Evangelion Fanfiction

By Otaku D-Man

Standard Disclaimer.

Still Don't Own Shin Seiki Evangelion. I Did Purchase the new 'Renewal' DVD (Region 2) and have a glut of toys, games, magazines, posters, wall scrolls, manga etc. My bank accounts hate me.

Author's Pre-Rant –

As Promised, this is my second EVA Fanfic and my first attempt at a specific romantic pairing. Essentially I've just shattered whatever fan base I developed (A strange thing indeed). Gomenasai. (As for a sequel to 'Insight', No plans yet. And a Shinji/Mana fic is on the books. I am a fan of the green-eyed spy.)

To set things straight, this is my Shinji/Rei fic, set just after the Eleventh Angel Incident.

I'll probably gloss over a lot of the things that happened in the TV series (except where minor variations occur)

As established in Insight and Understanding -

"Indicates the Spoken Dialogue"

Implies unspoken thoughts

All That I Am First Refrain – Dispassionate Eyes

Office of the Supreme Commander of NERV

Kouzou Fuyutsuki closed the folder now that he had finished reading the contents of the document it contained. "So they've asked for the Third Children". A brief smile played across his elderly, aristocratic features as he mentally digested the potential meaning of it all. "Yui-kun would be pleased with this sudden turn of events."

"Yes." The answer could be in response to one or both of Kouzou's statements. Gendou Ikari, Supreme Commander of NERV never offered more than a glimpse of his true thoughts.

The grey-haired Sub-Commander could not suppress his wry amusement at the situation. "I suppose it was just a matter of time. His actions during the sortie against the Tenth were ….."

"Unexpected." Once again Gendou provided a succinct one-word response.

Kouzou leaned back in his chair to idly study the System Sephirotica, the Tree of Life, in the ceiling. "As was your acknowledgement of his involvement." He recalled just how the man had actually praised the boy. Even if it had been via radio. "So what do you intend to do? It is unwise to deny their request outright."

"Perhaps. But deception is always necessary. Especially with adversaries of this calibre." Gendou continued to stare at nothing in particular as his mind further extrapolated the possible consequences of the most recent demand placed on him.

"So you will acquiesce to their demands." The question was rhetorical in the sense that both men knew that they had no real options or alternatives available to them.

"It is the only avenue available to us." The words, while indicating defeat, lacked any such sentiment. The tone was almost eager.

With an arched eyebrow, Kouzou studied the younger man. He had worked beside Gendou Ikari for over a decade. While many found him difficult to read, Kouzou saw more than most. "You're plotting already Ikari."

Grunting his acknowledgement at his one time professor's insight, Gendou continued to consider the ramifications of what he was about to set in motion. "Of course. Call Major Katsuragi and the Third Children in here."

"The Major will not be happy about this." Kouzou activated the communicator and issued the directive. "She appears to take her guardianship of him fairly seriously."

Gendou had to agree. The Major had developed something of a close relationship with his son. It remained to be seen whether such a bond would advance or hinder his scenario. Much hinged on them both blindly doing as they were told. At least until they were no longer necessary. "Undoubtedly. But she will do her job."

 Kouzou could not resist the opening. "Or else?"

No answer was forthcoming this time. In all honesty, he didn't expect one. He didn't need one. Very few people could claim to have thwarted Gendou Ikari. Very few living people.


Katsuragi/Ikari/Sohryu Residence

Slamming the fridge door hard enough to shake the kitchen table and chairs, Asuka popped the tab on her can of soda and glared at the back of Shinji's head. "So why did the Commander specifically ask to see you Dummkopf? I thought you two didn't like each other."

Shinji flinched at the German girls pointed words. His relationship with his father was something he tried not to think too much about. Life was depressing enough to begin with without having one of the more painful components shoved down his throat. Pausing in his school studies, he stared at the textbook, not really seeing the pages as he recalled the discussion in his father's office. "Some people want to see me tomorrow. After school." He didn't want to tell exactly who wanted to see him. It would only complicate things.

The sly grin became a full-blown smirk as Asuka reached out and flicked his ear. "Which people? The Police? Some helpless girl report you for being a pervert?"

Shifting his head to stare at the floor near the girl's feet, unable to look her in the eye, he slowly shook his head. "No. Misato-san has all the details. It's something to do with that Angel incident. The one that fell from the sky." Realising the futility of trying to continue, Shinji closed his books and made to leave for the quiet comfort of his room.

"Oh. That one. The one I killed." Asuka threw at the boy as he retreated. She considered the boys quiet words. While he had answered her, he hadn't told her nearly enough to know what was going on. In the time since coming to live with Misato and Shinji, Asuka had drawn a number of conclusions about her colleagues. Misato was a lazy, slovenly tramp that was making every effort to steal Kaji-san away from her and the Third Children was a perverted idiot. Sparing another three seconds on the problem was more than enough as she concluded that whatever it was obviously wasn't important enough for the number one Evangelion Pilot to be bothered with. "Whatever Third Children." Deciding to cleanse her mind of the daily grind of having to attend school, she decided that a hefty dose of television was called for. At least until Misato decided to get out of the bathroom. After stealing the remote from Pen-Pen, Asuka switched the channel to something more suitable, eliciting a string of avian curses from the disgruntled warm water penguin.


