I 'christen' my new dimension


CHAPTER 25: I become the Breaker of Chains. But cooler!

(Ending of chapter 24)

Happy with what she had observed for now she was ready to summon her wings and fly around a bit when a voice behind her made her freeze.

" You took your sweet time in finally stepping in you realm didn't you love? For a moment I thought you would never visit." said a sweet tinkling familiar voice.

Turning slowly around still in disbelief she gazed at a beautiful smile she thought she would never get to see again.

" ARWEN!?"

(Flashback over)

"Hello Celephindis or should I call you Alexandra now that we are no longer in Arda?" asked the elven princess with a teasing smile while I failed to keep my mouth from opening and closing like a fish.

"How is this possible? How are you here?" I stuttered out in shock.

"What's with all these questions? I would think that I would get at least a hug by this point." said the she-elf with a pout and a pointed look, her hands crossed in mild annoyance at my denseness.

Hearing her words and finally managing to get over my stupor I crushed her in a hug while spinning her around, her happy squeals drawing a happy smile out of me.

When I put her to the ground, she tried to say something but I didn't let her. My mouth was instantly on hers while I made sure to commit her sweet taste in memory. With a smack of my foot on the earth a big patch of soft grass sprouted from the ground, clothes started flying everywhere and for the next hour we were in bliss.

After our happy 'reunion', we were lying on the soft grass, Arwen's head resting on my chest and while I didn't want to ruin the moment, my curiosity got the better of me. While I was ecstatic with her presence here, it didn't explain how she managed to leave Arda and come here.

"I was allowed to come here by Lord Eru Illuvatar as a trade."

"Trade? What kind of trade?" I asked in confusion.

"The heart of Balrog you had stashed in Isengard and then carried in your enlarged pouch with you." she bit back with her father's Raised Eyebrow of Doom™ in full capacity making me wince a little. I had completely forgotten about that thing. I got too absorbed with spending time with Arwen when I healed from that fight and then Erebor happened and the heart completely escaped my mind.

"Ok I suppose I got that, but what did Eru want with that thing that it constituted in such a trade. Don't get me wrong, I would trade a million Balrog hearts if it meant I had you by my side but what about your family, your people. I have no way to get you back, won't you miss them? This world is extremely dangerous as well, there is a war coming and the Gods are a bunch of horndo-" she ceased my bubbling with a finger on my lips a small smile on her face.

"Lord Illuvatar is not a kind of person to force his will on one of his children my love. While he couldn't allow the soul of a Primordial entity like a Maiar even if corrupted to leave Arda due to Sacred Laws, he was more than happy to allow me to do so as an exchange."

"Bu-but your father, your brothers-"

"Hush and let me finish." she said more sternly this time, her smile still fixed in place.

"Our Lord came to me in a dream and explained the situation. After that he gave me memories of a possible future where I would fall in love with a heir of Isildur named Aragon, son of Arathorn. He showed me the War of the Ring and the bravery of the hobbit Frodo who managed to end the threat of Sauron forever. After that he showed me my marriage to Aragorn, my time as his Queen and last he showed me the passing of my husband and my last years in an abandoned Lothlorien. The mellon trees had lost their greatness, the enchanting music of the forest had ceased and I died sad and alone from heartbreak, my body wasting away for months until my son visited me and gave me a proper burial."

As she described in more detail her memories of that future that would never be I could see her holding back tears and was trembling in grief while reprimanding her foolishness for getting so lovestruck with a mortal and the consequences of these choices.

"After seeing all these events, I was given a choice. I could remain in the Arda and either marry Aragorn, stay in Rivendell or go across the sea and to Valinor after the Fellowship of the Ring was formed or I could be sent here with two boons of his choice and be together with you but forever but be locked away from Arda knowing that there would be many hardships and battles ahead that we would have to face. I chose you. After seeing how miserably my life ended with Aragorn and while my life in Valinor or my father would have been peaceful, I knew I couldn't stay with them. Since I met you everything had been so exciting, your stories of another world filled with adventure had already taken root in my mind and I knew the dullness of the life of an elven princess would only make me despondent so I choose you. When the Fellowship was formed I said my goodbyes to my family and Lord Illuvatar sent me here to wait for you." finished Arwen while waiting for my response.

"Damn, I managed to turn a prim and proper elven princess into a rebellious thrill seeker. I am so proud of myself right now. The only thing left is to make you start cussing and your assimilation into the dark side would be complete. All part of my plan. Muahahahahaha." I said in my most 'evil' voice getting a deadpanned look from my lover until my laughter annoyed her so much that she pinched my nipple.

