A/n: This story is "Another Universe". Present day Tokyo. Summary in short: Rin is Sesshoumaru's adopted daughter. But what happens when she falls in love with InuYasha's son, Ish? As the two find out about their family's pasts, chaos ensues and the two must find a way to stay together, forever. Trouble escalates when Naraku, Ish's school principal, finds out about the girl Rin, and her family's fortune. What a time to get revenge on the Hanyou family and get rich all at once, is his devious plan. Can the two survive the murderous plots and family feuds and still love each other?

This story was created by LANA and Sakura. ^.^

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Rated PG-13 for language, sexual content, and violence. I wouldn't suggest little kids read this. Just a warning, anyways, Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Princess and Peasant

Rin Youkai leaned against the wall of her room and sighed, arms crossed in a pout. She glared at the photo of her and her father, Sesshoumaru on her dresser before she plopped face flat on her blanket

"KYAA! I HATE THIS!" She yelled. The teenage girl whimpered and sniffled, acting as cute as possible. She should of been thankful. She should of been happy. But this wasn't her lifestyle. Her whole life she stayed under the shadow of Sesshoumaru Youkai, the greatest business man in all of Japan. But no. Rin, the adopted daughter of the wealthy man, liked adventure. She had NO friends whatsoever. He whole day was planned and scheduled, her meals, everything. And even was almost ALWAYS under the watchful eyes of Jakken. Her pesky babysitter. Him or one of the maids or butlers, cooks, or whatever in that huge mansion she lived in. Rin peeked outside of her room. The girl smoothed out her raven dark hair and licked her lips. She sighed and tried to act as sweet as possible.

"Sesshoumaruuu!" She yelled out. "Jakkeeeeen?" She said sweetly. She walked down the fancy style steps into a ball room like living room. She passed on of the maids.

"Is Sesshoumaru in?" She asked.

"No. Mr. Youkai is not in. He's in a meeting now. He will be back around dinner time tonight though, Miss Rin." She smiled and walked into another one of the many, many rooms in the mansion. Rin snapped her fingers and muttered something under her breath. She shook her head as she saw the thin sleek haired man, Jakken. She hated the way he looked. Ugly in one word. The way his thin eyes were always watching her, and she could tell he couldn't stand her as well.

"Miss Rin, you called?" He said. She nodded and smiled cutely. He rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to negotiate anything out of my hands, Rin, end of story. Now go along and play with your dolls." He sneered. She glared as he turned and stomped her foot in which she wore 400$ shoes, and these were her cheap shoes. She crossed her arms and said "We'll see."


Such a boring day it was for the poor boy. Ish Hanyou merely lay on his back on his front lawn, limbs spread out widely. Staring at the fluffy white clouds pass by, listening to the soft humming of his mother in the kitchen. He sighed. Same ol', same ol'. He turned his gaze to a bug passing under the blades of grass. He sighed, the bug flying off in his breath. He narrowed his eyes, sitting up. He was so miserable. At school all the kids ignored, bullied, or taunted him. He would fight back, of course but whenever he did that he always got in trouble. And he was sure his principal was out to get him. He didn't know any other relatives beside his mom, dad, and sister. God. How bad could it get. He growled in frustration. All because of he was the son of InuYasha. He didn't get it. What was so great about his DAD? A construction worker? Of course no one told him. He heard a car pull up, not bothering to look over, knowing it was just his father returning. A strand of golden hair, almost white to him, fell in front of those brownish eyes. He growled in frustration and flipped it back, sighing.

"One...two…three..." It was right then he heard the gleeish squeak of his little sister coming out to greet his father. He could feel those eyes on him, but acted like he didn't mind until they had gotten inside. Then he punched the ground. Man. Why couldn't his dad get a better job?


Rin sat across the giant dining room table across from Sesshoumaru. He looked VERY handsome. White, almost silver hair, with yellow amber eyes. He was tall, polite, yet always serious. But it was odd in the way he was supposedly a father figure, but Rin couldn't help... but.. No. It was out of the question, the pink blush faded and she spoke up.

"Sesshoumaru? May I ask something?" She said, keeping the sweet tone, the tone she always used to get candy and sweets when she was younger. But her tone also held maturity in it. Saying "this is what I want and I you know I'm old enough to make the right decisions." type of tone. Sesshoumaru looked at Rin.

"Yes, Rin." He said.

" Sesshoumaru, I know I've been asking this quite often." She said with a laugh. "...Please, Sesshoumaru. I'm not happy at the school I'm in. It's the same education that's taught minus the horse riding lessons, Sesshoumaru, please let me go to Central Tokyo High School! If I'm above their ninth grade level, I could be in tenth!" She pleaded, standing up, making herself clear. Sesshoumaru lowered his gaze.

"Rin, I told you. No, it is much too dangerous. Do you know what kind of people there are there? Those students?" He spat, like it was venom. Rin sinked back into her chair. Warm tears threatened to come out as she stared into her skirt, a new one, other than her school outfit that she was to wear specifically for dinner. Same with the shirt.

"T-They can't be all that bad..." She said. Yes, Rin was a naive little thing. Fourteen and sheltered by everything she ever wanted from the time Sesshoumaru took her in.

