Strange Visiting

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Summary: Legolas takes Aragorn and Gimli to his home in Mirkwood to show what it is "really" like. Not an ordinary elven home, but the foundation of chaos.

Chapter 1: The Deal

"Another drink please!" came the voice of an already tipsy Legolas. Aragorn and Gimli were already inebriated beyond recall save a night's sleep. Aragorn tried to pour some more wine into Legolas cup but miss poorly. Gimli tried to put his head underneath the bottle to catch it in his mouth but while some of it made it to his mouth, most of it splattered all over his face. "Ai'! There is no point on wasting wine in such a matter!" cried Legolas as he corrected Aragorn's aim.

The next day, they all had hang-overs that made them feel as though they were dieing. "Uhhh.." groaned Aragorn. Legolas was usually so graceful it made the others jealous but when Legolas attempted to get up he fell on top of Gimli who was trying very hard not to vomit. "You know elf. That's not helping.." "Ugh.. I'm sorry Gimli. Ai' Elbereth Glithoniel! My head!" Legolas moaned as he massaged his head, "And I have to start back home today..." Aragorn looked up from throwing up, "What? You're leaving already?" Gimli couldn't believe it, "Come on elf, you know that anything at your place as boring unless some dwarves show up!"

Legolas gave them a sarcastic look, "Trust me, Mirkwood had plenty going on without dwarves causing trouble." Gimli laughed, "Oh yea, like *any* elven home is interesting when there are only elves present!" Legolas scowled, "If you truly think that Gloinion, then you have never met my siblings..." Legolas shuddered as he thought what torture would be in store for him when he returned. Gimli scoffed, "Oh really, then I don't suppose you'd mind showing us how interesting life is in that little perfect sing- songy world of yours.." "Done!" said Legolas knowing that Gimli would live to regret those words.