CH 6
      "So I guess this means that I can't convince you to stay, huh?," Wertzy asked softly, letting out a heavy sigh as she and Edward continued to watch Spike load his guns and pack up his artillery.
      "Nope," he replied dryly, roughly hitting a clip into his Jericho.
      "But you might die," Wertzy insisted, her eyes widening with fear. "You don't actually want you?"
Spike didn't answer.
      "DO YOU?!!"
Spike whirled around, growling with menace, "Quite frankly, Wertzy, I don't really GIVE A DAMN!!! The only woman that ever made me feel alive is gone, so what's the point of living?!!"
Edward trembled as she allowed all of their bickering to settle in, asking meekly, "Will Spike-person at least TRY to come back alive?"
He nodded. "Of course.......I'm avenging Faye's death, so I need to be alive in order to perform such a duty."
      "Well hurry back, Spike-person, cuz Ed is missing you, ALREADY!!!," the young woman wailed, throwing herself into her tall, lanky comrade's strong arms and sobbing uncontrollably into his shoulder.
      Spike solemnly returned her fierce embrace, staring past Wertzy and out into the stardusted galaxy that the large viewport bestowed.
      "You're out there somewhere, sweetheart," he realized, trembling amidst Edward's spindly arms as he felt his heart beat with an indelible yearning to see his lover again that he absolutely could not ignore. "You're one of those beautiful, glimmering stars, forever doomed to shine for all of those of the galaxy. I swear to you, my sweet, I WILL avenge you, no matter WHAT the cost!!!"
(Rob D's "Clubbed To Death" (Kurayamino Mix) plays)"You're late," Veronica accused, her crimson lips curling downward into a thin arch as she folded her arms in disdain.
      "No, I'd say that I'm just fashionably tardy," Spike retorted, smirking as he emerged from within the dreary shadows along the restaurant rooftop. "Beautiful weather to die in......don't you agree?"
Veronica returned his smirk, gibing tartly, "I wouldn't know, Mr.'ll have to fax me from Hell to tell me ALL about it."
Spike frowned. "Stop stalling time, need to spill your blood is rapidly ascending."
      "Well then I'm afraid that you're out of luck, Spike,"
she acknowledged, giving him a slightly feigned wink of flirtation. "GET 'EM, KOSTIAN!!!"
Spike let out a cry of surprise as two robust arms came about his neck, gradually squeezing harder with each futile attempt that he tried to struggle loose.
       "Veronica......y-you......liar!," Spike choked in accusation, his eyes widening in pain as Kostian's taut hold about his neck only strengthened in its security. "Y-you said that......y-you' here..........alone!"
Veronica let out a terrible laugh, exclaiming scornfully, "Oh, PLEASE! You are SUCH a FOOL!!! Did you REALLY think that I'd stay true to my word?!!"
      "It.......was.........worth a...............shot,"
Spike wheezed, suddenly feeling rather faint.
      Veronica, instantly noticing this, ordered firmly, "That's enough for now, Kostian........let him go."
He obeyed, dropping Spike roughly down to the ground, thus leaving him coughing, sputtering, and gasping for air as he clutched his throat within his hand, his brow continuing to perspire profusely.
      Veronica sneered at her hated nemesis as she stood over his shaking body, announcing smugly, "You obviously have forgotten a villain's ways, Mr. Spiegel. I mean, why would I, in my right mind, comply to your ridiculous orders?!"
Spike didn't answer.
      "WELL?!," she demanded hotly, giving him a rough kick in the ribs. "ANSWER ME, YOU GUTLESS BASTARD!!!"
Spike slowly looked up at her through his pain, his russet-colored irises gleaming as he replied softly, "Because we used to be friends. That usually means something to an individual."
Veronica snorted. "Well not to ME, it doesn't! If I easily had Tracey and Ayame killed, why do YOU expect to be treated any differently?!"
When all Spike did was stare her down with his haunting eyes full of menace and burning hatred, she ordered loathingly, "Kostian! FINISH HIM!!!"
      "As you vish, my dear,"
the ridiculously obedient assassin acknowledged, smirking as he withdrew a small battle axe from within the depths of his night-black trench coat, the pale moonlight glinting off of the razor sharp edge as he ever so slowly drew near his headstrong opponent.
      Spike, however, was not the least bit intimidated by this sudden action, but nonetheless, he somehow found it very hard to breathe, his pulse pounding in his head like drums as he shakily rolled over off of his stomach to face his adversary.
