months had gone by, instead of one, she had twins: a boy and a girl. Beautiful children...

When she held both of them in her arms, she was filled with heartfelt emotions inside of her. She didn't want them to go; she wouldn't be able to bear that fact. But it would be impossible to even do...The girl would be safe...but the boy would not...He'll be obviously seen...

Hina began to cry.


She looked up. "Ruri..."

Ruri came into Hina's room, the smell of sweat, tears and blood filled the room. "How're the little ones?"

"They're finally asleep...They're so beautiful...I'd never forgive myself if anything had ever happened to them..."

Ruri got a wet cloth and patted Hina's forehead with it. "Nothing's going to happen to them..." She looked at the babies...so innocent... "Have you given them names yet?"

"...Hiei and Yukina..."

"...Fire and Snow..." Ruri chuckled lightly. "Wonderful names..."

"Ruri...if anything happens to me, would you please take care of them for me?" Hina asked suddenly.

Ruri stared at her best friend. "What?"

"Will you?"

For so many years, she and Hina have been best friends since they were little children; they were there for each other, through the good and bad times, when they needed help. Both of them were witches of the same race and their magic were equal in power. Ruri knew what Hina did and what she's going through now....

Hina had broken the most sacred rule among the Koorime witches. She fell in love with an evil...Her former lover was not someone who she thought he was...but she still fell in love with him. He was different from the man that she was supposed to marry. She didn't know back then that this man now was a Kurokiba – but it was a slight bit too late...She became pregnant...Her children would be in grave danger...


"Yes...I would take care of them. But why are you asking me this? Where are you going...?"

"I'm not going anywhere...But if something did happen to me...You'll be there for them, right?"

Ruri nodded in return, worried about what Hina was saying.

"Thank you..."


A few days had gone by and Hina was happy. She heard her babies' first laughter and she saw their beautiful red-eyes that looked just like her own. Yukina looked like a clone of herself...a miniature her. She was happier than she ever could be, nothing can take her happiness away. That thought didn't last long however...

The elders of the village had found out that Hina had already given birth to two children, a boy and a girl. Furious of knowing that there was a boy, they stormed towards Hina's home. "Hina!" they yelled from the front door.

Hina looked up quickly when she heard her name called. It was the Elders, here to come get her babies. She held onto them tightly within her arms. "No...No...It's too soon..." Tears streamed down her eyes...

Ruri got up and went to the door, but the elders had already entered through the doorway.

"What's wrong?" she asked them.

"Move aside!" an old woman yelled.

"What's wrong?" Ruri repeated. Going against an elder like this, is forbidden and dangerous. The elders of the Koorime witches were far more powerful than those under their high rank.

One of the elders took a step forward and stood in front of Ruri. Fury burned within the Elder's eyes. "Move aside, Ruri," she commanded.

"Why? What are you going to do?"

The Elder narrowed her eyes. "You dare to defy my orders?"

Ruri stood up straight and stared at the Elder. "Unfortunately yes, but tell me why you are all here."

"Those children she had birthed into this world."

"What about my babies?" Hina asked from her room doorway. "What's wrong with my children, Koori-sama?"

Koori looked at Hina and pushed Ruri over to the side and went towards her. "Hina, you have broken one of our sacred laws and now you must be punished for your sin. Your children must go. I am sorry...for this..."

"No...You can't take them away from me!" Hina cried.

"Your children are forbidden. Your son and daughter are dangerous to our kind. They must be killed!"

"What makes them dangerous to our kind, Koori-sama?!" she cried out. "They were just born, they're innocent children!!"

"They are not innocent! You were with that vampire and we knew you were carrying his children within you! They are evil!"

"THEY ARE NOT EVIL!! THEY ARE ONLY NEWBORNS!!!" Hina screamed, even though she was still weak.

"Give up the children, now!"

"NO! I can't!!"

"You must!" Koori yelled as she pushed Hina over to the side. Hina fell onto the floor and tried to get up, bust she was still too weak. "...No..."


