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Chapter 7: How to piss someone off, shopping, and Indian girl of death?

Stephen woke up his head spinning. Other then that he seemed ok despite his drinking escapade.

~Man martial arts really are a mental builder! I bet's Kitsune is dead right now, and she has to do chores. Oh well, sucks to be her right now.~

Slipping on his headset and putting on a mix of final fantasy music and linkin park, Stephen opened up his; or rather Keitaro's closet. As an avalanche of porn magazines ran him over, Stephen finally managed to get up.

"Ugh! How does he even find the time to get all these?"

After taking off his shirt and pants which reeked of booze, Stephen then went to the "men's bath" and soaked in a while. After about 30 minutes, Stephen went back to his room to get dressed what he saw next scared him to no end.

The closet had nothing (besides porno) but suits, nice button up long sleep shirts, and a few sweaters or two.

Only one think came to Stephen's mind at that moment.

"There is no way in hell I am wearing this stuff; I'm going shopping!"

Stephen slammed his fist into his palm determined to get some 'normal' clothes.

After about 3 more hours of searching for more suitable clothes, Stephen sighed and put on the nice pants and a semi-nice shirt with the words "bounty" on it; that lay in the corner of his closet.

After about 10 minutes more, Stephen placed a CD in his headset and walked out to meet a not so happy Swordsman; uh make that woman.


Stephen paid no heed, but lowered the volume of his player and looked up at her.

"What are you doing you have chores to do!" She looked at him sternly; "and the living room has yet to be cleaned from yesterday."

Stephen lowered his gaze for a moment at the sword Motoko had in her hand, then looked up to her again; a glazed over look in his eyes.

Stephen smiled at Motoko and put his hands behind his head.

"That's not my problem it's Kitsune's."

Motoko blushed slightly at Stephen's warm smile and drew her sword raising it into the air.

"Do not lie Urashima and take your responsibilities like a man! You weakling you will be punished. God's cry school succession move rock cutting slash."

A wave of chi charged at Stephen at full speed. Stephen merely sighed and gave himself base blocking most of the energy, with much difficulty. However, the last remains of the chi hit him dead on sending him flying a few feet and landing hard on the ground.

He pushed himself off the floor and landed back on his feet rubbing his back, which only hurt slightly.

"I take that back...I'M NEVER GONING TO DRINK AGAIN!!!"

Motoko took a step back as Stephen put his headset back on and walked away mumbling under his breath.

"At least not until next weekend anyway."

With that Stephen walked out running into Naru who was wearing her coke- bottled glasses.

"Where are you going baka?"

"Clothes shopping."

With that Stephen put his CD player on high looking at the ground as to not hear or see Naru. So basically, he was practicing hear no evil see no evil. He wouldn't have to fight with her if he just walked away so that's what he did and he did so, laughing at her along the way.

Though Stephen had his headset on full, he could still feel the vibrations of the ground as a pissed of Naru charged at him fist ready. Stephen sighed, counted to three, and side stepped causing Naru to miss him completely. Falling over her own momentum, Naru stumbled forward, lost her balance, and landed face first in the dirt.

Stephen laughed quietly and went down the stairs into town. Little did he know that a pissed off Naru was stalking him.

~He's probably really getting porno or something the hentai. I'll get pictures and make sure that he has to leave!~

Stephen walked around for a few hours saying hi to people until he sat down Naru not to far away with her camera set and evil smirk on her face.

"Man it's nice out today even with these stupid clothes on well better get to business."

After another hour, Stephen finally found a clothes store he liked and walked in a cute cashier with nice assets and long blond hair greeted him with a smile.

"Hi cutie what'll it be?"

"I got some shopping to do maybe you can help me out."

Naru took out her camera and focused.

~I knew it he's trying to seduce unsuspecting women!~

"Maybe you can lead me to the men's section I'm a medium...I think."

Naru fell over camera still in hand.

"Sure thing cutie this way."

After a minute of picking out about seven pairs of jeans, nine t-shirts, and a pair of black sneakers, he tried the clothes on. The shirt fit nicely and the jeans were loose but just tight enough to stay around the waist.

"This is perfect I take them. In fact, I'd like to wear these home please."

The girl giggled slightly

"I take it your not the suit type."

Stephen shuddered.

"Definitely not."

The girl bent over slightly, looking at the wire attached to Stephen's ears.

