The Days Before
-Squirrel Tamer

A/N: This is the first in what hopefully be a bunch of different stories about life before the Heartless in Hollow Bastion. It's also before Kairi gets to Destiny Islands and even though they haven't met yet some reminders of Sora and Riku may come in, like Kairi's bear Siru(taking there names and putting them together into one name). Squall's 15, Cloud's 13, Aerith's 13, Yuffie's 6 and Kairi's 4.

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Squall's Predicament

Where are you going Squall?

Squall turned to look at the two standing behind him. It was the boy who had spoken, the boy's blond, spiky hair seemed particularly pointy that day. Beside him stood a pretty girl with long brown hair wrapped in two long braids that fell down her back.

To the Rising Falls. He said simply.

The girl looked at him with a look of great protest as if what he said was unheard of.

You can't go to the Rising Falls! Don't you remember how much trouble you got in last time you went? They say its dangerous down there! You could get hurt, or even killed! Just think of the trouble you'll be in! Somehow the girl managed to say all this in just one breath.

Stop being such a baby Aerith, sometimes you're worse than Yuffie, The blond kid told her, Besides its the best place to clear your mind or get a bath.

A BATH! Are you both insane? What if someone would come down and see you?! Aerith said, beginning to lose her temper.

No one goes down there, because its supposed to be dangerous so I'll be fine, thank-you. Squall told her. Then he walked over to the Drop-off and called the lift that would take him down.

But what none of them realized was that someone had been eavesdropping on there entire conversation and was now wearing a satisfied grin that went from ear to ear.


Yuffie slowly made her way down to the bottom of the Rising Falls, where she knew she would find Squall. She chuckled to herself and carefully leapt to the next ledge. Squall and Cloud thought that the Rising Falls were harmless which was pretty much true, except for getting up and down the ledges. One wrong move and you'd fall all the way down. Yuffie knew this which was why she chose to go slowly.

She finally made it down to the bottom and looked around, Squall was nowhere in sight, that was good. If he saw her there he would kill her. She looked around for a bit more and then found what she was looking for, Squall's clothing lay on a neat pile on one of the rocks. Yuffie scooped all his clothing into her arms and then slowly made her way back up the ledges.


Came insane laughter as a figure sped by Cloud and Aerith, they both stared after it for awhile until everything finally sunk in.

Aerith asked more to herself than anyone else.

Didn't she have Squall's... Cloud wondered aloud.

Then the two turned to each other in realization, they sped off after the girl.


Squall slowly made his way up the ledges back to the castle. He was praying to himself that it would be deserted and he could get some more clothing before anyone saw him, especially Rinoa.

He felt himself blush a little. What if Rinoa saw him? He could never live it down. Any hope of her returning his feelings would be crushed. He would have to change his name and get a new identity.

When he found whoever took his clothing, they would pay. Big time.


Yuffie ran inside the front doors, into the lobby and looked around for a place to hide. She realized that Cloud and Aerith were right behind her and she had to escape somehow. She spotted the ledge that would take her up to where the fire burned. She waited for it to come down and then she climbed up.

Cloud and Aerith burst into the lobby only about two seconds after Yuffie had made it onto the ledge. They watched her as she rose to the top her arms still tightly clenched around Squall's garments. Suddenly Cloud was overcome with laughter, Aerith looked at him in shock.

What on Earth could you possibly find funny about this? She asked him.

He managed to get the word out between his insane laughing.

Well I don't think its very funny at all, Aerith said very matter of factly, Poor Squall is out there without any clothes, what if someone sees him?

The doors to the lobby opened a little and in walked a little girl clutching her teddy bear. She had short red hair and was wearing a very pretty dress, she walked over to Aerith and began tugging on her skirt.

Aerith could you hold Siru for me? She asked and then held out her teddy bear.

Of course Kairi, Aerith said sweetly and then took the bear from the child, then she turned back to Yuffie who had now reached the top and was looking over the edge, watching the scene below with obvious amusement, You better give those clothes back right now or-, Aerith was cut off when Kairi bumped into her, the little girl was apparantly trying to pull her dress off. Aerith reached and pulled it back down.

What are you trying to do Kairi?

Kairi looked up at her with her dark blue eyes and said, I was outside and I saw Squall and he wasn't wearing anything, so I thought today no one was wearing clothes today, Then she pulled Aerith down so that Cloud had to strain to hear what she was saying and Yuffie couldn't hear her at all, Aerith I think there's something wrong with Squall, he has something there, she said pointing down.

Aerith's face turned beet red and Cloud was sent into another spurt of laughter. Aerith took the child's hand and then turned to glare at Cloud then she led Kairi off into the library without another word.

Cloud sighed and then turned to Yuffie, he opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by a scream that came from outside. Yuffie and him listened while a loud argument commenced.

I-I'm so sorry, its just, uh... Came a voice that was obviously Squall.

Ew! You're disgusting Squall Leonhart! I'm going to tell everyone about this you freak! Came a high pitched female voice that they instantly recognized as one of Rinoa's best friends.

Then came a loud slap and an ow from Squall.

Cloud turned to Yuffie again, Okay, you've had you're fun, give me Squall's clothes so I can give them back to Squall.

Then Yuffie threw Squall's garments down to her spiky haired friend, who caught them easily.

Then the door flew open and in stomped a very angry looking Squall. The first thing he spotted was Cloud standing in the middle of the lobby with a large pile of clothes in his hands.

Cloud Strife... He whispered a look of terrible anger on his face.

Cloud looked down at the pile of clothing in his arms, then at Squall. He dropped the pile and turned to his friend.

No, wait, I can explain!



A/N: Hope you enjoyed and forgive me if this has been done before, I haven't found any stories like this so I just went and made one. More to come. And I haven't given up on Dive to Oblivion, that story comes first. Don't know when I'll update this one, but until then enjoy!