Son Goku vs Zodd the Immortal

Goku and his friends have faced many challenges after the conclusion of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, the most notable being their bouts with the soldiers from the infamous organization known as the Red Ribbon Army. From defeating their leaders like Red, Blue and Silver, to prevailing against a powerful, lethal assassin known as Mercenary Tao, and even demolishing their headquarters and all the soldiers within, they successfully dismantled a power that threatened to rule the world in their iron grip. In doing so, Goku also gained the two Dragon Balls the soldiers had in their possession during his quest to obtain them, with the intention of using them to resurrect Upa's father Bora, who was slain by Tao beforehand. Eventually he did, after he emerged victorious against Fortuneteller Baba's warriors and when she showed the spiky-haired youth where he can find the last remaining sphere. With these threats eliminated and Upa's father revived, Goku went on a three-year long journey of grueling training, determined to prepare himself as much as he can before he meets his friends again at the 22nd World Tournament.

During that time, Goku traveled far and wide across the known world, meeting new friends, but also encountering new foes along the way. And on this dark and stormy night, the young warrior is about to face a foe unlike any other.

Goku was sprinting fast through the countryside, dashing through grassy valleys, dense forests, canyons, rivers and lakes at impressive speed. But he suddenly stopped when he noticed a large smoke coming over the yonder. Curious, he dashed towards the smoke ever rising to the sky, and when he reached the edge of the cliff, he noticed a castle far from where he is now. And from what he could see from that distance, it appeared as if it's been breached, the wall segments shattered from the trebuchets and large gusts of smoke rising upward from across the castle's reach. Strangely enough, the clamor of battle that usually follows the siege can barely be heard, or at all, meaning that the siege is over.

"Wow. There must have been some kind of battle, look at all that rubble around the castle." Goku said to himself curiously as he surveyed the battlefield. But upon closer inspection…

"Are those... people? Why are they all lying down like that?" He thought outloud as he noticed dozens if not hundreds of people lying on the ground within and beyond castle walls, before the young warrior gasped in realization. "Don't tell me they're all..." Realizing they were in fact dead people, he frowned seriously. "Now i have to find out who did all this."

Without second more to delay, Goku dashed down the cliff and rushed fast towards the castle walls. When he was near, he dashed up the walls and the jumped straight towards the castle itself. But as he was about to jump down and go through the castle gates…

"Let go of me Gaston!"

"No way commander Guts!"

"Huh?" Goku heard two voices shouting, making him halt his rush for the time being as he slowly walked towards the edge and looked down. And from he saw, apparently dozens of soldiers are standing at the entrance, finishing off their foes while several of them were holding a guy with two-handed sword in place.

"Those guys look like they're about to start fighting." Goku said curiously.

"I'm not gonna warn you again, now step aside before i do something we will both regret!" The angry man shouted, who is known to his fellow soldiers as Guts.

"I need some help over here, you all have to help me stop the commander!" The soldier named Gaston implored.

"Get the hell outta my way!" The Gits shouted angrily.

"Lets just wait a little bit longer!" Gaston pleaded.

"How can you say that?! They've been in there for two hours! Those are my men in there Gaston, now move it!" Guts shouted again as he once more tried to push through the soldiers and enter the castle, but again they are adamant in keeping him in place.

"Then please, ask Captain Griffith for reinforcements!" Gaston pleaded as he knelt before Guts.

"If you contact Griffith, you'll die for it!" Guts shouted as he grabbed Gaston by the chin and pulled him closer in threatening manner "One soldier. If there is one soldier in there killing all five hundred of the Hawk's raiders, i can't live it!" He said in utter loathing before he threw Gaston down. "This is a complete disgrace!"

"What! One guy killed five hundred people?!" Goku thought loudly in shock, before moments later his shock turned to anger. "That's it, I'll take care of him by myself, before anyone else gets killed!" He said to himself in determination. Bad enough that these soldiers were killing each other for whatever reason, but this guy who took five hundred lives is a definite priority in Goku's book.

