Title: Petting Zoo, part 2!
Author: Marika Bright
Rating: G 
Disclaimer: No, I don't own these characters, after reading this fic it should be obvious. 
Summary:  The gang continues their skirmish at the petting zoo

Warning!:  This is a very weird fic, many characters are ooc (or insane, take your pic.)

Notes from Marika:  Oh… oh my.  I'm more than surprised!  This fic made it to part 2?!!!  ^^;;;;


                "Was that a scream?"  The dolphin guy was amazed, just like he was every day.  Little question marks appeared around his head as he struck a pose, holding a hand gallantly above his forehead while gazing into the distance.

                "Yeah, probably Jonouchi.  It's always Jonouchi."  Mokuba shrugged in boredom.  This happened every day, and frankly he was quite used to it by now.  Rolling his eyes, he jumped up and grabbed a question mark, bashing the sea guy over the head with it.  "Why are you always so puzzled?!  I explain this every day, and every day around this time, he comes by and hears this part!"  He pointed angrily at a recently unmelted Bakura.

                Bakura crawled by, sniffing the ground curiously.  "There's something very wrong…. no kittens….  mew."  Ignoring the other people who were gazing at him in disbelief, he scurried onward with determination!

                Mokuba sighed with dismay while Malik walked by to find the tree monkeys.  Poor poor Mokuba.  "You see… every day my brother, Seto Kaiba in case you forgot, brings me here pretending to be on a nice brotherly excursion.  But upon arriving here, he sends me to sea world and vanishes!  Well, not really vanishes, one time I followed him and then quickly unfollowed him, and do you know why?  You should, I've told you why many times."

                The sea guy blinked innocently.  The sea guy blinked innocently again.  "Because he looks sexy?"

                "Aaarg!" Mokuba scrunched his eyes shut and screamed, then whapped the dolphin guy over the head with the question mark again.  "He's my brother you pervert!"

                Far away in the distance, Seto Kaiba looked up, his keen Mokuba-senses tingling.  "Mokuba just screamed."

                "No, really?" Jonouchi rolled his eyes, struggling to squirm out of Seto's stronghold.  "Anyone in a ten mile radius would know that."

                "Mokuba is my brother.  I know his business and he knows mine, but let's get down to business."  Grabbing Jonouchi again, he ran his fingers fondly through the blonde's hair, delighting himself in the luxurious feeling.  Ignoring the scene, Malik walked by to find the monkeys.  Jonouchi screamed like a girl.  "Damn it Jonouchi!  Take it like a man!"

                "But Kaiba you're hurting me!"  He screamed again, topping Mokuba's frantic frustrated frenzied scream.  He squirmed like a worm in desperation, trying to escape the mighty talons of Kaiba's falcon-like ferociousness.

                To this, Kaiba had only one response.  He grinned and rubbed Jonouchi's stomach.  Jonouchi burst into laughter.

                Meanwhile far away in Sea world Mokuba continued to argue lamentfully with the sea guy when suddenly he heard a frantic frustrated frenzied scream that topped his own.  He climbed upon a high limb and searched around for the source of the sound, but no such source could be found.  He squinted his eyes into the distant horizon. "They're hiding."

                "I do say, please come down from there young man, you're disrupting my hair." The sea guy said with odium bright in his voice.  "You're making it worse than that kid Yugi's hair."

                "Dreadfully sorry sir." Mokuba climbed down from atop the dolphin guy's right arm and stood upon the ground.  Suddenly, he pointed to the right as Malik walked by to find the monkeys.  "Just what  is he doing?!  That person has passed this way a multitude of times already!"

                "Ssh."  The sea guy held a finger to his lips in a sign for silence.  "He might hear you."

                "AAAHH!!  This place makes no sense!!"  Mokuba clutched his head in agony and screamed again.

                Far away, Yugi looked over.  He reached his hand out to Jonouchi and pet his hair.  "There there Jonouchi, don't scream.  We're friends, and with the power of friendship we can make it through anything."

                "Umm… Yugi… I didn't scream, that would be Mokuba."  Jonouchi indicated towards Seto, who had suddenly stopped rubbing his stomach and looked off into the distant direction of sea world again.  "And just what are you doing to my hair?  No offense, but I don't think I want any hair advice from you."

                Yugi smiled brightly and giggled.  "I wasn't giving you any.  You do know where we are, don't you?"

                "You're in a petting zoo…" The dark magician whispered to Jonouchi ominously and then disappeared magically away.  He was walking towards sea world.

                Malik walked by to find the tree monkeys, and Jonouchi nodded with understanding.  "I understand."

                Yami Yugi could barely contain his mirth as he ran his fingers through Jonouchi's light golden hair. "I'm petting the puppy!"