Okay all I am back!

A couple of things.

This is a challange from Amorous. Hope you like it girl. I agonized over the ending of it. So....

That means this story is dedicated fully to Amorous.

Also thanx for all the get well wishes. I have been off the medicine for a couple of days now--so keep your fingers crossed.

Firefall I would not be adverse to Elrond visiting. That would be interesting in of itself.

I have two more stories (actually three) in the works. They are responses to certain reviewers who are insisting for more.

One is entitled The Morning After this story follows directly after The Dinner Party the other which is giving me a few problems right now involves the twins and Thranduil. HeeHeeHee. I'm sure you can figure what that one's about.

The third involves Legolas and Frodo and Elvish and has something to do with this story but isn't worked out the way I like yet.

I hope that keeps you all on the edge of your seats until next week.

Okay on with the show:

Standard Disclaimer:

I do not own them they belong to JRR Tolkien and company.