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This time, it's my own english texts. It's a piece of fiction based on the Arthurian myth and written in middle school. I wanted to reinvent something about the character of the Lady of the Lake, which means that this story is only set in the universe and nothing else. If you'd like to read the french version, it's also posted on my account.

Happy reading !

The Lady of the Lake

Once upon a time, a young woman named Sibelle. She was nice, intelligent, beautiful and very brave. She lived in a high tower overhanging the wood. She didn't see anybody, a spell kept people from coming over there. Little by little people name her '' The Lady of the Lake ''

One day, when she looked out of the window, she saw a man.

' I can't believe it ! It can't be true ! ' she said.

She proceeded to the window and called him.

' Who are you ? What's your name ? ' Sibelle asked.

' My name's Pelleas my Lady. And you ? '

' I'm Sibelle, but everyone named me 'The Lady of the Lake'. This tower is my home.'

' And your family ? '

' I don't have any family. ' she murmured.

' I'm sorry… '

' How is the outside world ? '

' You never see it… '

' I hardly know this wood. '

' Why don't you explore the world ? '

' I would if I could. A spell is keeping me from leaving here. '

' I am able to cancel this spell. I'm a wizard. '

' Really ? '

' I'm Emrys's cousin, the great wizard that the world knows. '

Pelleas threw a spell and Sibelle was outside.

' I'm free ! Thanks Pelleas. '

' Come with me Sibelle. '

' No, I can't… '

' Why ? '

' Even if I'm free, I must take care of this place I feel it. I mustn't keep you with me… '

' You don't have to worry. I won't let you down. '

' But… If you came here, there's a reason. '

' I came to see a distant cousin. He lives in Camelot. '

' Camelot, the legendary city ! Oh My God ! But the witchcraft banished down there.'

' I know. '

' But Emrus is… '

' A wizard. I would like to give him a protective medallion. '

' Is it really useful ? '

' He is King's valet. '

' Hmm… '

' Everything will be alright for him. Don't worry. '


' I think that I won't go to Camelot ' Pelleas said.

' Why ? '

' I want to stay with you. '

' Pelleas… But the medallion… '

' I've a friend who can give him. '

He whistled and a phoenix arrived. Pelleas tied to his foot the medallion and a letter for his cousin.

' I hope that Emrys… '

' Merlin. '

' What ? '

' His name is Merlin. Emrys is the name given by the Druids. '

' I hope all will be fine for him and the kingdom. '


At Camelot, a young man received a letter and a medallion. His name...

' Merlin ! Hurry up ! '

' Of course, King Arhurs ! '