That said, he turned around and rushed further from the castle gates. Fortunately there was a hole in the ceiling that lead straight to the hallway, no doubt cause by one of the boulders from the trebuchets, to which Goku went through without hesitation. But to his utter shock and disbelief, the young warrior noticed that he was surrounded by more dead soldiers across the hallway, this time mutilated beyond belief. In all the battles that he fought ever since Bulma found him in his home in Mount Paozu, not a single opponent that he ever faced was this brutal. Whoever this guy is, he is definitely strong. Despite all the armor the soldiers had, he hacked these poor people apart like scythe through grass, body parts and torn open chest strewn around the hallway. And if Goku's being honest with himself, this is certainly the creepiest scenario he could find himself in. This dead silence and carnage wrought to these soldiers sends chills down even Goku's spine. He had beaten his share of soldiers when he confronted the Red Ribbon Army, but never to this brutal degree.

Suddenly Goku heard screams coming from the end of the hallway. He didn't hesitate for a second as he dashed towards the source of the screams, determined to put an end to this slaughter. When he arrived to the chamber however, Goku gasped in greater shock as he noticed even more dead people around the room, stacked around in gruesome piles, their horrified expressions plastered on their faces in those moments of their demise.

And at one side of the room, a giant man with short, spiky hair turned sideways and focused his bloodshot eyes at the small newcomer. Goku had faced his share of enormous, anthropomorphic opponents, most that posed little to no challenge to the young warrior, but this guy is certainly the meanest looking of them all, his blood-red eyes promising a grizzly demise. But as if piles of mangled corpses weren't a grizzle sight enough, Goku noticed two men impaled by the giant's sword, their lifeless bodies not twitching in the slightest. How could he? How could someone kill this many people and not show even a shred of emotion about it? He is just standing there like a robot, holding those two men on his sword like they didn't matter at all.

This brutal and heartless scenery made Goku roar with rage as he pulled out his Power Pole and charged at the giant. Almost on cue however, the giant swung his sword and threw the two dead men towards the young fighter, prompting Goku to jump up and flip forward, the two dead soldiers whizzing below him before he landed, while the corpses smashed on the wall hard and crumpled lifelessly on the ground.

The giant raised his right eyebrow curiously at Goku's show of agility and reflexes. He is maybe a child, but certainly not an ordinary one. As for Goku, he noticed that this giant is really strong, he threw those two guys at him like they were rag dolls. And he seems like he did so without the slightest effort, which would explain how he killed those people so easily.

"You evaded my attack successfully. Well done." The giant complimented before he gripped his sword in both hands.

Goku quickly pulled out his power pole and parried one of the giant's sword strikes, and Goku had to grit his teeth as he felt the powerful force behind that blow. But the giant didn't stop there as he swung his sword time and again, prompting Goku to continue to parry his attacks. The giant roared as he swung his sword hard now, slamming onto Goku's Power Pole and sending him flying backwards, but the young warrior bounced off the wall, quickly landed on the ground and immediately took his fighting stance again.

"Impressive." The giant commended before he chuckled menacingly. "Impressive indeed. During the past fifty years, not a single warrior has ever been able to defend against my attack for so long, except you. And a small child no less. What do they call you boy?" He asked curiously.

"I'm Goku. And who are you?" Goku asked seriously.

"I am known by many names, but you can call me Zodd." The giant now known as Zodd then crouched forward a bit and gripped his greatsword in both hands. "Now, let us continue this fight." He said in rising excitement.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Goku said in dead serious tone before he roared as he dashed forward.

As soon as Goku was near, he returned the favor as he immediately started to swing his Power Pole hard in all directions, forcing Zodd to parry each and every blow that was just as forceful as his, if not more. At one point, Goku swung so hard that he actually broke Zodd's sword, the broken piece darting and pinning at the nearby wall.

"My sword." Zodd said in surprise as he looked at the broken piece of the sword.

"Power Pole extend!" Goku shouted as he pointed his staff on his foe.