Watching the steam rise listlessly from the waters surface, Misato Katsuragi considered, not for the first time, just what the hell Commander Ikari was thinking of. Recalling the mans almost casual indifference to the presence of his own son incensed her. Couldn't even call him by his name. Just kept referring to him as the Pilot of Unit 01 or Third Children. Maybe It'd help if Shinji-kun actually confronted him instead of staring at the floor and mumbling. Misato sighed. The chances of Shinji actually standing up for himself were remote perhaps even less than that where it involved his father. "Pen-Pen will probably learn to sing in fluent Japanese before that happens." The beer she had been drinking up until that moment snorted out of her nose as she choked on a laugh at the thought of her pet suddenly breaking into song. Staring at the wasted beverage as it mixed with the bathwater, Misato considered her options. "Asuka won't mind. I'm sure I read somewhere that Yebisu was good for the skin." Misato shrugged as she drained the rest of the can. Her thoughts returning to the conversation with the Commander and her wards reaction to it all. It seemed everything of late had her thinking about Shinji's pained face. He hasn't learned how to hide what he really feels. It's why he gets so hurt so easily.


Having acquired the peace and quiet he desperately sought, Shinji lay back on his bed and after activating his SDAT, stared at the ceiling. While he was looking at the ceiling, he wasn't actually 'seeing' the ceiling. His mind had turned inwards and was slowly replaying a conversation with his father. Not three weeks ago his father had praised his efforts in preventing an Angel from destroying Tokyo-3. Those simple words of gratitude. The fact that the man had referred to him by his first name. That simple memory continued to sustain him. Asuka had scoffed at his reasoning that night at the ramen stand but it didn't matter. His friend Kensuke had commented that his own father congratulated him on getting an A on the last history exam, whereas Shinji had saved the city. But he had defended himself to a degree. "I don't Pilot EVA for personal glory. If I could hear those words from father, that would be enough."


Terminal Dogma

Gendou clasped his hands behind his back as he continued to observe Rei Ayanami. The First Children was synchronising with the Dummy Plug system, focusing only on the required information necessary for transfer. "Are there any complications Doctor?"

Ritsuko Akagi, Chief Scientist for NERV quickly assimilated the data as it scrolled down a nearby data terminal. "Not at present. We're still having problems isolating a series of recent emotional characteristics in the system, but aside from that the Dummy Plug should be ready on schedule."

Emotional characteristics? Gendou contemplated the statement. He had raised Rei to ignore such insignificant things. "As long as the system works, it should be enough." Ignoring the not so subtle glance the blonde woman was directing at him, Gendou activated the speaker that would allow him to communicate with the girl as she floated naked in the LCL filled tube. "Rei that will be enough for today. You may leave. You will not be required tomorrow."

Opening her eyes, the Pilot of Unit 00 gazed dispassionately at the man that had essentially raised her. "Understood Commander Ikari." Rei waited patiently as Ritsuko activated the mechanism that drained the tube. Ignoring the fact that she was completely naked, the pale girl exited the room, heading for the nearby shower cubicle to rinse the viscous liquid from her body.

Ritsuko waited until she was definite that the blue haired albino was in the shower before she spoke. "Are we still on for tonight?"

Still staring at the now vacant tube, Gendou considered the sound of desperation in the woman's voice. So much like your mother. Just as easy to manipulate. "Of course."

Ritsuko smiled at the man's response. While it lacked the enthusiasm she longed to hear, his simple agreement in continuing their tryst was enough. "Then I'll see you at 9.00. I'll leave the door unlocked."

The routine was the same as it always had been. She would leave the door to her apartment unlocked as she waited for his arrival. Gendou was always punctual. Ritsuko shivered at the anticipation. She was determined to make Gendou love her. Just as she loved him. She would make him forget about her mother, Naoko, about Rei and Instrumentality. About Yui.

Had she stayed, Ritsuko would have seen the slight smirk appear on Gendou's face. Turning to leave, Gendou pushed his tinted glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he left .He still had a great many things to finalise before spending 'quality' time with Doctor Akagi. Things had a way of going wrong if he didn't personally oversee them.