"They're worse, Rin. No. And that's final." He said promptly, ending the subject. But Rin couldn't let this go.

"NO! I'll.. hate you forever if you don't!" She stormed up the many flights of stairs to her room, leaving Sesshoumaru in the dining hall stunned. Minutes later there was a soft knock on her door. She mumbled

"Go away." and then her door opened. It was Sesshoumaru.

"Rin. You... You may go if that is truly what you want." He said. Rin shouted "YAY!" And was in strong arms in no time at all.

"It's still not too late. You can go tomorrow morning." He said. Rin smiled. Time for her adventure to begin.


Ish listened to the conversations around the table, poking at the food on his plate. He sighed, his sister's voice ringing in his ears even though she was on the other side of the table. He glanced up, noticing everyone's eyes on him.

"..What?" He asked, blinking. His sister was the one to answer.

"Mama asked how your day was." He blinked in confusion.

"Oh. Um. Great. Yeah, great." He sighed, going back to poking his food with his fork. It ended quickly. He trudged up the stairs to his room, plopping down on his bed. He stared at the ceiling, the room dark. He let out a small snort. Tomorrow was Monday. Another day to get bullied.


"Oh me, Oh my. Well, class, this Rin Youkai. Sesshoumaru Youkai of Youkai Enterprise's daughter. This is her first time in public schools, but I'm sure you'll treat with the same kind of hospitality. Rin actually skipped a grade because of her education at Tokyo Academy for Girls. Well, Oh me, Oh my. We don't have any more desks. Ish, could you go and get a desk and chair from down the hall?" Ms.Yura, the teacher asked, smiling. She turned to Rin.

"You know, I really like your hair." She said. Rin nodded and said "thanks". Rin looked down at the students. There were boys in her class, something she was not accustomed to. As a matter of fact... she only talked to a boy once or twice since she could remember. Her eyes looked over to the one called "Ish" who was sulking as he rose from his chair. She offered a smile and then looked around at the rest of the class. A girl with lots of make-up and a ponytail securely tied sat in the front. She had a ugly smile laid upon her face. She looked around at all the students. Was she starting to get nervous? Well, it was crowded. They were older than her. The school outfits were incredibly cheap along with the school it but, strangely enough, Rin loved it.

Ish looked up at the girl. Rich huh? LUCKY HER. Why was she in a place like this? He half smiled before walked out the door. She would probably become best friends with that bitch, Kagura, he thought. Too bad, he though once more. She was too cute to become one of them.

He came back, holding a chair in his left hand and the desk in his right. It seemed easy for him. He was mumbling, growling and slightly snarling. He set them down at a good spot and quickly sat down into his seat, staring ahead in a daydream. "Mm..hmm.." Life sucked, he thought. For him, it was true…

Class soon commenced. Ish was unwillingly, Rin took it, placed in the front, and of all places, she sat next to him, in between him and the girl, Kagura, she soon learned her name. Her first class was Literature, in which that was a breeze for her, even at her new grade level, 10th now, even though she was only fourteen.

Their teacher for that particular subject was a pale woman with long black hair and cold eyes. She was very death-like and assigned difficult problems to students she knew didn't know the answer to. Her name was Ms.Kikyou. She caught "Ish" spacing out several times. Rin had to laugh at this, she did that too, at the academy. Ms.Kikyou gave Rin a death glare and Rin went back to her studies.

The next subject she learned from her schedule was Physical Education. Rin nearly feared that subject. That was not her strong point, nor did she know the way to get there as after this, the students could go to lockers and then meet outside in the track loop, Rin was told. She hopped that someone could help her with that and that the teacher for that subject wouldn't drill her so hard.

The day actually went worse then usual. He had been scolded seven times for spacing out in literature, and he kept hearing that "Rin" girl laughing. He could only grin when he saw her near physical education time, walking right past her. The unlucky thing was the teacher, Mr. Kouga, as always made him do extra laps and such, saying he hadn't done something right. He could only roll his eyes and do as he said...

"Punk. Hanyou, you better be paying attention." Mr.Kouga said, his dark hair falling over his eyes. The man was built for this subject. But he was also meant for his dear Kagome! But that... InuYasha, Ish's father took her from her back in high school days. So he found it helpful to knock some sense into the little brat whenever he wanted. This new girl, Rin Youkai, was actually quite annoying and nagging "I can't do... that" She would say. But at least she wasn't as bad as Kagura and her little minions. Kagura was his worst student, she said crap like "Uh no, I might break a nail." And of course she got away with it, he was the school's principal's daughter, Principal Naraku. Argh. He didn't like him either. He blew his whistle.

"Okay, we're playing volleyball!" He yelled. Rin walked up to the teacher, face red.

"Um... C-Coach... H-how are girl supposed to wear this with... boys around?" She asked shyly. The school gym uniform consisted of very short shorts and a white shirt for the girls. Sesshoumaru had told her horrible, blood curdling stories about guys, and this stupid outfit wasn't helping, she thought.

"Volleyball. Now." Mr.Kouga said. Rin nodded quickly. From behind her she heard a snicker, It was that boy, Ish, again.