"Ouch, what was that for? Do you know how much this hurts woman?"

"I do, that's why I did it." she said not a hint of remorse in her voice.

"Now that you are done acting like a failed Dark Lord-"

"Oi that's rude" I protested but she completely ignored me and carried on like I never spoke.

"-I think it is time for you to make some proper accommodations in this place for me and also I will have to explain the boons and caveats of my deal." she said (read: ordered) and stood up to recollect her discarded clothes while I had to keep from drooling as she bend over naked in order to pick it from the ground. Damn that's a heavenly derriere.

"Are you still lying down? Get on with it, you have work to that needs to be done."

I groaned. The things I do for love and a shapely butt.

"I am coming, I am coming"

We first explored the mountain peak we found ourselves on. According to the map I was given it was 10 thousand meters tall, one and a half kilometers taller than Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth and it was sitting at the middle of a great island that was filled with forests and grassy plains. The island was positioned inside a Gulf and the sea around it was more akin to a humongous moat that served as a border with the land surrounding the island.

Due to nostalgia I wanted to name the mountain Erebor but Arwen informed me that she had already named it the Eye of the Monarch since she was here first. She also had the audacity when I made to protest to cheekily say 'you snooze, you lose' and I didn't know whether to beam in pride or moan in despair at her newly discovered impertinence. It seems I taught her a little bit too well and now the student has become the master.

As we reached the peak I could feel a subtle tingling in my senses and an urge to do something but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what. Shrugging and deciding to deal with that at a later time I instead admired the majestic view with my lover in my arms. The night sky was filled with innumerable stars and we could easily see them all since there was no pollution to hide them.

As we sat there, Arwen explained to me the caveats and boons of her situation here. The first boon was a copy of the Mirror of Galadriel. With it she would be capable to scry the whole dimension with none but me able to hide from her if I wished (which I didn't) as well as Midgard (though a sufficiently knowledgeable magic user never mind Gods would be easily able to block her sight) and once a year in the Spring Equinox, she would be able to create something similar to an Iris Message and for 24 hours be able to communicate with anyone from Arda. With this thing she was practically Heimdallr 0.5 and I was itching to inspect the thing to figure out how it worked.

Her second boon was more of a caveat in my opinion. Because she didn't 'belong' in the PJO dimension and because the overseer of it didn't accept intruders easily, she was merged to the tree that had been created by the Forest Guardian and I subsequently enhanced through Elder Runes and Rituals. She had become what is practically a super-nymph. According to her she could with some effort teleport anywhere there was soil or flora inside the dimension with the exception being the sea floor. She also had some ability with plant manipulation and she could also communicate and command all the animals as the de facto Lady-Of-the-Forest.

The bad thing with it was that while this merging had made it possible for her to reside in this plane without getting erased, she was incapable of entering any other realm due to her meager connection with the PJO world.

Hearing this I got an idea. Opening my inventory, I searched for the correct item and pulled out the Blessing Orb of Artemis. It was a crystal looking orb as big as an apple and inside silver, green and white colors were moving and coiling around each other. Explaining its use to her, I touched it on her forehead and I bid the domains of Moon, Hunt, Wild and Childbirth to be absorbed by her while keeping the Maiden aspect trapped inside. If she wants it then I will be more than happy to give it to her but I love her kisses too much to give them up and I told her so, something she agreed with.

When the haze of divine aura was fully absorbed inside her, I could easily discern the changes on her. Firstly she had become slightly younger. When before she had the body of a fully grown woman in her early twenties now she didn't look a day passed 18 (it didn't diminish her beauty though). The power of her magic and her connection to the wild had skyrocketed and I could see grass and flowers filling the whole area. Lastly her eyes that used to be sky blue now had changed to yellowish silver identical to the color of the moon. Talking about the moon, I could see a moon for the first time appear on the night sky in its full glory, its pale light concentrating on my lover's position.

Standing before me now she was at least three times as powerful before and he ground with all my strength because I was almost blown away by the pressure. Arwen was immortal originally and when she merged with the Guardian Tree she become one with a small part of the energies of Yggdrasil through the Elder Runes giving her a power boost big enough to make all other nymphs in existence pale in comparison to her. Adding the divine energy of a nature Goddess and she has become so strong that if she gets a little more battle experience the current me wouldn't stand a chance against in a fight.

If I wanted to reach her power level right now I would need like 7 Blessing Orbs and even if you ignore the fact that Styx would curse me, I don't want to gain so many perks and abilities so quickly that I wouldn't know what to do with them. Better a master of a few useful skills than a amateur of thousands.