"So what are you listening to?"

"Huh? Oh actually I'm listening to American music."

"Really?" The girl looked in slight amazement. "You understand what they're saying? They always spoke too fast for me to even understand a word."

Stephen laughed and smiled.

"You know I bet that Americans could say the same about our music"

"Yeah I guess you right. So you speak English?"

"Yeah I'm fluent in it."

Naru looked at Stephen in anger clenching her fist.

"He is such a liar! How could an idiot like him know English perfectly?"

"So what is your name?"

Naru stared in awe at Stephen's English it was said with perfect pronunciation as well as vocabulary.

The girl clapped her hands as Stephen bowed slightly causing the two to laugh.

"Very good! The name is Alicia by the way and what is yours might I ask?"

"The names Urashima but you can call me Keitaro."

The two smiled as she ringed him up then wrote something on the receipt.

Stephen looked at the receipt and blushed slightly causing the girl to giggle again. Stephen then put it carefully in his wallet as the girl smiled.

Naru followed once more.

"The hentai I bet that was a hooker!"

~Why am I getting so edgy about this?~

By now Stephen had finally been able to spot Naru if anything she was a very poor spy. He sighed laughing slightly and looked at the receipt on the receipt there was a number with the words "call me" over them.

"Will do Alicia"

Naru spent the rest of the night trying to find out what he had said.

The next day, Stephen woke up to meet a nice ambush from a cheerful Su and her happy drop kick


Fortunately Stephen was ready and blocked with his forearm.

"Same impact less head damage."

After the little escapade, Stephen went down to eat with everyone this was the first day he'd get to taste Shinobu's cooking and he was really looking forward to it.

To his disappointment, Motoko stopped him.

"Urashima! I must speak with you."

Stephen walked up to Motoko who held her sword in the air on her shoulder in a way she looked very elegant making it hard for him to take her eyes off her.

"I must take my leave for three days to attend my kendo club's training. I expect you to watch over things while I'm gone?"

"Yeah sure it's my job."

Motoko moved closer toward Stephen's face and narrowed her eyes.

"You know the fact of not seeing you for three days just warms my heart."

Stephen chuckled slightly then frowned.

"Really that's a shame because I love seeing your happy face every morning."

Motoko blushed slightly and turned around with a sort of grunt as everyone waved including Su who stood there a few moments. Kitsune who noticed this, dragged Shinobu out of the corridor.

"What's the idea Kitsune?"

"Shh! Just be quiet and she won't notice us."


"Su. You know how Su always has to cling onto someone? Well, Motoko is the only one with the strength to death with her I tell you I can't deal with it and I'm the one who taught her Japanese. She's too much especially at night."

Shinobu blushed at the word 'night'.

Stephen continued to stand there while Su finally stared at him a cute smile on her face.

Stephen immediately patted her on the head and sighed.

~Man I knew I was forgetting something well it's going to be a long night.~

"Well then Su shall we?"

Su smiled and jumped on Stephen's back as he gladly gave her a piggyback ride considering she weighed almost nothing.

"I hope that this body holds out."

With that Stephen went into his room Su still happily clinging to his shoulders.

As Stephen started to lay back watching Su bounce around the room, he decided to put his stereo on and let Su rummage through his closet.

"Hey Keitaro what's this?"

Stephen looked at the porno magazine that Su was holding and panicked slightly.

~Crap I don't need her to get perverted ideas Motoko will kill me~

"What could I do my breathing was so heavy. Oh my! He placed his hand on my brea-"

"Ok that's enough Su."

Su started to jump around and Stephen caught her will little difficulty but lost his balance in the process. Just in time for Naru to spot them in another 'wonderful' position.

"You hentai!"

With that she charged down feet first aimed at Stephen's head Stephen managed to grab a pillow and covered his head softening the blow but it still hurt like hell.

As the three sat there Stephen just stared at the angry Naru still rubbing his head.

"You know you don't have to stay here not that your presence hasn't been lovely."

"I'm only here so you don't molest poor Su"

"Glad to know that."

Stephen continued to rub his head and laughed just as Su showed Naru another one of Keitaro's favorite reading materials.

"Hey Naru look this is one of Keitaro's most prized possessions!"

Stephen blushed slightly and turned away.

"S-su put that away."

Naru simply turned away.

"Come one Su it's only natural for 'little boys' to have these things I have studying to do!"

