SUMMARY- Just a small something that popped in my head

A dark figure lumes over the city looking down apon it like a stone angel perched apon a forgetten catheral. His eyes are like drops of blood on the freshly fallen snow. His face unchanged as the wind barley has enough strength to ruffle his black hair.

~I am the night.~

His small yet powerful hand remembers the feel of his katana as it drinks the life from misguided deamon like a steely straw. His heart aches for answers to question he know he must ask but can never bring himself to do. Questions of betrayal, trust and love. The pains of the past are starting to become a distant memory almost forgetten and replace with something else, unfamilar yet welcoming.

~I am vengence.~

The dark figure stands and spreads this cloak revealing a silver bat emblem on his chest. It seems to glow against the black material in the full moon's light. With one graceful movement, he jumps from his perch his black cape flutters in the night wind.

~I am Batman

He lands three feet lower next to a very distrubed red head.

KURAMA- Must you always do this when you wear that shirt.

HIEI- You are the one who bought it.

Ok I am sorry, I just had to do it now I am going to get back to Superman Syndrome