Since Arwen was busy right now meditating and trying to balance the energies and the connections to her domains I decided to use the two Blessing Orbs that I wanted for myself.

Those were Athena's and Hephaestus. After all I had more than enough power on my own and with the Gamer system I was only going to get more in time. What I needed most of all was versatility in the use of my skills and a boost on my mental stats.

Athena's orb had the blue and bronze colors of Ravenclaw (which I was not exactly surprised about considering her fascination with the franchise) as well as grey, while the Forge God's orb was colored bronze, black and red.

When I was done, a deluge of notifications filled my sight.

Due to receiving the Blessing of Athena you gain:

+2 INT per Level

+1 WIS per Level

+15 MP per Level

Eye of the Mind (True) is a heightened capacity for observation, refined through training, discipline and experience. A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis in order to predict the opponent's activity and change the current situation. This is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of combat experience. A weapon wielded by none other than a mortal, gained through tenacious training. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

Master Of War: When you hold a weapon in your hands you instinctively know how to use it (lv30) but to retain the knowledge of it if you change weapon you must level it to level 5. All weapons can be used by you.

Scholar: You gain a 15% exp increase on all crafting and intellectual related skills.

Perk Upgrade: Supreme Commander(II): When you lead in battle all allies gain +30 to all physical stats in a 500 meter radius

Due to receiving the Blessing of Hephaestus you gain:

+1 STR per Level

+50 Mp per Level

Pyrokinesis +2 Levels

Supreme Pyromancy(Lv1-Lv3)

One with the Forge: The user can create, shape and manipulate refineries, forges, and everything in them, including all the aspects of refineries, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones. The only limit is the users knowledge.+20% exp to all crafting and forge related skills

Magma Affinity: +20% xp when using magma related spells and rituals

Magmamancy (Lv1): Your ability to generate and control magma and lava (-20MP to all magma spells). Cost 150 MP/ sec

Perk Upgrade: Divine Blacksmithing (Lv1): With this skill you have reached the greatest heights of the immortal magical aspects of the noble art of the hammer and anvil. Your skill is inferior to only actual Gods of the Forge but not for long. You are capable of molding metals in any shape or form you desire and infusing them with conceptual properties through your work. You can create wonders that even Gods gaze upon with awe. This skill can be UPGRADED.

Due to the concentration of so many divine Blessing on your body and soul you gain:

Perk Upgrade: Divine Aura: Your godly blood makes you emit a natural aura that can be identified by all of the supernatural. Its power has grown to such an extent that lesser monsters are terrified of it while the strongest ones think of it as a challenge. With rigorous and dedicated training you can learn how to enhance or suppress it.


Name: Alexandra Bellum/ Celephindis the Red

Race: Demigod

Gender: Female

Title: Legendary Hero

Level: 36 (8.000.000/350.000.000)

HP: 160.400 (+91.000) HPReg= 20 % /h

MP: 131.580 (+61.000) MPReg= 1.244 mp/min

FF: 5000 FFReg= 1000/min (when outside battle)

STR: 484

VIT: 275 +35 HP PER 5 VIT x lv

DEX: 305(319)

INT: 372(382) +24 MP PER 5 INT x lv

WIS: 286(311) +20 MPREG PER 5 WIS

CHA: 225(245)

LUC: 160(185)

Status Points: 20

CURRENCY: $= 9600, D=17.691, AG= 4250, MG=20.250 (Mortal Gold)

Damn that felt good and to be truthful my finger was itching to put those 16 point in STR to get another perk but I have been stuffed full of new abilities by this point and there were many that I had to further from my pre-existing ones so I will hold back for now. When I get a handle of my new powers and if I hadn't already reached 500 STR naturally I will make the step.

Doing some stretching to relieve myself from the soreness of meditating so many hours I noticed that morning had already come and Arwen was waiting for me.

Picking her up in a princess carry and ignoring her cry of surprise, I unleashed my wings from my back and jumped over the edge, Arwen's hands a vice grip around my neck while she was screaming my ears off. Of course she could always just teleport anywhere there was earth in the dimension and everything but I think it will be sometime until she gets used to her new state of existence.

We flew around the mountain, the new super-nymph now calmed down after getting used being on the air. The whole island that had the great mountain as its center was filled with rivers, grasslands stuffed with flowers of all the colors of the rainbow and acres upon acres of never ending forests. Both the flora and the fauna reminded me of European forests with oaks and pines dominating and there was a big lake at the north-east side. The two of the three biggest rivers had their beginning from the mountain. I landed at the roots of the Eye of the Monarch in a place that had equal distance between the two rivers.

