The New F4 Chapter 1 - Surprises

The university is abuzz with exciting news. Everyone is talking and gossiping. A group of girls walking down the hall whispering excitedly,

"Did you hear? Dao Ming Si is no longer engaged to the Princess and is looking for student San Cai!"

And in the cafeteria everyone is talking non stop,

"Did you hear….",
"Senior Dau Ming Si he….",
"The Princess …."

Coming through the doors of the cafeteria is Qing He, next to him is Mimi, and a group of fellow students following them closely.

Everyone in the school knows that Qing He is very close to San Cai and friends with F4, or at least tolerated by them.

"Qing He Senior, Please tell us again about F4!", cries one girl.

"Yes, especially of Xi Men!", another girl asks.

"No, Mei Zhou is the dream boat!", said another.

"Any news on Dao Ming Si?"

Qing He rolls his eyes and sighs. He knows that about a week ago Dao Ming Si desperately was looking for San Cai and finds out from her parents that she's leaving for Japan as part of a tour group.

But people have been pestering him with questions for a long time now constantly asking about F4.

"Please! I just want to have some lunch! If I know anything I will let you know!"

With a sigh of disappointment the crowd disperses.

"Qing He Senior is so popular now!", said Mimi with adoration in her eyes.

"Now, Mimi it's not me that's popular it's news of F4! Never do they ask about me! What am I gonna do?", mutters Qing He miserably.

"Mimi Junior sees Qing He Senior's dilemma so I must do something to help him!", offered Mimi.

"And what will that be Mimi?", asked Qing He.

"Well, Qing He Senior really have three choices.", said Mimi.

Qing He scratching his head and thinking hard, then he brightens up, "Oh, I see!", then his face sours,

"I see that I don't have an idea what you're talking about!"

Mimi smiles,

"I will explain! The first choice so that Qing He Senior won't be disturbed anymore is that he transfers from the university to another one!"

Qing He nodding his head to every word finally opened his eyes wide in shock when the words finally sink in.

"What kind of choice is that!", he yells at Mimi.

Mimi still smiling and nodding, "That of course is a drastic choice but a choice nevertheless! But the second choice is post up news of the infamous F4 on the school news bulletin board, and the third choice is to create a web site devoted to F4!"

Qing He scratching his chin and thinking.

"Well, of the other two choices the easiest is the bulletin board. Mimi, you are indeed a genius!"

Mimi blushing furiously but inward is so happy that for once she is speechless!

Then she snaps out of it and happily tells Qing He,

"Then I will begin right away to create the news posting for tomorrow!"

Qing He was so excited because he also wants to put up news about San Cai turns around and hugs Mimi,

"Mimi, you are the best!" Mimi eyes widen in shock then closes her eyes and smile dreamily and returns the hug fiercely.

Qing He realizing finally what he is doing and is now blushing stutters,

"Er, M-Mimi, I think you can let go now!" Mimi with the dreamy look on her face didn't hear a word. Qing He finally speaks a little louder,

"MIMI!" She finally snaps out of it.

"Oh, Qing He Senior! Eh, right! I will get started right away!"

Both smiling walks towards the food counter.


The next morning Mimi smiling happily walking toward the University's main entrance with a rolled up poster board under her arms.

The bulletin board is in the hallway in the main entrance. She just knows that Qing He will be thrilled with her when he sees it walking in.

That's why it's her surprise for him and declined to be picked up by him this morning telling him that she had to do something else.

But as she was heading towards the entrance there was a huge crowd of people around the bulletin board.

As she neared the crowd she was overhearing whispers of other people,

"Who can they be?"
"I wonder if the real F4 knows about this?"

As she worked her way towards the main board she was also hearing angry shouts.

She got the to the front of the crowd and is shocked by what she sees. A huge red banner covered the bulletin board, it read:

"Beware! The Legacy Continues, The New F4 Lives!"

And astride the banner on each side so that no one would remove or deface the banner was two rough looking students wearing sun glasses and had a red bandanna on and a red
muscle shirt on.

Some students were yelling at them.

"Who the hell do you think you guys are? F4 left lets leave it at that!"
"We don't need another F4! They were bullies anyway!"

One outraged student ran forward yelling at one of the guarding student.

"There will be no more F4 nonsense!", he yells then reaches for the banner to tear it off.

Without expression the guarding student exploded into action, the ruffian punches the offensive student in the stomach.

The student not expecting the action gasps and collapsed on the floor. Two of his friends outraged came forward to attack the ruffian but he's obviously an experienced fighter and takes out the other two effortlessly.

Mimi just stood there staring her eyes and mouth wide open in shock.

Suddenly there was a commotion in the back. She turns and watch the crowd suddenly split apart as two more ruffians dressed the same as the ones by the banner was pushing the crowd apart.

As the crowd opened up there was a sudden hush as people were shocked to see who was coming.

Mimi looks and sees three well dressed students walking calmly towards the bulletin board.

The center student was tall and handsome, about 6'2", had thick eye brows, his hair slicked back with gel.

The one on the right was shorter about 5'10" wearing John Lennon glasses but quite handsome also and his hair was spiky, but his handsomeness was marred by a scar running from his right brow to his right cheek.

The student on the right was even more striking, about 6'1" he was wearing round sun glasses and had a NY Yankees baseball cap on, and the more muscular of the two, he's built like a pro body builder.

As they pass Mimi the one with the scar glances over at Mimi taking notice of her, winks at her and gives her a cocky half smile. She shyly blushes. As the three reach the bulletin board they turn around.

All around the students were whispering and muttering. The tallest one obviously the leader raises his right hand and the crowd immediately hushed.

In a clear and confident voice yells to the crowd so everyone can hear,

"Greetings fellow students! Some of you know me or even about me, but for those who don't, my name is…"

As he was about to speak his name Qing He breaks through the crowd and seeing who was speaking opened his eyes in shock and gasped out,

"Wong Tin Ma!"

To Be Continued...