A cool breeze filled the area, cooling down the temperature. The sound of babies crying could be heard.

Upon a large cliff, stood the women of the Koorime witches; an elder was holding the children at the edge of the cliff. "Don't drop them, please, Koori-sama!"

Koori didn't hear Hina cry out to her. In her hands were the two newborns; below her was the river...strong and dangerous currents that lead to a waterfall.

"...Koori-sama!!" Hina cried as she tried to go forward to Koori, but someone held onto her arms. Hina screamed hysterically as he children were held in thin air above the river.

Koori closed her eyes and said a small prayer...Soon she had dropped them.

Hina's eyes widened at the sight. "No...No...No..." she said over and over. "No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO!! My babies...!" She tried to struggle free from the other woman's grasp, but she wasn't strong enough to get away. Heavy tears streamed down her flustered cheeks. Slowly she knelt upon the ground, looking down. Tears landed upon the ground... "My...babies..."

She was still weak to conjure up any magic, however she began to recite a spell. She repeated it and said it faster and faster, over and over again. "There's nothing else in this world that I can live for..." she said silently.

Wind began to blow around her, causing those who were around her to cover their eyes and move away.

Hina looked up; her once crimson-red eyes became white. "All that I've ever wanted to live for are gone...the ones that I love are gone...and soon I will be gone from this world!" she yelled.

A bright light blasted from her eyes and soon her body began to disintegrate into nothingness.

The wind that encircled her disappeared. Everyone that was there saw that her body was no longer there...not even ashes...


Ruri stood within the forest that was near the river. She saw what had happened and she had seen what Hina had done. Hina had recited the only spell that would take away any witch's life. Now she was gone...

A tug on her shirt caused her to look down. Within her arms, were the two children that were to be dropped into the water and drown. They were unharmed and they were safe...but their mother was no longer here...She must fulfill Hina's last request from her.

Ruri went up to the cliff where Hina had recited the spell. Everyone was gone...no longer there... She looked around, not even ashes were left...but she did see something reflect from the sun's light. She went over to there to pick up what the object was.

Two gems that Hina had always kept with her: a red one and a black one.

She placed the two sleeping babies upon the floor gently to pick up the gems.

Memories of Hina began to fill her mind. A single tear slid down her cheek...She wiped the teardrop away...

She then tied each gem onto Hina's children, each one having a gem around their neck as a necklace and a reminder of their mother.

She'll have to move away from the village...but she won't be able to do this alone...


She required help from a couple of old friends...However these old friends of her's were not exactly the type that the Elders would accept to come close to them. Both of them were demons... one was an Ice demon and the other, a Wind demon. Their names were Touya and Jin.

Both of them were also good friends of Hina and Ruri...They both were grieved when they found out about Hina's sudden death.

"We need to get out of this village by tomorrow night," Ruri said as she held the newborns in her arms. "The Elders had already been convinced that these children are dead...we can't risk having them being discovered alive....We need to hurry..."

"Yes," Touya replied. He looked at the babies. "They're so innocent...they don't look like as though they're part vampire. Have you fed them any blood?"

Ruri hesitated before answering. "Yes...they need blood to survive..."

"Where did you get the blood?" asked Jin. "You aren't feeding yourself to them, have you?"

The woman was quiet and Jin knew what the answer was. She was giving them her blood...

"It's only a few drops of my blood, other than that, I give them milk."


"Yes, from the goats that roams in the meadows."

"Oh..." the two said in unison.

"Now let's get started. I need to leave the children somewhere safe...but where?"

"You could leave them at my place...I don't think that Rinku would mind watching a couple of children for a while," Jin answered.

"Okay. After I leave them with Rinku, we'll come back to the village and gather my stuff... I need my stuff for future situations....And I need to get some of Hina's stuff as well..."

Touya and Jin nodded. Tonight will be a restless night.


Four years have gone by and Hiei and Yukina had grown into little toddlers. They were close and protective of one another. They had little magic within themselves, but they are somewhat tough for their age. Hiei often protects his sister however, feeling it as though it was his job to protect his younger sister.