"Jeez, chill out, Rin." He said and turned his back, walking up to the teams.

"Kyaah! Easy for you to say!" She yelled. Ish turned.

"Hey. Don't mess with me." He said, growling. Rin felt angry at the boy.

"STUPID!" She yelled. This made Ish laugh out loud again. SHE was calling him NAMES? How childish! But then again, she was a spoiled brat, it seemed. He grabbed her wrist and shook his head.

"Let's go." He dragged her across the sandy pit as the game started.

He looked towards Rin, grinning. He kind of started...liking her. As a friend of course. He jumped up and hit the ball hard with his head, maybe a bit too hard, for it went right into a boy's face and made his nose bleed. He couldn't help but laugh. Meanwhile the ball had come back, going straight for Rin. He looked over and raised an eyebrow as she screamed. He sighed. Stupid girls.

"HIT IT, IDIOT!" he'd call, and surprisingly she listened. She smacked it back with the back side of her hand. Not bad, he thought, not bad at all.

Then this Jeremy dude appeared in the scene, glancing ever so cluelessly. Rin having smacked the ball with all her strength, seemingly had end up slamming the ball into the face of the pathetic loser, named Jeremy.

Rin landed and stumbled backwards but caught her balance. She looked at the boy she hit. She heard Ish laughing his head off behind her and she couldn't help but laugh herself.

"Sweet." He said, as he stopped laughing. They continued playing the game of dodge ball, Ish finding Rin remarkably good. Then they were once again in their old classroom with a new teacher. Her name was Ms.Ayame. She even let them snack on something. She was the math teacher, she was very talkative and somehow wandered onto the subject of Mr. Kouga, whom she obviously really, really, liked. She then assigned people to get into partners of two to work on the assignment. The class quickly divided and found herself all alone except for one un-picked candidate. Ish Hanyou. Rin sighed and she pulled her desk over to hers. They worked on the assignment, and talked a little.

"So, your name is Ish?" She asked. Ish shook his head, unruly silver blonde hair falling over his eyes and then flipped it aside.

"InuYasha Hanyou, the second." He corrected. He didn't like to say his father's name. It wasn't something he wasn't exactly proud of.

"What's it like being a multi-millionaire ?" He asked, doodling stick figure guys shooting each other on the paper margin.

"Multi-Billionaire." She corrected. "It's actually really stupid. See, I was adopted when I was five by Sesshoumaru. It's actually really difficult to be him, he's so tense and business-like and I have all these schedules, I don't have anytime to do anything of my own, really." She said, finishing her paper. Algebra II? Piece of cake.

"Feh. Better than my crappy life. I would trade immediately." He mumbled.

"Your hair." She suddenly said.

"What?" He asked, jerking his head up from the paper to look up at Rin.

"Your hair. It's almost silver, weird, Sesshoumaru's is lot like that." She said, nodding.

"Ha! Yeah, maybe we're related." he rolled his eyes and went back to his work.

He thought about this some. Related? Hey, it was possible. He glanced up at her, leaning over to see her work, just to see how good she was, when he was interrupted by the voice of Ms. Ayame.

"No wandering eyes, Mr. Hanyou. This is for help, not cheating" He blinked and immediately went back to his work, thinking about Rin, being rich, and other things.

It was soon lunchtime. All the students went outside for an hour and were allowed to eat their lunches. Rin of course, was quite oblivious to that, so she had no lunch. She sat against the edge of the building and saw Ish sulking by. He glanced over and saw her. He approached her.

"Hey Rin. Don't you have lunch." He asked. Rin shook her head, long hair settling back into perfect place, like it was before. She looked up pitifully, pools of chocolate brown digging into his yellow amber eyes. He was taken aback, a faint warmth crawling on his cheeks. Then Rin was about to look away, but strangely enough, his eyes were also like Sesshoumaru's. Then she quickly looked away.

"Yeah, I didn't know." She said, and then heard her stomach growl. He groaned, feeling a guilty conscience.

"Be right back. Stay put. I'm going to get some ramen." He said and turned, running back into the school. Ramen? Rin thought. What was that? She never had anything but fancy delicacies from Japan and various countries around the world. But Ish soon returned, holding chopsticks and a cup of hot ramen. He quickly set it on the grass, and wiped the hot palms of his hands on his pants quickly.

"It's hot okay? Here. You look pretty clueless, so, I guess I'll feed ya." He said, picking up some noodles from the cup and held it up to her lips. Rin looked dumbstruck.

"You're going to- Klah!" She said as he stuffed the food into her mouth. She seemed to choke on it for a while. But swallowed it and nodded, smiling. The two laughed.

"Disgusting." Naraku said as he watched the two from inside his office, having a nice and clear view of the two. Kagura stood there, arms crossed.

"Of all people, the scum, Hanyou. Hmm." The man with the curly black hair grinned wickedly.

"Good job, Kagura. You can leave now." He said and Kagura nodded, leaving his office to go to her friends, leaving Naraku to his thoughts in the dark room.

"Okay, Ish." He hissed. "Let's see how much you really like this girl."