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I would dare say that this old legendary Bandai Namco game is one of my favorites during the time of the PS2! I'm super glad that it's still vital to this day. And I would even dare say that this series is an inspiration in the creation of Sword Art Online!

Rewatching and playing the old series, I couldn't help but feel it has similar elements to the RWBY series. Heck, there's even a crossover of these two on .

And your best bet is that Penny is the main cast of the story! I think it's a good choice, seeing that she's a gynoid and an AI with a real soul fits perfectly with .hack.

And above all else! The poor girl has the right to have her time to shine. I still can't believe Rooster Teeth would kill her off twice!

Either way, I hope you enjoy this new fic I'm making! If none of you are a bit lost in the .hack series.

Spoiler warning!

And now we start the prologue!

Prologue: Salutations, The World!


That's what all Penny could see.

How did this happen?

She thought hard to recall her last memory. And that memory was her battle against Pyrrha Nikos during the finals in the Vytal Tournament.

The Invincible Girl looked somewhat troubled, judging by her facial appearance. But the young gynoid did not have time to question it when the match was about to begin.

Then she recalled how Pyrrha somehow forced her beloved weapon's blades, Floating Array, to circle her. Causing the wires to control it wrap around her and–!

She now realized her position she was while in the seemingly endless darkness.

"Am I… dead? Is this death?" Penny couldn't voice anything with her mouth; at least, she still had a mouth since she couldn't feel anything.

"Oh dear… what should I do?" The now dead gynoid questions while a sense of panic grows. "Father said if anything were to happen to me, he could always bring me back."

During her 'birth', she learned so many things from her beloved father and General James Ironwood. How different and unique she was that she needed to wait for her time until her secret would be revealed to the world and that her father said that she could fix her up but told her always to be careful.

She thought momentarily that she would be back in her birth lab and by her father's side in his private lab at home in Mantle with a new body.

And yet. She was here instead of there.

"I'm so sorry, father… I couldn't keep the promise of not getting myself hurt…" Penny thought as sadness and fear began to grow deeper and so many things she was starting to think about, like how if Pyrrha was not too broken about what she did and was sure that there was a reason for it, seeing the distressed expression on her face before her 'passing'.

And now, her thoughts of her first best friend, Ruby Rose. She couldn't imagine the distress she would be feeling knowing that her death was shown Remnantwide. Oh, how much negativity that would have brought about.

"What should I do? It's dark. I-I can't see, feel, or hear anything! Father, please help me! Friend Ruby! Anyone! Please! I-I'm scared! I… I WANT TO LIVE!"

At that very moment.

A small dot of light appeared before her.

Before she could question what it was, the light quickly expanded, enveloping the darkness with its brightness.

If Penny had her hands, she would have used them to shield her eyes; if she had eyelids, she could have closed her eyes, but in the end, she was forced to witness the entire thing before her.

And within the brightness, she could have sworn she saw a figure before her. She wasn't able to have a good look at the appearance due to the light, but she was able to notice a few things. This figure appeared to be a girl with long, wavy hair and wearing a dress.

Above all, Penny thought she was talking to her, seeing that the figure's mouth was opening and closing, except no words came out.

"What…?" Before Penny could question who was before her, the light shrined much brighter, completely blinding her until everything went black.

"Hey, you think she's alright?"

"I'm not sure… never seen a player character like hers before."

"You think she's an NPC for some kind of quest?"

Penny didn't know what happened next, but before she realized it, she began to feel her senses again when she heard two unfamiliar male voices.

"Oh! Looks like she's waking up."

Penny began to open her eyes slowly, and before she knew it, she was lying on her back on the ground looking up at two people she had never met before, and might she add a sense of Deja Vu to her current predicament.

Penny blinked a couple of times before looking at the two.

She sees a burly and battled-scared man with light brown collared hair with minor wear except for a large dark blue shoulder spaulder attached to a heather harness, leg greaves, and dark blue tassets, but what was more striking to his appearance was his dark green skin covering almost all of his upper body, including his face as well as a wave sign in the form of white cross.

Then, to his side was a young blue-haired boy, perhaps close to Ruby's age, dressed in a forest green beret, vest, and pants. He is wearing long white sleeves under his vest and, interestingly, has red arrow-shaped tattoos on both cheeks.

The two just stared at the gynoid, lying on the floor, looking up at them in an awkward silence.

The boy in the green beret was the first to break the silence. "Um… hello?"

Penny gasped before making a big, friendly smile as she waved to them. "Salutations!"