Stephen looked at Naru still blushing slightly.

~You have no idea~

"Aw, you're sooo cute, Keitaro! Hee-Hee. You got all flustered just 'cause a couple of girls found your dirty magazines."

Su hugged Keitaro and he smiled twitching slightly.

~But they're not mine~

Keitaro finally let the discussion go, as he finally looked at the first problem in the test booklet and tried to read it before Su interrupted him once again not noticing a twitching Naru.

"Are you serious about studying?"

Stephen sighed.

"Does it look like I have control over this?"

"Hey, Keitaro?"

"Is it true you can't get any girls?"

Stephen just ignored her Naru just twitched more. Stephen noticed this and sighed. He knew why she was twitching.

"Actually Su-"

Su didn't let him finish.

"It's such a darn shame..."

She started to bury her face in his hair.

"Oh, Keitaro, your hair smells sooo good."

Stephen continued to ignore her blushing slightly as Su rubbed her cheeks against his.

"And you cheeks are so soft. Just like a girl's!"

Stephen got slightly annoyed, not sure whether to take Su's comment as an insult or compliment.

"Hey Keitaro?"

Su kissed Stephen on the cheek causing him to turn red.

"Want me to be your girlfriend?"

This pushed a line in Naru she stood up red from anger and a tint of jealousy.

"Will you just stop!!"

"What do you want me to do huh?"

"Ha! So, it looks like you claimed him first, Naru? In that case, I guess I give up!"

Naru turned red and stared at Su with a questionable look Stephen just laughed quietly.

"What are you talking about? Why would I go after a complete moron?"

"Because it would suit your personality."


Stephen smiled and looked at Su.

"I didn't say anything."

"Well, then I have a plan!"

Su jumped around energetically and put both Naru and Stephen in a headlock forcing them closer together.

"How 'bout we all three become lovers! I like both of you!"

Stephen merely blushed in silence while Naru went in a berserker mode attacking Su as she bounced around the house.

A few hours later around 9:04 Su was still bouncing around Naru sighed.

"We didn't get to study at all."

Stephen sighed too but out of relief he hadn't wanted to study in the first place.

Naru exhaled a deep breath.

"Whew1 I'm going back to my room to turn in for the night."

Before she stood up she noticed Su changing into her pajamas.

"Uh, Su, why are you changing?"

Su edged over to Stephen.

"'Cause I'm gonna sleep over at Keitaro's"

Naru went almost insane, her head growing a good 4 sizes bigger.


"Well, I can't sleep unless someone's sleeping next to me! And Motoko's gone."

"Well then I guess we got no choice"

Stephen went to the closet and set up two futons then laid back in his on the far right.

"What are you doing?"

"It's obvious isn't it? Knowing you there is no way in hell you can trust me with Su."

Stephen rolled he eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

"After all I might have my way with her behind your back after all I am a pervert heck maybe I'll have my way with the both of you while you sleep. But if you ask me doesn't thinking this stuff to begin with make you the pervert. That and the fact you stalked me all day!"

Su turned to Naru who was blushing heavily.

"Aha! So you are into Keitaro!"

Naru twitched.

~Why did she just sound like Kitsune just now?~

Stephen ignored Naru's twitching and he sat down on his futon as he sat down in his somewhat glazed over state he almost missed the pillow heading towards his face causing him to instinctively move his head to the side causing the pillow to graze his ear.

Stephen sighed mentally

~here we go again~

"Come on, guys! Let's have a pillow fight!"

Stephen, being too lazy to throw any pillows just merely dodged them as they came. This little stunt (of course) annoyed Naru in the process.

"Oh will you two just stop it? I said sto-"

Naru couldn't finish as a pillow hit her head.

"That's it! You're going down!"

Naru ran up to Stephen diverting his attention as this happened Su shot a well-placed pillow at the back of Stephen's head causing him to crash into Naru and accidentally cause Naru's VERY LOOSE robe to slide off revealing her perky breasts within a black lace bra. (may I remind you I'm using the manga as reference so blame the creators for being perverted not me.)

"HOW DARE YOU?!" Naru screamed as she chucked a chair at Stephen's head.

~Shit I can't dodge it in time and I can't do THAT yet I need it for later if I'm still here by then.~

Given his options Stephen had no choice but to take the chair straight in the head and because of Stephen's previous conditions and long day he was knocked out for the rest of the night.

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