The two went into Ruri's new home. It was a nice home for the three of them to live in. They've been living in this house since they were babies and didn't want to move. They lived near their Auntie's closest friends: Touya, Jin and Rinku.

The siblings didn't know of their lineage yet...They never knew that they were half vampires and they never knew that they were given blood to live off of. Ruri wouldn't tell them...she never mentioned anything suspicious to them.

"There you two are, where have you been?" Ruri asked as they walked into the room.

"We were just outside near the stream," Yukina answered.

Ruri looked at Yukina smile brightly. Tears began to well up behind her eyes...Yukina was an afterimage of her mother...so cute, so innocent and full of life...

She turned her head to look at Hiei...He didn't look anything at all like his mother or sister...but he did have her eyes. He looked more like his father...The Kurokiba...Only smaller and short.... (a/n: oh how mean to say that, Ruri!! --)

Whatever it may be...the little ones are innocent and not evil...Nothing will take away their innocence.

Someone knocked on the front door.

"Come in!" Ruri called.

The door opened and Rinku ran into the room that they were in. "Ruri- sama!" he cried out. "Touya and Jin, they're in trouble! They need help! It's the Elders...they found out that Hiei and Yukina are alive!!"

"What?? How can this be?? We don't live in the village anymore...why would they care?"

"I don't know...but Touya and Jin are being held captive!"

"Oh no..." Ruri said silently... "This can't be...it's been four years!"

"I know...but they need help, now!"

"I'll be coming," she said. She turned to Yukina and Hiei and spoke to them. "You two be good now, okay? I don't want you to get into any trouble while I'm gone, got that?"

"Yes, Auntie," the two replied back.

"Good, now give me a hug," she said as she held her arms out wide. "I'll be back in a few minutes.

She then left with Rinku.

Yukina faced Hiei. "What do we do now, Hiei-chan?"

"I don't know..." he answered. "Let's go follow them?"

Yukina nodded her response.

The two followed Ruri.

When they got there to the village that they were born in, their little eyes widened with fear. Their Uncle Touya and Uncle Jin were hanging from a rope, unconscious, not breathing. Ruri was on the ground, her body bruised. Rinku was knocked out on the ground, but he was still breathing.

Yukina almost cried out, but Hiei covered her mouth with his hand. "Shh..." he whispered. He continued to watch what was going on... Yukina hid her eyes away from the scene.

A middle-aged woman went up to Ruri and grabbed her hair. "For all these years, we thought those two evils were dead. But they're not. How were you able to let them survive all this time?" she asked. "Answer me, Ruri!"

"...Koori..." Ruri said weakly. "They...are...not...evil..."

"Yes they are!"

"The only evil one here...is all of you!" Ruri yelled back. "You're calling those innocent children, evil and sinful!"

"Because they are."

"Damn you..."

Koori slapped her hard, making Ruri turn her head to the side. She saw the bodies of Touya and Jin hanging from the ropes. "You...killed them...you monsters!!" she yelled!!

Ruri got up quickly and recited a spell. Water began to appear and attack Koori...but she too powerful to get injured by this 'spell.'

Koori put her hand forward, blocking the attack. The spell flew back towards Ruri, creating sharp points, enough to pierce through skin.

The sound of piercing flesh was heard.

Ruri wasn't able to stop the attack. Blood dripped down her body...and soon she fell down...Dead...

"Auntie!!" Yukina cried out but Hiei held her back.

Koori turned around and saw the little ones standing behind her. An angry expression filled her face. "Demons!" she yelled.

Yukina and Hiei gulped and ran away.

"Get them!" Koori ordered. "They must not stay alive!"

The two ran as far and as fast as their little legs could carry them. They were frightened by the images that they saw...Their only family dying before their own eyes.

Hiei held onto Yukina's small hand as they ran. "We'll get out of...this..." Hiei said. "Don't worry..."

After running for so long, they found a small cave to hide in.

"This will keep us away from them for a while, Yuki-chan."