It was as I touched the ground that I noticed a big change. My wings that previously were the shape of a crow's and with feathers black as night, now were a pearly white, leathery and had a bat like shape with a horned tip at the peak of them. It seems the heart of Smaug gave me more than a new form and some boosts. Making a mental note to check them better later we started walking towards the Mountain.

Once there and giving a cryptic smile to a curious Arwen I pulled out the Erebor(Copy) snow bubble and pressed it on the Mountain. With a great flash of light the snow bubble disappeared and the earth started trembling. The rocks of the Mountains started moving around changing shape and colors. After a few minutes before the amazed eyes of the elf turned nymph and the smug ones of her own, Gates identical to the original Erebor took shape.

Stepping inside, the interior was exactly as she remembered the original though without the scorch marks or damages that Smaug caused. This was Erebor at its heights or almost its heights. While the living areas, armories and generally the living spaces were all in perfect conditions, there were no mines and the treasure room would barely fit two Smaugs. It seems that if she wanted a sea of gold she would have to mine for it herself and in order to store it she would have to start expanding. Shrugging and uncaring about the gold anyway she continued the tour of the place, giving a special inspection of the forges that she promised herself she was going to use in the future extensively, they reached the inside of the secret door that Thorin and his Company entered Erebor. They key was placed at the bottom of the hidden door and she gave it to Arwen for safe keeping.

Done with most of the tour the only vital place they had to visit was the throne room.

The throne was positioned in the middle of a small elevated island that was connected to the rest of the complex with a narrow stone bridge without handles. I always thought that the handles had been destroyed or melted during the attack but it seems they never made any. I can only guess how many Kings under the Mountain had died because they stumbled and fell into the chasm.

Reaching the throne, I opened my inventory and picked a certain precious stone from inside. When Arwen saw it she actually gasped.

"Is that the Arkenstone?" said the ex-princess, amazed at the sight.


"The original one?"


"So you basically stole the Crown Jewel, the one gem that whoever possesses it is declared by all dwarf-kind as King of all dwarfs and Thorin declared you friend of the Dwarfs."

"Well I didn't exactly leave him without an Arkenstone. I made an exact replica without the corruption aura and gave it to him. Considering how much ambient magic there is inside that Mountain, Gondolin would probably rise from the sea before the enchantments fade. So who cares? I did him a favor really. Now he won't become a gold hungry mad man."

"Fair enough" shrugged my lover and then continued curiously. "So what exactly does this jewel do except of serving like a never ending candle and eating away at your mind?"

"Good question let me check." I replied and used observe.

Arkenstone "The Heart of the Mountain"

Magic Storage: 2.000.000/50.000.000 MP

Special: Dragon sickness

Info: The Arkenstone was mined from the mines of Erebor and has served as the Kings Under the Mountain most prized jewel. It had been in the possession of Smaug the Fire Drake during his occupation of Erebor and was later stolen by Bilbo Baggins and given to Celephindis the Red secretly for safe keeping. It is capable of storing within itself an obscene amount of magical energy and under capable magic users it can change any inorganic matter into any metal of their choice as long as it has contact with even a sliver of the desired metal.

Reading the description out loud our Arwen's eyes widened the further I got while the same happened to my smile. By the time I was done she was looking in space with a dead look while I was cackling in glee. I was ready to make use of my precious but the black haired beauty stopped me.

"No Celephindis, you are not allowed to turn the whole mountain into mithril, I forbid it."

"What? Not even a little?"

"No and this is final. Also just before you think otherwise, I forbid from taking the Arkenstone outside of this dimension. The last thing we need is for you to crush the economy of the world just because you were bored"

"Ok fine, but I am going to use it for my forging projects."

"Very well. As long as the damage remains inside the forges I guess I can agree to it." she conceded grudgingly.

"Yaaaay celebration time" I shouted and after putting the Arkenstone in the special place above the throne, I sat my lover on it and got to work.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing you idiot?"

"Christening our new throne of course." I replied while undressing her and kissing every piece of ivory soft flesh that was revealed to the world and slowly her half-hearted protesting cries changed into encouraging pleasurable ones.

