Cruel Summer

By Emily Carol

Ch. 7


Summary: Rory's about to enter her Junior Year at Yale and she's spending the summer alone for the first time ever. And then she decides to find someone from her past.

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I DO own Holly and Jane.

Rating: PG-13 – some sexual content

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Sorry this is so short! But here it is, the end.


My deja vu everything is up to you

If you do want me you know where to search

We'll get the magic back again

My deja vu everything is up to you

If you do want me you know where to search


Rory sat on her bed. She'd driven for three days straight and she's finally made it back to Stars Hollow. It was apparent to her now that Jess didn't want to be with her. He didn't love her anymore, if he had ever in the first place.

She hadn't called anyone since she left Venice Beach and she turned her cell phone off. She didn't want to talk to anyone since they all knew that she'd went to see Jess. She wasn't even leaving the house.

She walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Empty. The cupboards only housed half a box of pop-tarts. Rory sighed, she'd have to go to Doose's Market.

On her way to Doose's Rory passed Luke's. She would love some of his coffee right now but Luke was on the honeymoon still.


After her Doose's Market run Rory sat in her room. She had a whole box of cookies in front of her. Or at least it was a whole box half an hour ago.

She couldn't cry anymore over her. Not that she didn't want to. But she'd cried her heart out already.

She heard a faint knock on her window. She looked out it to see someone standing outside of it.

She ran out of her room and ran out the back door. She raced to her car but he'd beaten her.

"Why are you here?" Rory asked coldly.

"To see you," Jess said.

"Well you have a girlfriend and if you'll excuse me I have places to be," Rory said.

"Dumped her," Jess said.

"Excuse me?" Rory asked.

"I dumped her," Jess said. "It's not like I even knew her. Just that her name was Bec and a few other facts. But not like I know you Rory. I know you're name is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore. You were named after your mom when she decided that since men could name boys after themselves that she could name you after her. You went to Stars Hollow High School for about a year and a half before you transferred to Chilton, a prestigious private school in Hartford. You're now a junior at Yale University which is 22.8 miles away from here. You're a coffee addict and you love me."

Rory looked at him, shell-shocked.


"You're right," Rory said. "Every bit of it."

"Even the bit about loving me?" Jess asked moving closer.

"Every bit of it," Rory said. "I lied on the phone two years ago. When I said 'I think I may have loved you,', I knew it. I'd loved you since before we started the whole boyfriend girlfriend thing. I loved you through everything."

"I love you too Rory," Jess said. He moved even closer and leaned in to kiss her.

They broke apart, "I love you too Jess," she told him. He smiled.

The End


*My Deja Vu by Ace of Base