They were breathing hard...hearts pounding against their chest.

"What's going to happen to us?"

"I don't know...Yuki-chan..."

Before they could take a step into the cave, they were carried off unexpectedly.

"You gave us quite a chase, little ones," Koori said as she held onto them. "Now it's time for you to go bye-bye."

Hiei and Yukina tried to squirm free from the woman's grip. But no success...Until Hiei bit her arm.

Koori cursed from the pain. "You little, devil!" she yelled, dropping the two.

They ran off once again.

Minutes passed until they were recaptured.


Once again, like how it was four years ago, Koori held them above the river from the cliff. They wriggled to get free, but it didn't help them at all.

Koori recited another prayer and dropped them into the river.

Screams filled the air.

The two landed in the river, hard. The water was cold and freezing.

"Yukina!" Hiei called out, but the water was pulling him to go down under. The current was strong; it wasn't possible to swim back to shore. "Yukina!"

Hiei went down the waterfall...his chance of survival...would be impossible....

"Hiei!!" Yukina cried out. She was on shore, covered in a towel and safe. She stood next to Rinku, who was covered in cuts and bruises. He was able to escape when the Koorime were gone. He only had a chance to save Yukina but wasn't able to get Hiei away from danger...but he was too late... "Hiei!"

Rinku placed a hand upon her shoulder. "Yukina...he's gone now...There's nothing we can do now..."


"He's...dead...now..." Rinku said sadly. "I'm sorry...Yukina..."

Yukina collapsed down onto the ground. She was tired...

Above the cliff, Koori saw them go down and land in the water. She saw them go down the waterfall...but she didn't know that Yukina was safe and sound. She only saw Hiei go under instead. A pleased look came onto her face and walked away.

Rinku went over to where the waterfall ended, holding onto a sleeping Yukina. He searched for Hiei's body floating above the water, but he didn't see anything. Hiei was...gone?


Months had gone by and Rinku raised Yukina for a while. She was quiet all the time...hardly said a word... Until Rinku had to leave...And so, he left Yukina in an orphanage, where she began to live in for years. Hiei's body has not been found yet...

During the years of living in that orphanage, memories of her auntie and uncles and Rinku and her older brother began to drift away until she could hardly remember him at all. She soon forgot what he had looked like and the sound of his voice and as well as all those she had known during the early parts of her life... She had no memory...


A small clan of vampires walked past the waterfall and saw a small body floating in the water. They felt sorry for the little creature and decided to bring it out of the water to give it a proper burial.

As one member of the clan brought the body up, he felt a small hint of strong power coming from the body. He heard a faint heart beat thumping against his chest. The little boy was still alive... He called out to his clan and told them that the child was still breathing. They decided to take him in into their group to raise and teach.

Soon they found out that he was a vampire, member of the Kurokiba race and part something else. He had a strong power within him.

When Hiei awoke, he found himself in an unknown room. He became worried about his sister, until he remembered that she's no longer there with him...she could be dead now...and there's nothing that he could do about it.

Years have passed and the memories of his younger sister never ceased. He became stronger and had found out that he was part of the Kurokiba clan. He feasts upon blood now. He never felt remorse or mercy for his prey, his heart became stone cold. The feelings of love and happiness never filled his soul.

He could control his bloodlusts and powers easily, and the technique of reading minds became easy. He was powerful.

With his newfound strength of training with the clan, he became aggressive and became a loner. He could talk to know one or ever had a close friend.

After living with the clan for twelve years, he ran away and never saw them again. He became somewhat of a rogue; always moving, never staying in one place for more than a month. He comes, he goes, never makes any friends, always mysterious...

He was like this until he met him in a village that he began to live in. His name was Kurama...he and a woman had just moved to the village, and he knew that both of them were like him. They were Kurokiba...but he didn't talk to them at first. When he saw Kurama huddled over in pain, trying to control his lusts for blood, he helped him out. Kurama didn't know how to control his new powers then.

Soon, they became close friends...and have been since...