      Raising the battle axe up into the air in a formidable fashion, Kostian hissed with a deep, tremulous rancor, "Zees ees for my dear sister, Anastasia! DIE, YOU COLD-BLOODED BASTARD!!!"
Spike gasped, immediately reeling out of the way just as the deadly weapon came smashing down into the concrete beside him, a deep indentation left behind due to the puissant blow after Kostian gruffly removed the axe.
      "You can't get away ZAT easily!," he growled, turning on his nemesis in an instant. "YOU SHALL DIE ZEE DEATH ZAT YOU DESERVE!!!"
Spike muttered under his breath, taking a step back as he warily placed his hand over his gun holster and awaited the assassin's next move.
      Taking a deep breath, Kostian charged his adversary like a bull driven by waves of sheer blinded rage, Spike crying out as he lunged to the side, his foot connecting with the assassin's jaw just as his battle axe came slicing through Spike's shoulder.
      "Dammit!," he hissed, clutching his wound in agony as he spun around on his heel, only to see Kostian storming towards him once more at top speed.
      Immediately retrieving his Jericho from within his hip holster, Spike brought it up to level it out, only to have Kostian's battle axe come whipping through the air and collide with his firearm, metal gnashing against metal as the two struggled to gain control over the situation at hand.
      "Die, you monster!," Kostian snarled, sending a powerful kick to Spike's stomach, thus causing him to fly back and land painfully onto the concrete roof, a nasty cut burning along his cheek as he shakily staggered back up to his feet, completely determined to see his hated adversary down to the very end.
      "You just don't die, DO YOU?!!," Kostian demanded in frustration, rearing back and thrusting his battle axe over towards his nemesis at top speed.
      Spike gasped, letting out a tormented cry as the incredibly sharp weapon sliced through his collar bone, thick crimson runnels of blood oozing out of the extremely painful wound and staining his yellow-collared shirt as he dropped down to his knees and clutched his fists by his sides, biting his lip in order to prevent himself from hollering in pain at the top of his lungs.
      "Had enough yet?," Kostian demanded, a derisive hint of mockery within the triumphant tremors of his voice as he withdrew a glinting dagger from within the utility belt about his waist. "If so, ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU BY ENDING YOUR PITIFUL EXISTENCE!!!"
Spike grunted in response, wincing in pain due to his haggard, blood-stained being, Kostian chuckling sadistically as he seized him by his green, unruly locks and pulled back his head, placing the dagger beneath his throat as he prepared to slice his nemesis' throat, thus hoping to finally end his pain and suffering over losing his sister forever.
      Spike, without Kostian's realization, had his fingers wrapped securely about the handle of the battle axe, breathing heavily as he waited for the assassin to make the first move.
      "Good-bye, my supposedly undefeatable foe," Kostian hissed, his grip tightening about the dagger as he prepared to perform a clean swipe. "I shall see you again.......IN HELL!!!"
Kostian gasped, gaping down in astonishment at his dagger, which was currently gnashing against the deadly battle axe, Spike gritting his teeth as he tried his best to hold up the weapon due to his broken collar bone and severely injured shoulder.
      Sending a swift kick to Kostian's shins, Spike staggered up to his feet as he watched his adversary fall to the ground, immediately withdrawing his other gun from his shoulder holster and aiming it directly between his eyes.
      "You vouldn't hurt an unarmed man, vould you?," Kostian taunted, smirking as warm blood continued to seep through the searing gashes upon his face.
      "Yes, actually, I would," Spike retorted, clicking back the hammer to his firearm with indignance.
      "There ees no honor in zat," Kostian insisted, by this point trying desperately to stay alive. "Vhy vould you vant to disregard your honor?"
Spike snorted. "Honor has NOTHING to do with me killing an unarmed man! I am here tonight to avenge the love of my life, so you can NOT use such a pathetic excuse as that to change my mind!"
      "Very vell,"
Kostian acknowledged, a sly glimmer reflecting off of his pale blue irises as he sneakily withdrew the syringe that contained the poisonous black mamba serum from within his pants' pocket. "I suppose that you are, in a sense, correct."
Spike raised an eyebrow in surprise, never taking his hardset gaze off of his target as he replied, "Yeah, I am, and don't you forget it!"
      "I von't,"
Kostian promised, a cruel sneer curling its way upon his thin lips. "Farewell, Mr. Spiegel."
Spike's eyes windened in surprise. "What?"
Kostian reiterated with a foul, booming resonance, lunging forward with menace as he plunged the sharp, tiny shot needle into Spike's shin, cackling sadistically as he pressed down upon the injection, thus causing the toxic serum to flow into his veins and burn within them like a ragin fire.
