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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

"NO!!! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN MORDOR I AM WEARING THAT!!!!!" Legolas' voice shattered what there was of an early morning peace.

"But my lord! You have nothing else clean! And it's technically not a dress, it a robe," One of the servants pleaded.

" I didn't call it a dress so you obviously know damn well that thing is one. But how the hell did this happen!?!?"

Legolas' mother came in, "Maybe if you brought down your laundry like a civilized elf, you would have clean clothes. What did you think; that some servant was going to appear and do that for you?"

"Seeing as how we live in a palace, yes!!!"

This was obviously a grave mistake on Legolas' part and he realized this which his mother grabbed his cheek, "Don't you dare take that tone with me!!! You will get into that outfit and you will show more respect towards others. Is that clear?"

"... But it's a friggin' dress!"

"GOT IT?!?!?!?"

"Yes mom..."


"Aragorn, could you pass the syrup?" Thranduil asked, still in drag as a hippie.

Aragorn cautiously handed the elf king the syrup, acting as though he was worried that Thranduil would impale him with something if he got too close. Everyone was treating both Thranduil and Elrond in a similar manner yet the elf lords were oblivious. Kouna had been locked in her room by 'someone' and had not been missed yet.

Gimli looked at the hallways door for the hundredth time, "Where the bloody hell is that elf?"

As if to answer his question, Legolas walked in, blushing madly with a truly irritated look on his face. Everyone fought the urge to fall out of their chairs, laughing at the garment that greatly resembled a dress, and a rather lacey one at that.

Legolas glared at them all, "Don't... say... a word..." he spat out vehemently, an unspoken death threat was etched upon his face to any who dared to mention his outfit.

"LEGOLAS!!!!!" a bright and cheery voice was heard before a young elf boy with (relatively) short blonde hair jumped onto Legolas' shoulders and looked down at the elven prince, "Legolas, why are you dressed like a girl?" he asked.

"ELRIC!!! GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!!!" Legolas shouted before knocking the shorter elf off.

"Wahhhhh... Legolas is hitting me!" Elric moped.

"Legolas, be nice to your little cousin!" Thranduil barked.

"And Elric, you shouldn't comment on other's outfits; knowing Legolas, he would not be in that garb if he had a choice in the matter," said an older looking elf that look a lot like Thranduil.

"Ruindil, toror-nin! My Brother!" Thranduil shouted gleefully, ran forward to hug brother until Ruindil held out his arms to stop his brother and keep him at arms length.

"Thranduil, you're a king, you have been for the past 3,000 years, act like it." Ruindil said in a nonchalant voice.

Thranduil pouted, "But we haven't seen each other since New Years, surely that is cause for celebration."

"Thranduil, that was only a few months ago, it hasn't been that long at all."

"Either way, these are our guests, Aragorn of Gondor, and... er... a dwarf, I forget his name..."

Gimli reached for his axe until Legolas grabbed it and put it out of his reach. "Gimli... Mellon-nin... Don't kill your friends' fathers indoors, especially in their own homes, it's not polite..." Gimli just growled in response while sitting back down.

Ruindil stared at Legolas and Gimli before returning his attention to his brother, "Thranduil, I do believe Kouna is here? I have come to take her back home, her parents are worried..."

Legolas looked like he had just announced that famine had been abolished and world peace, achieved. "Why didn't you say so? I can take you to her room right away!" he said grinning while showing Ruindil the way.

Aragorn smiled, "He's easily pleased," he turned to Elric, "Your name is Elric, right? How old are you?"

Elric beamed, "2,500 years old! Exactly!"

Aragorn and Gimli almost fell out of their chairs.

"B-b-but... That's almost as old as Legolas!" Aragorn stuttered

Elric nodded, "I know, I'm short for my age, ada says I'm a late bloomer and should get really tall when I'm around 2,550. I can't wait!" The elf seemed absolutely oblivious to the looks on Aragorn's and Gimli's faces.

Ruindil and Legolas returned with Kouna who was being restrained by Ruindil so she wouldn't attach herself to Legolas' arm.

Ruindil dragged Kouna out of the room, "Oh, and brother? Elric needs a place to stay for a bit, his mother and I are going to Lothlorien for awhile. I am assuming that it would be ok for him to stay here?"

Thranduil smiled, "Sure, no problem! Have fun!" He waved merrily to his brother who was struggling with dragging the now tied and gagged Kouna.

Elric smiled, "I guess I'm staying in my usual room, see you guys!" With that the elf skipped merrily down the hall.

Gimli blinked a few times before asking Aragorn, "What just happened?"

Aragorn shrugged and they both went back to eating.


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