"Yo, Hiei, wake up," someone called out to him, trying to wake up the sleeping vampire.

Hiei slowly opened his eyes and saw the human and Kurama standing before him.

"Welcome back, Hiei," Kurama greeted. "We've been looking for you throughout the city."

"Why?" Hiei asked.

"No need for that to be answered," said Kurama. "We're just lucky to have found you before something happened. The girl you were drinking from was found in an alleyway with bite marks on the side of her neck. She's lucky to be alive after being bit by you. Now there're police patrolling around the city looking for the culprit. So let's go back and wait until tomorrow, okay?"

"Whatever," Hiei replied.

"So can we go now?" Yuusuke complained. "I'm getting hungry and now I'm sleepy."

"Yeah, we'll go."

Hiei got up and stretched. Somehow, he had fallen off the tree branch he was in without waking up. Guess the dream was a bit too vivid for him to feel anything when he fell off.

Ruri...Her name still lingers in her mind. That girl that he met earlier in the alleyway...she was a descendent of the Ruri he knew centuries ago. Ruri he knew back then had a younger sister and now her descendent is here...The taste and the blood of witch flows through her veins...So that's why she tasted so good...Hiei laughed at the thought...What luck...It's his favorite type of blood.

He held the gem that his mother left in his hand. It was red like his eyes... If it ever became stone, that's when he would know that his sister is no longer alive...

If only he knew that so long ago...He would've been able to find her so quickly and be with her now.


A/N: Okays, so how was that?? O.o...just wondering. Anywho, I guess someone didn't see the part where I said that I was going to take a break from NDCT for a while...oh well, I've finally updated!


...more characters have been added in...and if you're wondering who Ruri and Hina is, Hina is Hiei's real mother... She was a Koorime. All Koorime are female, and all are ice demons that lived on this floating island in Makai. When a Koorime has a child, they have it like every 100-200 years or so, but they don't need a dude to get them pregnant. Meaning, they kinda like make clones of themselves. That's why Yukina looks so much like her mother, Hiei. But since Hina fell in love with a fire demon during the time where she was going to have a daughter (remember, ALL Koorimes are WOMEN), she kinda uhh, "did it" with the fire demon, and that's how Hiei came to be. And that's why she gave birth to twins. But, there was a problem, the elders of Koorime didn't like the fact that there was a boy in their land, and that he was half-fire demon, which will be a pretty big problem to them later on... SO they banished Hiei from their land and thrown him off the cliff into the lands of Makai where they thought he would die b/c of the fall... The Koorime who threw Hiei off the cliff was (dun dun dunnnn!!) Ruri. Before she threw him off, Hiei was covered in bandages, and she hid a Hiruseki stone in his bandages (still baby btw, and a hiruseki stone is the stones that turn into jewels when a Koorime cries and etc.) This stone is special B/C it was a tear that Hina cried when she gave birth to the twins. When Ruri was about to throw Hiei off, she whispered something in his ear, and Hiei can understand her btw, to become strong and seek revenge upon them and stuff. And so she threw him off. And by that, it is said to be that Hina committed suicide b/c of that....and that's how Hiei became known to be the "Forbidden Child of Koorime..." Hiei survived the fall and was found by these bandits/thieves and was soon raised among them. At the age of 5, he became an A-class demon (S-class being the strongest...Yuusuke and the three lords of Makai are S-class and other demons as well. One of the 3 lords is Raizen, Yuusuke's ancestor/father, resulting in where Yuusuke got his demon blood from. And yes, he becomes a demon!! Raizen possessed him at first after Sensui killed him...and then etc. and there is Mukuro also, she fell in love with Hiei...she's a REALLY cool character, and the other one is Yomi, who Kurama once knew BEFORE he 'died'...Yomi's blind, but he's 6 ears to help him go around and fight and etc. Yomi's also a cool character...but Kurama was trying to assassinate him...boo...OH WELL!! ) ANYWHO, Hiei was strong and powerful then, after a few years later, he became so arrogant that the band of thieves decided to like 'abandon' him, leaving him. And that's how Hiei came to be. Years later, he finds out that he has a twin sister who's still alive and came to Koorime. It looked all different now when he came back, and many of the Koorimes feared him b/c you know, he's a fire demon and all... (uh-oh! ), he then meets a woman (who happens to be RURI!!) and she tells him about what had happened so many years ago. She talks of Hina and about the forbidden child, she also says that his sister is out there, searching for him! Hiei then leaves, without causing any troubles and it was then that Ruri realized that, that DEMON WAS THE FORBIDDEN CHILD!!! And so, Hiei searches for his twin sister...who looks nothing like him...--'

