"Bonny lass," Jack Sparrow pronounced each syllable from each word perfectly and he meant not to waste his breath by the volume and tone of his voice.

Will turned from the rigging, looping the end of the rope he held into a knot around the taught measure wrapped tight around a peg. He pulled the metal capped end through expertly making sure the tie would hold around the anvil shaped peg and that the sail would not suddenly be ripped loose by fierce wind. The sun had begun to set and more shadows covered Will's grave face. Jack cocked his head to the side, arms folded, ready for another verbal disagreement, ready for another view of Will's back if he should walk away angrily once more.

"What's that?" Turner asked chancing to take Jack for a fool who could have not known better than to think Will's hearing horrible.

"Don't mock the deaf. You heard me. Where is she? What 'appened?"

"It's none of your concern," Turner boldly informed looking away from Jack to the boards composing the deck beneath his feet.

"Seemed quite my concern when you asked my help a long time ago. Told me to keep her safe for you and I did,"

"And it's over. It's past. It's all in the past," Will folded his arms across his chest not unlike the way Jack had folded his own, but with the air of uncertainty and fear that Jack most certainly did not possess.

"That what became of she and you?" Jack asked never one to mince words and always one to find out the truth even if it meant ripping a secret from a grown man's well guarded heart.

Will stopped blinking his brow furrowing as he tried to collect the correct words to speak with.

"No," came his hasty retort spat from his bitter lips and hurt eyes as his arms dropped, both hands open.

Jack took in a deep long breath and tilted his head back expecting a falsehood to be revealed and expecting Will to explain the truth. Instead Will's lax arms swayed as his legs moved him forward. Turner passed Jack Sparrow all too eagerly letting his right shoulder brush negligently into Jack's own right shoulder. Jack ground his teeth frustrated with the theatrics and the dramatics, frustrated with the fact that he'd counted on Will's honesty, the blind faith completely pure and naïve honesty, characteristic of his friend to spit the secret forth. They'd had short and dishonest, dare say it disastrous beginnings in going from acquaintance and convenient knowledge of each other to the uneasy friendship they now shared. Saving each other and rescuing each other entitled them to some measure of disclosure of affairs, especially when Jack's exterior had been breached and his concern involved. It bothered Jack to no end that now after years of silence or few words aside from happy tidings and greetings Will stood sober and resolute in remaining in silence.

"I'm not set to ridicule you!" Jack shouted after Will as the other man distanced himself walking to the stern of the ship.

Jack took in another deep breath and let out a sigh. He meant to turn this around and to make it playful, but again Will had done it. He'd pulled the trick where everything became serious and life or death. How could it really be so life or death? Will hadn't died and until that time as he went to the beyond he'd still have a chance at anything. Jack sucked in his cheeks and his lips and threw down his hands clenching fists at his sides. Irreverently stomping his thick boots onto the deck he charged quickly after will a fist raising to chest level and his index finger pointed and ready. His jaw set forward and one of his eyes squinted angrily he stopped behind Will Turner and muttered.

"You know I ain't come to do you harm. You know why I'm 'ere. Twenty days ago you turned up drifting on some small dilapidated sailboat 'avin been out for days or weeks or worse. You ain't said one word about heading back to Port Royal. You ain't said not about your beloved. You ain't even said one word about the law you try to uphold nor have you said a bloody thing really at all! And it's not like you –"

"No, Jack," Will turned completely his face twisted with disgust, "It's not like you! You're the one that won't shut up. I never had much to say at all,"

Jack's eyes snapped open and before he could shoot back, before he could throw the first punch, before he could even respond Will pushed past. He heard the boots of Will Turner clacking violently in a fast gate, striding away from the stern and away from Jack and away from the pain of giving answers. Jaw dropped and scowling from an aroused temper Jack stepped forward slamming both palms flat on the wooden rail gripping the wet smooth finish, digging his grimy black rimmed nails in as abuse.

Quick heart beats and bursts of anger fueled adrenaline caught him unaware and he leaned against the railing staring down into the dark seas. The sun had now almost gone and just a sliver of the ball of fire on the horizon remained. The reassuring weight of his saber and the ever-present bulk of his loaded pistol comforted him very little. The kind of enemy that could into him this deeply couldn't be vanquished and pursued by those types of weapons. He couldn't watch another good man fall and in spite of all the theatrics and drama and games and running from speech, Turner still made a good man. He could still be counted as trusted, tried and loyal until the very end. If Captain Jack Sparrow wanted to stop the sort of attack he'd just marched himself into he'd have to find a way to stop the source and it wouldn't be a confrontation so pretentious and discourteous.