Almost on cue, the staff flashed before it immediately started to increase in length, so fast that it hit Zodd in the stomach hard, sending him flying backwards and straight through the wall. When the dust cleared, Goku retracted his power pole and sheathed it, not breaking his gaze from the darkness through that hole in the wall. After a few moments of silence, Zodd doesn't appear like he's coming out.

"Come out Zodd, i know that attack wasn't enough to finish you, you're much tougher than that!" Goku called out sternly.

But to his surprise, he heard an ominous chuckle in the darkness.

"This is the first time..." Zodd said before his eyes glowed red in darkness. "That i've been beaten so forcefully by a human." He then placed his right hand on the side of the broken wall. But strangely enough, Goku noticed that it started to enlarge, contort and even turn red. And then, the wall itself started to shatter, forcing Goku to shield his eyes from the dust.

"In my three hundred years of slaughtering, you are the first to ever beat me back like this." Zodd said with rising excitement in his voice, but to Goku's curiosity, Zodd's voice started to sound more feral, demonic even.

Now Goku gasped in shock in surprise as he noticed a shadowy, demonic figure appearing from the dust. When it completely cleared, it was revealed to be a large, crimson, horned demon, his eyes glowing red with bloodlust as he gazes his murderous eyes on the young warrior.

"He... completely changed! What in the world?!" Goku thought in surprise and shock. Sure he had seen his share of demons when he rescued princess Misa from Shula, but this demon appears to be the meanest of them all. He makes those demons look like babies with fangs and bat ears, such was his nightmarish appearance.

"Now this is getting exciting. It has been so long that i've forgotten, this feeling of my blood boiling so vigorously. To feel like this once again, to meet an opponent like you... for the past three hundred years, i have lived for this! Now, fight me! You must not let me down!" He shouted in glee and bloodlust before he swung his right fist, trying to crush Goku, but the young warrior nimbly dashed backwards and avoided the crushing blow.

Zodd then let out a bloodcurdling roar that echoed across the castle halls and beyond, before he charged at the young warrior in earnest at surprising speed. Goku yelped in surprise before he dashed sideways, barely evading Zodd's headbutt, making him slam onto the wall like a ram. The crimson demon didn't stop there as he immediately swung his fists and claws wildly at Goku, while the young warrior ducked, weaved and evaded every blow around the hallway, unintentionally making him pulverize the corpses of the dead soldiers into gory mush, but Goku was too focused on Zodd to notice.

"Man, this guy is relentless." Goku gritted his teeth in thought as he was dashing away from the demon, surprised if not disturbed a bit by the demon's unbridled thirst for blood and battle. His excitement for fighting simply pales to the burning desire in Zodd's eyes.

Now it was Goku's turn to attack as he threw a right fist at Zodd, only for the demon to retaliate with a right fist of his own, their fists colliding hard. The crimson demon threw left claw and then right claw, both that Goku nimbly evaded backwards. Zodd charged at him like a bloodthirsty animal and tried to grab the young boy, but Goku slid beneath him quickly and propped himself up, but as he dashed towards the demon, Zodd swung his tail and slammed Goku in the stomach, sending him flying backwards, while the demon turned his front towards him. Goku gritted his teeth as he immediately bounced back, dashing towards Zodd at fast speed and kicking him hard in the chest, making the demon actually choke out in pain. When Goku landed on the floor, he threw a flurry of punches on Zodd's gut before he finished his combo with a right rising kick and backing away from the demon. Zodd was stunned as he took a few steps back and reared his head behind, but moments later he started to laugh a bit in excitement as he lowered his head back and glared at Goku.

"Amazing. Truly astounding. To think that there exist a human who can fight in hand to hand combat against me and not die in the effort. You might even be the one i am looking for, the 'ultimate strong one'." Zodd growled in unbridled excitement and bloodthirst.

"The ultimate strong one?" Goku asked in confusion.

"Don't stop now boy, the fight has only just begun!" Zodd said before he roared in battlelust.

But before they could continue their fight, suddenly a volley of arrows pierced his skin on his back. Annoyed, the demon looked at where the volley came from, and he noticed that it came from those annoying soldiers, lined up with crossbows, while Guts and who appears to be a handsome man with long hair and white armor stood behind them. As soon as Zodd set his sights on them, the soldiers immediately froze in fear and started to murmur amongst themselves.