      "YOU BASTARD!!!," Spike roared, reaching down and pulling Kostian up by the collar to face level, rewarding him for his life of crime with powerful blows to his face from his fist.
      Kostian just merely smirked, blood dribbling in a steady flow from his busted lips as he announced triumphantly, "You can hit me all you vant, Mr. Spiegel, but since I have injected you vith black mamba poison, you've only got a few minutes to live!"
Spike's eyes narrowed as he got his nemesis into a tight headlock, replying dryly, "That very well may be true, Kostian, but I won't allow for you to see me die."
He raised an eyebrow. "Vhat?"
Spike smirked, his grip tightening about the assassin's neck as he violently twisted it to the right, a sickening crack erupting into the night air as he mercilessly pushed the now lifeless body over the side of the building in disdain.
      "Bravo, Spike. You've managed to single-handedly defeat my easy task, you know."
He stiffened due to hearing the syrupy-sweet voice of the woman who had ended the life of a remarkable young woman........his remarkable young woman. Turning to face his hated adversary, he replied tartly, "You will die, as well."
Veronica gasped as Spike withdrew a third gun from within his ankle holster before pausing to remove the syringe from his shin, tossing it aside to the ground as she immediately regained her composure as she retorted smugly, "You couldn't kill me, my dear, sweet Spike. As you've said before, we were friends, so therefore that should mean something to you."
His sight slightly wavering due to the injection, Spike acknowledged gruffly, "It should, but it doesn't."
Veronica let out a wretched scream as the copper bullet bored its way into the vulnerable tissue of her abdomen, her legs giving way from beneath her as she toppled down to the ground, thick torrents of blood blanketing her torso as she listlessly gazed up at the glistening stars before her, the moon beaming down upon her with its bitter luminescence.
      Before she knew it, Spike was blocking her view of the lovely glowing orb, his firearm pointed directly in her face as he pulled back the trigger and prepared to fire.
      Veronica's deep brown eyes widened, her syrupy-sweet voice strained as she wheezed breathlessly, "No...Spike.....DON'T DO IT! Sp-"
      BANG! BANG!
Spike dropped his now empty gun to ground with a subtle clatter, immediately averting his pained, mismatched eyes up from the bloody mess at his feet to the stars that seemed to be shining brighter than ever before.
      "I did it, Faye," Spike breathed, his body gradually shutting down due to the deadly toxin as he reached up towards the brightest, most diamond-like star and attempted to grab it. "I've finally killed the cold-blooded bastards who wiped your beautiful being from the face of this planet. I hope you know that I still love you, me sweet, and no one can EVER change that."
Letting out a pained groan, Spike doubled over and slumped down to his knees, his vision hazing over as his head began to pound with a numbing buzziness that left him drastically weary and weak.
      Taking one last look up at the velvet sky overhead, Spike let out a pained sigh, then sprawled out along the rooftop, his precious lover's name being the last word that ever escaped his quivering lips as he gently submerged within the comforting black mist of the unknown.
      "Spike-person's been gone an awfully long time," Edward murmured, staring out of the viewport with a look of sheer pain spread across her usually cheerful face. "How much longer does Wertzy-person think he'll take?"
      "I don't know,"
she admitted softly, joining the young woman by the viewport before letting out a heavy sigh of depression. "Something tells me that it won't be any time soon."
Edward shot Wertzy a panicky look, wailing, "Don't say that, Wertzy-person! Spike-person will come back........just you wait and see!!!"
      "Ok.....I'm sorry,"
Wertzy apologized, rubbing her eyes stressfully before folding her arms with skepticism as she gazed before her miserably.
      Edward tried her best to prevent the tears that were threatening to escape, her bottom lip trembling as she realized, "If Spike-person doesn't come back, Ed will be the only remaining member of the original Bebop crew. ED DOES NOT WANT TO BE ALONE!!!"
She bit her lip as two liquid, crystal-like tears flowed down her olive, rosy cheeks, a vacant feeling eating away at the strands of her heart due to the fear of being left alone.
      Edward overheard Wertzy gasp, so she looked over at her comrade, only to see her eyes glistening over with a gentle veil of tears as she reached out and grabbed her shoulder.
      "Oh my God," Wertzy whispered tearfully, pointing out towards two shooting stars streaking across the sky side by side, trails of luminescent stardust trailing behind and bestowing a powdery sheen for all of the universe to behold. "Look, Ed.................they're finally free."

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