A/N: I don't own DBZ. This story is AU… Another Warning, this is a Yaoi male/male coupling, also swearing and so on …Rated R

Triangle of Kisses

Chapter 1

Vegeta rolled over and kissed the crook of his lover's neck. "Hmmm" he liked the scent and touch of his young lover in his warm arms. He would kill anyone who dared to try and take his mate away from him. This was his property. The love of his life, for no one else to touch, to stroke, to take, his love was bond to him alone.

He claimed him when he was still forbidden fruit and now it has been four years since the day he had placed the mark of his love and commitment to protect with his life…that mark now placed for all to see on the young mate's soft supple skin on the crook of neck. The mark that was universal, to most of the non human kind, of ownership! Vegeta was very protective of the boy that lay in his arms, the boy was one of the most powerful warriors in the universe, but now in his arms he is very submissive, begging to be dominated over, to feel someone was taking care of him, which in the princes eyes he took great pride over his power over the boy that feels safe only in his arms.

"Geta" The boy panted

"Hmmm" Vegeta didn't stop his shower of kisses on the boy's supple skin.

"Geta …I have to go …I-I'll be late" The boy squirmed trying to cool his own heated desires away from his mate.

Vegeta pulled away only enough for a smirk to slip over on his lust filled face. The boy was wavering to his needs. "Hmmm why go when you could stay here with me?"

"G-Geta you …know I-I can't…p-please…" The boy moaned under his older lover

"Mmmm… very well… but only if you come straight home. I have plans for you." Vegeta purred. Another smirk appeared as he felt the boy shiver under him.

The teen moved his naked form from beneath the dark haired prince and quickly headed for the shower. Vegeta rolled over and looked up at the ceiling of their bedroom. The home which they had spent only a few years in, living as a couple, far from prying eyes deep in the heart of the forest. Vegeta listened to the shower being turned on. A warm smile slipped over his face with the image of the boy in the next room. Lazily he climbed out of the large bed and walked up to the closed door. Another smile slipped on his handsome face as he found the door locked. "You think a lock can stop me?" He called

"Please Geta I can't be late. Not again!" The teen called over the humming of the steaming water.

"Fine! I'll be downstairs making us some breakfast." Vegeta snatched his boxers and put them on before walking downstairs to the kitchen, leaving the boy to shower and change along.

It wasn't long before they were sitting at the table eating their mounds of food. Vegeta looked up at the attractive teen across from him. "Gohan …I will be over at Capsule Corp today getting that Onna to replace my gravity chamber. She wants me to bring the brat Trunks back with me"

"Oh okay. How long will he be here for?" Gohan asked with interest. He enjoyed seeing Trunks and Goten when he could. His mother, Chichi, disapproved of Gohan's life style and rarely allowed Goten to see his older brother. Gohan was forced to move out of his parents' home when the prince had claimed the boy at the tender age of fourteen.

Chichi disapproved of Vegeta and her aggression was aimed fully at her son. The day she found out about the couple she refused to see the boy again. It was then she had disowned him. It was an open wound with Gohan that his mother would have nothing to do with him and would only allow Goten to see him if he was around Bulma, at Capsule Corp.

"The brat will be over for the night." Vegeta said before getting up and cleaning his bowl.

"That's a shame. It has been over a week since we have seen him and nearly two weeks since I've seen Goten." Vegeta turned back at the sound of the teen's pain.

"I'll see if the harp will get Goten to come over to CC when we bring Trunks back." A warm smile crossed Gohan's face as he came over and gave Vegeta a hug from behind.

"Thanks Geta, I love you." Vegeta smiled as he took the empty bowel from his young mate's hands.

"You'd better go. I don't want another phone call from that blasted school again asking me where you are ." Vegeta snorted at the desires to blast them off the face of the Earth for keeping his mate away from him.

"Okay. I'll see you later. Bye Geta" Gohan rushed off after kissing him goodbye. Vegeta smiled as he watched the boy disappear out of the room. Hearing the door close he looked out the window to see a golden light speed across the blue sky in front of him.

Vegeta had to admit to himself. A few months ago he was reluctant to give in to the boy's desires to go to school and when Gohan would come home after the first week talking about his friends the Saiyan prince found a hint of jealousy underlying his feelings towards them.

Gohan got to school in time to hear the bell go. He ran up to his class room and pushed the doors open. There he found his friends all sitting around the tables talking. Videl waved him over "Late again."

"Yeah well" Gohan said rushing up to his chair. Videl was comfortable sitting on his desk.

"Don't worry. The teacher had to go up to the office. Apparently we are getting a new class mate today." Videl said moving so she could see him better.

"Anyone who comes here needs their head examined" Sharpener said as he leaned his chair back on two legs.

"Hey it's not that bad" Eraser said as she slapped him on the arm causing him to nearly tumble over.

"Shhh Teacher's here." Videl whispered as she scrambled back to her chair.

"Class please can I have your attention. We have a new student here today, please make him feel welcome" She moved the door so the teen could be seen.

The class looked over at the new boy, when Gohan looked over at the tall figure; he felt like he had forgotten how to breathe. Only one word escaped his lips. "Mirai"