"What the hell is that?"

"Is that... Nosfaratu Zodd?"

"That can't be."

"So the stories are true."

These murmurs are among several exchanged between the terrified soldiers.

"Ready the next volley." The captain ordered, and the soldiers immediately obliged as they readied their crossbows.

"No, what are you doing?! Run away, now!" Goku shouted seriously, but apparently the soldiers didn't listen one bit to what he was saying.

"Fire!" The captain ordered, and the soldiers fired another volley at the demon, while Zodd immediately raised his left arm, the arrows piercing his skin.

To the horror of the soldiers however, he thought nothing of them much like with their previous arrows. The only thing they managed to do with such a reckless action is aggravate the bloodthirsty demon instead.

"Inexcusable!" Zodd growled as he flexed his back and left arm, the arrows popping out of his skin like they never pieced his flesh to begin with. "I will forgive no one who interrupts out fight!" He growled furiously before he roared loudly, and he immediately charged at the horrified soldiers, frozen in place at their death charging at them like a battering ram.

Suddenly he was stopped in his tracks as Goku grabbed Zodd by his tail, gritting his teeth as he halted him in place. Then Goku shouted as he swung Zodd overhead before he threw him and slammed him through the wall.

The petrifying terror the soldiers previously felt has now been replaced by shock and amazement at that small boy's herculean feat.

"Wow! Did you see that!"

"Who is that kid?!"

"He threw that demon through a wall like he was nothing!"


These amazed statements among many were spoken among the soldiers, while Guts and their captain stood almost slackjawed at what Goku did.

"What are you standing around for?! Get out of here before he comes back, all you'll do by being here is get yourself killed!" Goku shouted seriously before he quickly dashed through the hole in the wall, going after Zodd.

And out of everyone, The Captain was the only one who heeded Goku's warning.

"Casca, i want you to take the men out of here." The captain ordered the woman soldier known as Casca.

"What?! But Griffith-"

"But nothing." The captain now known as Griffith interrupted her harshly. "That boy is right, our soldiers are no match against that creature." He then looked at… "Guts, you're with me!"

"Right." Guts nodded before both he and Griffith went in pursuit.

"Griffith!" Casca called out in worry, but apparently neither Griffith nor Guts listened as both of them rushed through the hole in the wall that Goku lobbed Zodd through. Having no other choice, Casca followed Griffith's command and retreated the soldiers.

Outside the castle, Goku jumped out of the hole and emerged at the castle courtyard, standing not too far as the demon stood up. And although he appeared annoyed, he relished at the very thought of continuing a worthy battle against a small, yet satisfyingly strong opponent.

"You will pay for all the innocent people you've killed, you monster!" Goku shouted furiously.

"Innocent?" Zodd asked before he chuckled in amusement. "How amusingly ignorant you are, little boy. However, that is to be expected from a child who is yet to experience the truth of this world." He said neutrally.

"What do you mean by that?" Goku asked in anger and curiosity.

"Each one of those five hundred men i have slaughtered would kill you in a blink of an eye and think nothing of you, your life wasted away for mere few coins. I may appear to be a monster to you Goku, but you will find that in this world, a man doesn't need to appear a monster to be one. Compared to those craven curs i have dealt with during the three hundred years, you might as well consider me an angel instead." Zodd explained, more as a matter of fact rather than being condescending.

Goku growled as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in fury at his words. And sadly he does speak the truth. Mercenary Tao, General Blue, among other foes that he faced may have not appeared to be monsters like Zodd, but they were just as heartless as he is. Regardless, Zodd has taken so many lives that Goku can't find it in his heart to spare him. Five hundred lives taken away like they meant nothing… no, there shall be no mercy on Goku's part, that is for certain.

"I have indulged you with words long enough. Now you will indulge me by fighting till your bones crack and your heart stops beating." Zodd said in now rapidly rising excitement and bloodlust.

