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Never again shall I feel pain

Dear father,

Once again you are a big hero to everyone…except me. You ever helped me in anyway. Oh sure when I was four you helped me off a tree, big deal, if I fell I would be all right. And the whole Namek thing…you did shit. With Frieza, great job on destroying him…not. He came back and you had to have Mirai do your dirty work. Mom had a baby a few months ago. He is a little tike I love him dearly. The thing that bugs me about him is he looks just like you! I am just glad you're not alive to corrupt his young mind. I bet if you were here, you would teach him how to run away from his family and problems. Glad I didn't take after you. Your so-called noble sacrifice was shit! Do you know what I really think about you? Well I became a sort of a poet you see, so I expressed my gratitude in this poem:

How many times have I called your name?

Yet you were never there for me,

How many times have I cried?

Till your innocent glare spotted me,

How many times have I begged?

For you to not die one me,

Everyday that I lived,

I wondered why,

My father was never there,

In the end the truth was revealed.

Why you left me all alone,

Is still a mystery that remains in my mind,

Why you never cared for me,

Probably not you're instinct to be kind,

Why you made me feel bitter inside,

The answer is for me yet to find,

Everyday that I lived,

I wondered why,

My father was never there,

In the end the truth was revealed.

Everyday your son,

The little one who is unknown,

Asked me about a father,

'Is he a hero,' he asked,

'Is he alone?'

For the questions MY brother asked,

Were too deep for me to say,

I still haven't answered one,

Knowing I would blow up in his face,

Yet I don't want to be like you,

I don't want to run away,

But I can't take the pressure,

It's your entire fault...

I grew up too soon in this world,

I closed my eyes trying to view paradise,

Instead when life hit me, I opened my eyes to my still screwed up life,

It's your entire fault I blame on you,

Why I never lived a childhood, and grew up too soon,

Never again shall I show you my love,

For bloodshed and tear shed is what I went through,

Never again...will I teach my brother about you...

Never again will I run down a road so dark...

Never again...

There you go father that's how much it took. I still don't know if you care, or care for the son you'll never know. I hope you would have a change of heart, but never again will you change…never again shall I meet you.

Son, Gohan

I ceil the envelope and carefully stow it away. I then hear quite footsteps coming up.

"Gohawn," said my two-year-old brother, "I can't sleep."

"Stay with me here little guy," I say kindly.

Goten hops on my bed and snuggles in the covers. 'He looks exactly like you…but will never be like you…I'll make sure of that,' I thought and protected my brother so he would never have one care in the world of darkness.