Bath 11


She sat looking at the Bottle of Water that was delivered a few days ago. She had been working hard to finish Kasumi's Wedding. She knew what the water was.

The note that arrived with the jug said; This Item is not a cure, but a gift. It is for you to join your beloved in a blend of two worlds that you have only glimpsed. Be warned, that this is not a choice to be taken lightly.

Akane was strutting around town in her new form. She was almost as good as Ranma, as the Water brought her skills as well as a new body. Would she be upgraded as well? Should she take the risk of being cursed to be a Kuno for the chance to be as skilled as Ranma?

Who was she kidding. HELL YES!

She reached for the cork...


In the deep valley in Thailand, Ranma skidded to a Stop, drew deep on his Chi, and lashed out with focused beam from his hands, "Taiyo Kisu Suru!" (Kiss of the Sun)

Knocking the Demon-masked Man away from the young girl. "You will leave this Village alone, or You will face the true Righteous Angry Horse!"


The cork popped.

The Water erupted from the jug and hit the young chef, soaking her to the skin, only to be completely absorbed into his Flesh. Her tight pants ripped at the seams, as first his thighs tripled in mass, then his calves. His shirt ripped, as his shoulders broadened into something that made Ryoga look a bit puny. His arms also tripled in mass. The only thing keeping him covered was the apron that she always wore loose.

'Now I see why Akane prefers her male form.' S/he ran to her room to scope out the new body, before showering to return to her true self. ' Great, now I am going to want me too.' S/he sighed before showering and dressing in another set of work clothes, and heading down to finish dinner.


"Why did you have to interfere with those Bandits, we had them in hand. They raid us once a month, we pay, and they leave us alone until next month. Now they will wait until you are gone then they will be back to double our payment!" The old bald man was pounding his fists on Ranma's chest.

"They will not be back old man. The Wild horse will see to it." Then he was gone.

He followed the trail into the mountains, shrugging off the cold shower that found him, until he found the Bandits.

The so-called bandits were changing into China Army issue uniforms. One had a portable phone. Ranma crouched down and listened in.

"Sir, we were 'exploring' a local village, when we were attacked by an unknown. After disarming and overpowering us, forcing us to retreat, he was thanked by the villagers and given twice what we were asking. It is my opinion that the Local Villages in this area are harboring violent Criminals and Enemies of the State. "

Ranma dropped behind him. " I did not know that ransacking storehouses and raping young girls was permissible as long as it was under 'Exploration' and that Traveling Artists were Enemies of the State and violent Criminals when they come to the defense of victims of war and violence ."

"Should you and your team servive the night, I want you and your team in my office for a full debreifing."

Ranma just grinned.

As a massive chi explosion erupted not five feet from Ranma. It was a dark green with yellow flickers in it.

"Ranma, What is this about you hurting a village?"

"Hey P-chan, One Question; what are china army personal doing here, on this side of the Boarder, half of then dressed as common bandits, with demon masks. The old man is angry with me for roughing up these thugs, who would then just return and rough up the village twice as hard. Besides you know how I feel about Bullies.

"I do. Besides they are getting away." Ryoga pointed.

Ranma stooped to collect the uniforms and phone. "Where are the others? I do not want to be walking into an ambush."

"They are two valleys over. Kuno got tired, and ordered Lunch, so Shampoo and Moose are gouging him in true Nabiki fashion."

"Okay. " He turned to return to the village. "Why are you not attacking me?"

"Not chasing you, Following you. Best chance to get back to Akari and the Pig Farm.