Warning!:  This is a very weird fic, many characters are ooc (or insane, take your pic.)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own these characters, after reading this fic it should be obvious. 

And now… le fic…


Mokuba looked up. It was that time again. Almost that time. Any minute now…

                As if he had waltzed in on cue, Seto Kaiba walked dramatically into the well furnished room of the Kaiba mansion. "Mokuba, do you…"

                "Want to go to the petting zoo?" The little fuzzy haired boy looked up at his older brother with slight boredom in his eyes. He already knew what his brother would say, and in all honesty he did NOT want to go see the dolphins again, but he adored his adorable older brother. He droned in a monotone voice, "Of course.  You know I do. I love the dolphins."

                "Excellent my dear little brother! This will be a wonderful brotherly excursion." Kaiba collected his brother and drove them to the petting zoo. He bought a bag of peanuts to feed to Mokuba because he knew that he liked them.  "I'm going to look for the puppies now, why don't you go to sea world?"

                "Ok dear brother.  I love the dolphins." The little boy disappeared to sea world.  

Suddenly, Bakura jumped out of the bushes and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Where are the kittens?! I must see them and their fuzzy glory so they can tell me their secrets of life and I can make them my own and rule the world!"

                "Bakura why do you feel the need to make your mental illness known?" Kaiba sighed with regrettable deplorableness. He was really quite saddened by Bakura's state, he was such a fine young lad and has such possibilities, but there was nothing he could do. Bakura just didn't understand anymore; he was lost to the world, lost to the world of any recognition. "The petting zoo doesn't have kittens."

                "…..oh." Bakura stood here like a rejected ice cream sundae and slowly melted into his own thoughts again. Malik walked around them to find the tree monkeys.

                Kaiba calmly removed the melting Bakura from him and walked on.

Mokuba found sea world, as usual, and had a lovely conversation with the dolphin guy.

                "Haha I love the ocean! The ocean is the world of my life!" The sea guy laughed some more and petted Mokuba on he head. "Hey kid you must love the sea too! You're always here."

                "Oh yeah.. ha.. you're such a good guesser. I love the dolphins." Mokuba threw the bag of peanuts into the water and the dolphins ate them. He didn't like the peanuts because they were not salty enough, but his dear older brother did not seem to understand this and bought him the stale nuts every day. Malik walked by to find the monkeys. 

                "Hahaha!  That's the spirit of the sea you hear!  The wind is wonderful and clam, but the water is wonderful and not calm!" The sea guy struck a pose and jumped into the water after the fluttering dolphins.

                "Puppies puppies… where are the puppies…" Kaiba murmured loudly.  Suddenly, Jonouchi walked by.  A large smile spread across Kaiba's face. "I found the puppies!" 

                Jonouchi turned around with horror plastered all over him like paste on a warm day.  "Ohhh no.  Kaiba, I told you yesterday I'm not a puppy!  I just work here part time!"  Seeing that this wasn't working, like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that… he took off running.

                "Puppy!" Kaiba dashed after the frightened boy with excruciating swiftness.  Like a crocodile hunter avidly searching for his crocodile, he snuck up on the Jonouchi and pounced!

                "K-Kaiba get offa me!" Jonouchi screamed loudly flailing about like a rabid dog.  Malik walked by to find the grasshoppers.  "I'm not a puppy!"

                "But you're all furry and cuddly!  And, your hair is so ruffly.  Ruffle ruffle ruffle!" Kaiba smiled and ruffled Jonouchi's hair.  Then, getting a better idea, he started petting Jonouchi's hair.

                "W-what're ya doing to me?!"  Jonouchi shook his head back and forth, flailing around like a storm-blown kite. 

                "This is a petting zoo.  I'm petting the puppy." Kaiba smirked and continued to pet his puppy's hair.

                Jonouchi sighed.  "I get the feeling this is going to take a while."