The two just blinked a couple of times before looking at each other and then looking back at her.

"Are… you okay?" The burly green man asked with a raised brow.

Penny was about to answer but paused as she recalled everything that had happened before her supposed death. She knows she's not 'dead' anymore, but the questions flood her head. How is she here? Why was she not in the lab with her father? Who are these people?

Thinking clearly, she looked up and realized that she was outside and it was daytime, figuring out some might have passed. She turned her head to her side before gasping as her eyes widened at what she was seeing.

She sees a large city with numerous canals running throughout, boats, and gondolas with many residents minding their own business. She then turns her head to the other side, and a big gyroscope-like device floating in the middle of the center a dead end. To her surprise, she sees a blue light emanating in front of the device and someone appearing inside the blue light before walking away.

"Excuse me… but is everything alright?" Penny gasped again before looking at them again, seeing the burly man raising a confused brow and the beret boy having a confused yet concerned expression.

"I…" Penny stuttered before gulping. "I don't know… I… I think I'm lost."

Penny did not lie. Thanks to her robot heritage, she could recognize all the locations Remnant has to offer, and the area she was in does not describe such a beautiful place as this.

And it was beginning to scare her.

"You're… lost?" The burly man says before smiling in realization. "Oh! I get it. You're a newbie like Kite."

"A newbie?" Penny says in confusion. The burly man didn't notice her expression except for the beret boy, who she thought was named Kite, but stayed silent.

"Though I gotta say, I've never seen a character like yours. Probably a new update? You don't mind telling us your name and Class?" The burly man asked.

"Name and… Class?" Penny tilted her head in confusion, still not getting up from the ground.

"Yeash… you really are pretty new to this, huh?" The burly man winced before straightening himself. "Well, let's introduce ourselves first, then. My name is Orca, and my Class is Blademaster."

He then looks to his friend before fidgeting a bit in nervousness. "A-And I'm Kite, and my Class is Twin Blade."

Penny listened and memorized their name and 'Class'. She didn't know what else to think about and was very confused. But seeing that they had introduced themselves, it was only fitting for her to do the same. So, she mustered her best smile and said what she thought was the best answer.

"Hello, Orca and Kite! My name is Penny Polendina, and my Class is… Huntress!" She proudly says, getting a look of surprise from the two as they turn to each other again before looking at her again.

"Penny, huh? That's a nice name. However, I never heard of anyone adding a surname to their player character before. And Huntress? That's certainly new." Orca says before having a thoughtful expression.

Kite approached the girl before kneeling next to her. "Aren't you going to get up? Do you have a problem with your controller?"

Controler? Was he talking about her mobility? She mentally gasped. Does he think that she's a robot? How?! She has to try to salvage the situation.

"I-I am a-okay! Nothing wrong with my controller or my mobility or anything." Penny admitted nervously, granted it was not a lie, hence why she wasn't hiccupping. She can move just fine. She just was so confused to do so.

Both Orca and Kite just chuckled.

Kite thought something was wrong but kept quiet, seeing that it wasn't his place to ask. But then an idea occurred to him.

"Hey?" Kite talked to Penny.


"Wanna be friends?" The question made Penny widen her eyes in surprise while Orca raised a brow but watched curiously.

"You look like you're a newbie, just like me. So how about we can help each other out?" Kite says with a smile before looking to his best friend Orca. "Right, Orca?"

Orca just smiled while crossing his arms with a shrug. "I see no problem adding one more student for my honorable tutelage."

"Really, Orca?" Kite smirked at his best friend, sticking with his roleplaying, making the two laugh. Seeing this also made Penny giggle. Despite her current predicament, her nervousness and fears slowly drift away.

Kite then turns to Penny with a smile. "So? What do you say, Penny?"

Penny thought so many things at that moment. She honestly had no idea where she was, where her best friend Penny was, and if there was a way to return home. But one thing was sure: she didn't know why, but being with Kite made her feel safe.

With a happy smile and a nod, she gave her answer. "That would be sensational, friend Kite!"

Kite's smile widens, happy to have a new friend besides Orca. "Great!" He then extended his arm, offered his hand to her, and said one sentence that would be in Penny's memory for a long time.

"Welcome, to The World."

From that day forth, Penny would go on an adventure she would never forget before returning to Remnant in a world of the Twilight.

To be continued…

A/N: And that's the start of Penny's journey in the World. I hope you all enjoyed this prologue, and looking forward to the next chapters to follow!