How he met Kurama? Ooh, that is a GOOD episode!! Tho Kurama had short hair then...didn't look so good that way....--...back then, he didn't have a younger brother named Shuuichi... ah yes, Kurama later on has a younger brother named Shuuichi when his mother, Shiori got married again. ; another wittle bishounen!! XD

Okay, I think I should end this whole spoiler thingie again...ppl tend to get mad about that whenever I talk of spoilers...;...what? Filipino dubbed version here... back then, Hiei's name was Vincent and Kurama, Dennis and Yuusuke, Eugene...Kuwabara was Alfred, Keiko was Jenny, Botan was Charlene....oh the horror of going through that! Well, there was the part that they thought Kurama was a girl in the beginning so his name was Denise then...then they changed it to Dennis...and then there's Genkai...they thought she was an old man until she became young in the Ankoukuu Bujuutsukai (Dark Tournament) but her name was still Jeremaiah. TT...ah well!! It's over!! "Multong Bakla!!" heh, a line that Kuwabara always said whenever he feels ghosts around him or something...hehehe...XD Okay, SPOILER END. ;

I have a feeling that not a lot of people have read this...--...oh well, you missed very important Hiei information!!

We shall continue now! Koori is a made up character, whose name means "Ice". I almost put in Maya's name......that would be creepy...even tho she can see demons also. If you're wondering who Maya is...this is her:


Katajima Maya was Kurama's ex-girlfriend (key word: "ex") when he was 14 (remember he's 15). She loved him...then again, so do many girls did in his school...TT... But anywho, during one day, she saw Kurama talking to some demons in school...b/c she can see demons also and b/c she has pyshic-ish abilities. Anywayz, she told Kurama that she loved him, but he never could tell her about how he felt (which was a 'no' in other words). Later that day when she told him, she was kidnapped by a human-eating youkai. By that, Kurama had to rescue her, and so he did. After meeting up with Hiei and taking him to his place to stay for a bit....; boy, didn't THAT sound suspicious or WHAT?? j/k, nothing happened during that time... (TT bummer...), Hiei was staying there, b/c when he first met Kurama, he fought with him, but LOST and got knocked out dued to tiredness. He later agreed to help Kurama defeat this human-eating youkai, and so, they defeated the demon. Hiei then left (and never saw Kurama again until he went to go after those 3 treasures (the mirror, the sword and that orb)...which was like one year later). Back to Kurama, he erased Maya's memory and became her 'boyfriend' for only a while.

SPOILER END! (These came from episodes 89-92 (somewhere around there) and they're ALL ABOUT HIEI and KURAMA........Episodes of Hiei and Kurama absolutely rocked...I loved them...XD)

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ALSO, yeah, there's Tsubaki in there also... Now we know who changed Kikyou!! And why she stopped feeding. And there was the part of Tsubaki having a still born....-- ....and Don't forget, IY will be ending really soon. And yes, They've already killed Naraku a long time ago in Japan, they're like on season 5 or so there. And Over here in America...season 2-3...TT.. woohoo!! It's ending!! XD (gomen ne, but I tend to get annoyed with series' that's OVER 120!! YYH was an exception b/c it's only 112 eppies! DB/Z/GT, I just got plain annoyed by it when GT was first shown in the International Channel when I was in like the 7th grade....ah yes...4 years have gone by since...TT....and look! It's on CN now!! Gah...)

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