"We'll see about that." Goku said seriously as he too took a fighting stance. And as soon as they were both done speaking, Goku and Zodd roared as they charged at each other, Zodd in unbridled battlelust and Goku in righteous anger.

Meanwhile, Guts and Griffith arrived at the courtyard, but staying hidden behind the hole in the wall, so they can oversee the battle going on between that boy and the demon.

"Griffith, are you seeing this?" Guts asked in bewilderment as Goku and Zodd fight toe to toe against each other, every punch as vicious as the other.

"I do. Truly an astonishing sight." Griffith said in calm, composed tone. But inwardly, he was just as baffled at how unnaturally strong this small boy is, so much that he might consider him to be another demon of a sort much like Zodd.

"Who the hell is this kid? He's about as equal in strength as that demon is." Guts asked in shock and bewilderment.

"Whoever he is, he arrived at the most opportune moment. That demon was the only obstacle in our way from taking this castle away from Tudor empire. We have to make sure that he's put down for good." Griffith said calmly.

"I hate to say it, but I doubt we can be of any help to the kid against that thing. How is it possible for such a monster to exist?" Guts gritted his teeth in apparent fear and self-loathing at his own weakness.

"Apparently there are powers in this world more dangerous than mere politicians and greedy rulers." Griffith said with same composure before he looked at Guts. "Regardless, the plans remains the same. For now we will observe the fight, and when the time is right, we will help the child to finish the demon off."

During the fight, Goku was send sliding back through the ground, but he immediately stopped and dashed towards the demon, his fists at the ready. As he threw a right punch, Zodd grabbed it, retaliating with his own right punch, which Goku also caught. Zodd then locked both of Goku's hands and the boy in place, but Goku quickly reacted as he broke his grip, nimbly dashed from the demon's right elbow and threw a left knee on Zodd's left chin, making him grunt in pain while Goku flipped behind the demon. Zodd roared in fury and bloodlust as he turned around, while Goku once again took his fighting stance. The demon didn't cease his assault for even a moment as he swiped a right claw and then left claw, both that Goku evaded backwards, followed by a crushing fist overhead, which the young warrior caught the massive fist with both hands, gritting his teeth before he moved it sideways. In that moment, Zodd headbutted him in the air, smashed him down with his right fist, making Goku slam so hard that he bounced off the ground, before Zodd smacked him with his tail, sending him flying towards the castle walls. Goku gritted his teeth as he again managed to bounce from the wall and down on the ground without crashing into it. The young warrior winced as he wiped the blood from his mouth, before he looked at Zodd with a dead serious look, spat the blood out before he roared angrily as he charged at the demon, with Zodd doing the same. Surprisingly, as Zodd was about to punch Goku, the young fighter used the Afterimage Technique to disappear in a blur before he punched the demon hard in the face, so hard that it made him take a few steps back as he reeled in pain. The demon roared furiously at Goku, but the young fighter didn't stop for a moment as he threw a flurry of punches at Zodd's gutt. While he did that Zodd tried to catch the boy, but Goku quickly jumped and threw a hard uppercut on the demon's chin, making him rear his head back. Mid-air however, Zodd grabbed Goku and immediately slammed him on the ground, the young fighter gagging and choking out blood at how hard he was crushed. Zodd followed with a stomp, but Goku swiftly grabbed his hoof and put them in a temporary stalemate. Goku then roared as he pushed Zodd away so hard that it threw him to the ground on his back, and Goku quickly reached him and started pummeling his face with a flurry of punches. After Goku tried to throw a right punch however, Zodd tilted his head to the left, turned it right before he tried to bite the young warrior, but Goku saw it coming as he dashed backwards, allowing Zodd to stand up again.

Finally ceasing their battle for the time being, Goku started to pant for air, while Zodd only breathed twice before he started to chuckle amusingly.

From the sidelines, Guts and Griffith continue to watch their battle.

"I don't like this Griffith. That kid is beating that demon into the ground time and again, but he keeps coming back for more." Guts gritted his teeth nervously, drops of sweat sliding down the sides of his head.