Rei closed her eyes as the warm water sprayed over her face. Unlike her apartment, the heating unit for the water supply here was functional. Not that it really mattered to her. Only her purpose was of concern. The purpose defined by her creator, Gendou Ikari. He had instilled this into her from the day of her 'birth'. She was merely a tool engineered for a specific purpose. I am the designated Pilot of Evangelion Unit 00. It is my bond. It is all I am allowed. When I have fulfilled his ambitions, he will abandon me. He will grant me oblivion. I will be allowed to die. Having completed her hygiene requirements, Rei Ayanami exited the shower cubicle and quickly dried herself before retrieving her school uniform. Turning to leave for her apartment, Rei caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Pausing to regard her own reflection she studied the things that further set her apart from all others. Her pale skin, the blue hair and the red eyes. The Commander had explained that they were simply a genetic trait inherited from her Angelic biological donor while her human donor provided her with a physical form. "I am not either. I am myself." Satisfied with her self assessment, she began the journey home. The prolonged session today had exhausted her, both mentally and physically. Not that anyone other than the Commander would have recognised the telltale signs. And he was not particularly concerned. As long as she continued to live, she would perform to his expectations. To fail the Commander was to be replaced. For Rei, replacement was simply another term for death.


Kaji Residence.

Ryouji Kaji, Special Inspector for NERV, and spy for at least two other organizations, reviewed his latest pilfered file. Once he finished it he quickly perused the key points again, committing the contents to memory before he removed any trace of the data. Leaning back in his chair he laughed softly as he dissected the information. "So that's what Commander Ikari was forced into. I must be slipping not to realise what was going on. Katsuragi would be disappointed." The unshaven man laughed once again as he considered just how his favourite lavender haired Captain, no, Major now, would react if she knew of his slip. "Well I can't disappoint them now can I?" He switched his computer off and decided to go pay some important informants a surprise visit. It always paid to stay up to date with the happenings of Tokyo-3.


Ayanami Residence – Apartment 402

Entering her apartment, ignoring the accumulation of junk and other mail, Rei slipped her shoes off, her slippers on and after dropping her school satchel, preceded to remove her school uniform in favour of her customary nightshirt.

Starring dispassionately at her surroundings, she wondered, not for the first time, what had driven the Third Children to attempt tidying her apartment. Curious. It served no purpose. Yet I thanked him for his wasted effort. Words of gratitude……. The memory served to cause a light burning sensation in her cheeks. Unable and unwilling to comprehend the unusual response, she quickly abandoned the line of thought.

It had not taken long for chaos to once again overwhelm the drab room. The poor state of her accommodation was not important to the overall scheme of Commander Ikari's scenario. It was simply a shelter to rest and recover in. When not at school, as infrequent as that was, she spent her time at NERV Headquarters. The Commander's expectations would be met. There was simply no other alternative.

"I am not required at NERV tomorrow. I will attend school instead." Satisfied with her reasoning, Rei lay down and soon drifted off into a near dreamless slumber.

"…….Ikari-kun……" The words were half mumbled as the girl turned slightly in her sleep.


And here's my first ever ………


Office of the Supreme Bastard

"So they've asked for the Third Children". Kouzou Fuyutsuki closed the latest issue of Penguin Club (Hentai Magazine) that he had borrowed from Pen Pen. "Perhaps it's just me but the stories seem even more twisted these days." He grabbed a tissue to wipe away the trickle of blood flowing from his nostril.

"Yes." The answer could be in response to one or both of Kouzou's statements. Gendou Ikari, Supreme Commander of NERV (and winner of 'Uncaring Deadbeat Dad' ten years running) never offered more than a glimpse of his true thoughts. I wonder if I can get both Akagi and Katsuragi drunk enough to sleep with me?

The grey-haired Sub-Commander could not suppress his wry amusement at the situation. "I suppose it was just a matter of time. His actions during the naked activation test were ….."

"Unexpected." Once again Gendou provided a succinct one-word response. Maybe Ibuki as well.

Kouzou leaned back in his chair to idly study the live footage piped in from the camera feed they had installed in the ladies change room. "As was your acknowledgement of his involvement." He recalled just how the man had actually praised the boy. "So what do you intend to do? It is unwise to deny their request outright."

"Agreed." Gendou's glasses slipped slightly down the bridge of his nose and his eyes widened slightly as he watched events unfold on the screen. Yes, definitely Ibuki as well!


End First Refrain


Authors Post-Rant –

As usual, the EVA cast will be predominately 'In-Character' (I hope ^-^). Feel free to comment, disagree. My first fic was set after the TV Series and therefore the characters had developed a little more maturity (affording the author a degree of latitude.).

At this particular point, Shinji is still very withdrawn and afraid of contact (emotional, physical etc). Rei is almost in a social coma like state with her ferverent belief that she is a replaceable nothing. Asuka is continually trying to stay on top as the best Pilot and attempting to capture Kaji's eye.

The relationship will take time to develop. While I have a draft outline of how and where things will go, I'm not sure how far along the EVA timeline I'll end up. I suppose it will depend on the demands of those that read it.

As for the Omake, if you can't take the piss out of your own work, you're taking life way too seriously. Not sure if I'll do more, just wanted to give it a go.

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