The New F4 Chapter 19 - Secrets

Mimi's face turns pale and covers her mouth to stifle a scream.

Nobody is saying anything for several seconds so much in shock. They do know her. They all know her.

"N-Nam M-Ma S-Senior?" asked Mimi when she found her voice. Qing He was nodding in agreement with his mouth hanging open.

Standing before them transformed from the beautiful young lady was the homeliest student of Ying De, Dong Nam Ma.

Her hair was tied up in an unattractive bun. She was wearing black-rimmed glasses whose lens was as thick as a coke bottle. And the disguise wasn't even complete!

Xamantha did not have time to put on her thick brows that form one line, false teeth that would give her an overbite, and a huge birthmark that is usually on Nam Ma's face, complete with hair sticking out of it!

She would sprinkle something in her hair to simulate dandruff. Nor did she wear the clothes that she would let ferment for at least two weeks unwashed that she wears to school. Complete with scuffed up shoes.

Anything or everything that could make Dong Nam Ma homely Xamantha did.

Perhaps a little too well.

Hated by all the girls in the school she was even an embarrassment to the administration. But one thing is sure. She is tolerated because her grades are high.

F4 could only gape at her, Dong Nam Ma is indeed known to them. Many girls requested that they red tag her. But upon seeing her they felt some pity, and also of humor because they know Nam Ma irritates those snobbish girls.

Only Hua Ze Lei was not repulsed by her homeliness, so when the others turn away in disgust he stared at her for several seconds.

Several seconds for Hua Ze Lei is comparable to 10 minutes or more of intense study for someone else.

T3M of course know of her and seen her around. In fact there was one time Lin Wai even playfully winked at her.

Nam Ma had no friends in school at all until her senior year.

When Dong Nam Ma transferred to the school she was picked on constantly, it was like being red tagged. She endured it for years.

In fact Bai He and Qian Hui, the worse of her harassers, made life very difficult for her.

One day when the senior year was just starting, a group of girls were picking on her when Qing He and Mimi happened upon them.

Qing He stopped the girls from picking on Nam Ma but they were ready to take their fury out on him.

Only the false threat he used of telling F4 and having them expelled sent them away.

Mimi took pity on her and not having many friends herself befriended Nam Ma.

Wong Tin Ma was aghast.

"Xamantha! Why? For the love of god, what is the meaning of this?" he said.

Xamantha smiles sadly and takes off her thick glasses looking at it for a several seconds.

Then she looks up and starts to tell them her story.

When Xamantha grew up in Australia privileged and beautiful she was of course with the in-crowd.

They influenced her and she became prideful, full of spite and conceit.

It was in middle school where she encountered the real Dong Nam Ma. But that wasn't her name because Dong Nam Ma wasn't a real name. Xamantha created it.

The girls name was Yu Su Ping. She was not a quarter of what Dong Nam Ma is like. But the other girls made her life miserable.

But Yu Su Ping was tough and stubborn and born many sufferances upon herself. Xamantha was feeling some pity for her and she respected the girl's stubbornness. They became acquaintances. Not really her friend but not someone who would be picking on her either.

One day her friends played a prank on Yu Su Ping that backfired horribly. Yu Su Ping was splashed with lye and was blinded, and suffered hideous burns on her body.

Visiting the hospital Xamantha saw Yu Su Ping's parents crying in grief.

Something snapped.

Xamantha transferred from the school the next day.

Xamantha looked up, she wiped the tears from her eyes. San Cai, Mimi and Xiao Qiao also had tears in their eyes.

"When I came home from the hospital, I was depressed. Then I saw this Baby Beanie Pegasus that was sitting on my night table, which has been by my side since it was given to me and remembered when I use to want to help. When I wanted to ease someone's pain and troubles. That's when I decided then and there that I want to spend my life doing what's right and good!"

"I did one year at University of Australia when I decided to come back to Taiwan." She continued.

"It was a small matter to find out which university you were attending." Looking at Wong Tin Ma.

"When I scouted out Ying De the atmosphere and the situation here appalled me, if not worse. It was the same as when I went to middle school but on a larger scale."

"Then I heard of F4. And found out all I can about them. And also about you." Looking at Wong Tin Ma again.

"I thought to myself here are four rich and powerful people, if they would only put their efforts into humanitarian actions what good could they do?"

"That's what I thought too!" Said an excited San Tsai.

Dao Ming Si frowned at her.

"But why this elaborate sham?" asked Wong Tin Ma.

Xamantha sighed.

"I wished to remain completely anonymous with people having little to do with me as much as possible. Yes, the first year was bad, sometimes it was too much. But I think of Yu Su Ping and it reinforced my beliefs all the more. After a while I was just a sore to be ignored."

Then she looked at San Cai.

"But San Cai, your battle with F4 was truly commendable! I was silently cheering you on! It also gave me strength and resolve! And the result worked out perfectly!" Said Xamantha to San Cai who seemed abashed.

"How does what work out? And why is it helpful to you?" asked Xi Men.

Xamantha loosens the hair bun, shakes out her luxurious hair and smiles.

"Everything I've done comes to fruition this night, the creation of The New F4!"

To be continued…