"Yes. We will have to step in after all. And if so, we have to wait for the right moment." Griffith said in his usual, calm tone before he looked at his comrade. "Understood Guts?"

"I hear you." Guts nodded before he looked back at the demon in determination. "And if we are to die, no way we're gonna do it without giving him a slice or two."

"Not good, I put everything I had into those punches. And he seems like he's taking no damage from any of them. What am I going to do now?" Goku thought nervously.

"Incredible. Simply marvelous. You have exceeded my expectations and more Goku. But, I am far from satisfied. Your heart yet beats, thus we fight on!" Zodd said in utterly thrilled voice, having a battle of his eternal life right now.

Zodd now roared in bloodlust while charging at the spiky-haired youth, while Goku frowned seriously at the demon.

"There's only one thing left to do. And if that doesn't work…" He thought, but he wouldn't allow himself to finish that grim sentence, he'd rather hope for the best instead. It might cost him a good amount of precious energy, but there was no other solution to beat Zodd for good.

While Zodd charged towards the young warrior like a ram, Goku quickly leaped above Zodd, landed far behind the demon and cupped his hands together.

"Kaaa…Meee…" Goku chanted before he placed his hands to his right side.

"Huh? What's he up to now?" Guts asked in confusion.

Zodd immediately turned around and roared before he charged again like a mad animal.


His palms now shined with bright rays of light, stunning Zodd in place as he shielded his eyes from blinding light, leaving his abdomen exposed.

"HAAAAA!" Goku roared as he unleashed Master Roshi's signature technique, the Kamehameha Wave.

The energy wave hit directly into Zodd's abdomen, making him roar in pain as the large wave sent him flying straight towards the wall tower, the force of the explosive impact shattering the tower completely, burying the demon in the debris.

Finally, after it seems like Zodd is not coming out of the rubble, Goku popped a squat on the ground and started to breathe heavily for air.

"What the... what in the world did he do?!" Guts exclaimed in shock and bewilderment at Goku's maneuver.

"It looks like he unleashed some kind of potent energy attack. I have heard tales of martial artists capable of performing such a feat, but to see it in person..." Griffith said, maintaining his calm composure, but inwardly he was as baffled as Guts if he is being honest with himself.

"In either case, this boy has done us a tremendous favor by beating that demon. The least we can do is help him out." Griffith smiled a bit as he stood up and looked at Guts.

"I agree." Guts said simply as he too smiled a bit.

Back to Goku, the young warrior continued to catch his breath, the Kamehameha Wave taking more energy out of him than he thought.

"Man, that guy was incredibly tough. I doubt i would have won if we continued the fight like this." Goku thought as he continued to pant heavily.

Suddenly, Goku, Guts and Griffith have heard a violent noise coming from beneath the rubble. After a few, suspenseful moments of silence, the noise repeated twice before a furry, crimson fist penetrated the rubble, much to the shock of three warriors. Zodd roared through the rubble as he finally revealed himself, but when he did, he knelt down seemingly in then noticed that his entire abdomen has been seared, burning away his fur and searing his skin, where muscle and bone and be seen from the damage that the Kamehameha Wave caused.

"An outstanding maneuver. But unfortunately, it wasn't enough." Zodd grunted, and to Goku's shock, along with Guts and Griffith, his abdomen started to mend, his skin and fur regenerating back to it's original state.

"What?! You can regenerate your wounds?!" Goku shouted in utter shock.

"Indeed. Unless you can tear my body apart with your next attack, then your life is over." Zodd said grimly.

The demon then roared before he once again charged at Goku. Even though the young warrior was greatly drained during the battle, especially after unleashing the Kamehameha Wave, he still took a fighting stance and ready to fight till bitter end. When he was close, Zodd threw a right overhead smash, which Goku rolled left to avoid it, followed by left claw that Goku flipped above nimbly, and then left backhand that the young fighter dashed backwards to evade. Goku immediately retaliated as he dashed towards the demon, but Zodd turned left and tried to smack him with his tail, but this time Goku caught his tail, only for Zodd to immediately retaliate with a right punch, sending the young warrior careening and sliding backwards like a ragdoll. Goku gritted his teeth as he tried to rub the intense pain from his face, but when he opened his eyes, they went wide in shock as Zodd roared while charging at him. The young fighter didn't had time to dodge as Zodd headbutted him like a ram hard straight through the castle walls.

"Guts, with me!" Griffith exclaimed as he dashed after them.

"Right!" Guts nodded as he sprinted along.

On the other side, severely drained and injured, Goku gritted his teeth as he tried to get up, but Zodd quickly reached him and stomped him once hard, making Goku gag in pain as he coughed out blood. In sheer lust for blood and battle, Zodd roared as he slammed his right fist hard on the young fighter, with Goku coughing out blood, followed by his left fist, slamming him like this several times before Zodd finally stopped. When he did, he noticed that the young, but incredibly resilient and brave boy finally reached his limit. And while looking down at his worthy foe, dark clouds started to slowly separate, bit by bit revealing a clear night sky in small holes through the clouds.

"What a shame. Such an incredible battle, only for it to end like this. Die knowing that your name will be remembered, that you will be remembered as one of the few worthy foes I have ever faced. Die well, Goku." Zodd said in respect before he lifted his left hoof, ready to grind the boy to a bloody pulp.

But as he was about to pulverize the young fighter...


Zodd stopped as he heard a loud heartbeat, louder than any he ever heard from the boy, or anyone else for that matter.

*Thump!* *Thump!* *Thump!**Thump!*

Goku's eyes suddenly turned bright red as his eyes were fixated on the sky, while his chest pumped hard, as if something was about to burst out of it.

"Hmm? What is this?" Zodd said curiously as he took a step back, before he looked up at where the boy's gaze was fixated on, only to notice the full moon shining through the opening of the dark clouds.

"Griffith? What's happening to him now?" Guts asked in confusion.

"I do not know, but something drastic is about to occur." Griffith frowned a bit.

Zodd's eyes then widened in surprise as Goku's eyes turned red and his teeth turned jagged before he roared like a beast, his skin growing fur before his entire body started to expand in size, slowly but surely.

"This cannot be. Is he another of the Apostles? I have never heard of a human or an Apostle capable of transforming like this." Zodd said in surprise, if not slight shock.

The demon can only look in stunned surprise as Goku's size expanded to ten, to twenty, to thirty feet, while his form slowly turned ape like. And when he reached the final fifty feet of size, Goku completely transformed into a Giant Ape, raising his hands and letting out a bloodcurdling roar. After he was done, Goku fixated his bloodshot, pupiless eyes on the demon below. For the first time in his existence spanning over three centuries, Zodd felt puny and insignificant compared to the titan now standing before him. But in spite of this fact, his burning urge to fight strong opponents to near mindlessness, Zodd charged at the mighty beast, losing himself in pure bliss that he had finally, finally found someone he can rival if not best him in combat.

Sadly for the demon, he is about to discover how one sided this battle turned out to be.

The Giant Ape roared as he reared his head towards the demon and bit him hard, making Zodd scream in agony as the monster has him in his toothy grip, before biting him so hard that he minced Zodd's torso, while his head, arms and legs fell down towards the ground, seemingly left for dead. When the monster consumed his minced torso, the Giant Ape roared once again, his roar echoing across the land, while Guts and Griffith could only look at the monster in petrifying fear.

Zodd the Immortal may have been destroyed, but now an even greater monster was unleashed upon the lands of Midland. The future of Guts and Griffith is now very uncertain, for if they cannot stop the monster, all of Midland, along with the rest of the world will meet the same fate as the castle they themselves had laid siege to, smoke and ruins littered with corpses and blood.

A/N: And that's that, a single chapter story of a fight between Goku and Zodd. This was simply my personal take as to how their fight would have went if those two battle-hungry warriors had faced off, so hope you liked the grimdark ending. I know i left the ending so it may elude to further chapters, bare minimun 2 chapters in total, but for now this will be a single chapter story till it is seen how positively this story has been received. Hope you enjoy this story and i'll see you in next one :)