To be particularly honest, there was just something special in giving an elven princess mind blowing orgasms on top of the throne of the dwarf king. The only place I believe that would have made the experience even better was if I had done the same thing on the throne of Minas Tirith. The idea of 'cuckolding' the King of all Men on top of his own throne was all kinds of kinky. Unfortunately I had no copy of the place and no matter how satisfying the idea I had neither the time nor the drive to build a replica of the damn thing. At the end of the day I have the beautiful lady beneath me writhing in pleasure and I am more than satisfied with it.

A couple of hours later a blushing Arwen teleported my smugly smirking self in front of her tree. Once there I created a few meters away a big slab of earth that looked like a huge notice board. Giving her the necessary instructions, she pointed her hand at the wall of earth and after her hand was engulfed in a white haze-like energy she slashed with her hands creating a portal to a place I showed her through sharing a memory.

As we stepped through, we appeared inside my personal cave in Wisteria's grove. The place where my life as a demigod started. I was snapped from my nostalgic thoughts by Arwen's gasp of pain and I barely managed to catch her before she fell into the ground.

"Arwen, are you alright? What happened?"

"I felt extremely dizzy for a moment don't worry about me I am fine. The only problem I notice is how much weaker I feel compared to your world." she said as she slowly got to her feet. I used observe on her in order to get a better idea of the situation.

Arwen "Elven Lady of the Wild"

Race: High-Nymph/High-Elf

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Alexandra Bellum/ Personal Dimension #2319567

Title: Undomiel (As a child of the stars she gains +20% to all stat when underneath a starlit sky as well as a +20% greater experience when using light or celestial magics)

Level: 20 (100) [SURPRESSED to 20%]

HP: 81.600 (408.000)

MP: 105.600 (528.000)

STR: 130 (650)

VIT: 170 (850)

DEX: 380 (1.900)

INT: 220 (1.100)

WIS: 200 (1.000)

CHA: 290 (1.450)

LUC: 24 (100)

Info: Arwen Undomiel is an Yggdrasil blessed nymph and a former elven princess. She is in love with Alexandra Bellum and hopes to experience many adventures with her. As a High-nymph to Personal Dimension #2319567 she can't leave her trees dimension without repercussions and as a result most of her powers are temporarily suppressed until she returns to her own. Though weakened she can still use an inferior version of her abilities not unlike a demigod while in Midgard.

First of all damn. Those stats are through the roof and she is considered only a nymph. I can only wonder on what kind of power level a God would have.

Secondly, I will have to spend some time in order to build proper equipment for her because she is practically defenseless right now. I wanted to kick myself for being such an impulsive idiot. I brought her to Midgard and she doesn't even have a knife on her. Hell she is still wearing a dress of all things. She won't even be able to run if we are attacked.

Third I will have to name my new world pronto because the current designation is atrocious.

I was about to tell her that we should return back to Erebor for now but she refused.

"I have been waiting a long time to see and experience everything your world has to offer. This little handicap is not going to stop me. It's not like we will go looking for trouble, we are going to do some sightseeing and then we will return."

Seeing her stubborn face I knew I wouldn't be able to change her mind. Releasing a sigh of resignation I pulled my staff Ruindol from my inventory and I gave it to her. She may not be able to use fire magic but she had a powerful light affinity so it would be an adequate weapon until I make her, her own.

"Very well. But the moment we are attacked or I tell you to, you will open a gate back. I know that you are capable of defending yourself but for my peace of mind until you get used to your new abilities you will leave the fighting to me ok?" I said trying to be as stern as possible but it seems I failed because she squealed like a little girl and hugged me.

Sneaking around as discretely as possible we reached the main road because I didn't want to reveal Arwen existence to anyone just yet, I summoned Ruin in order to be able to travel faster. It wouldn't do to waste more time on the road than strictly necessary.

The moment he appeared beside me he started rubbing his head on my face while Arwen gasped in surprise at the fearsome look of my stallion and I would have teased her for it but I instead focused on his latest power boost.


Race: Areistion Horse

Gender: Male

Level 36

HP: 320.800 HPReg= 20%/h

MP: 263.160 MPReg= 1.244 mp/min

STR: 968

DEX: 2.000 (Base: 250 + 250 every 5 Levels)

INT: 35

WIS: 35

Info: A warhorse from Ares exclusive breed gifted to his daughter Alexandra Bellum. He is bound to his summoner for life and his lifespan is as long as hers. The stronger his rider becomes, the more abilities and power he awakens.

Steed Abilities

NEW PERK: Lv35 Perk: Equus Lord: Ruin through his bond with his Mistress has risen exponentially in power. As a result he has gained an aura of dominance that makes all inferior specimen of the equus genus subservient to him. When riding in battle the enemy horses would get agitated and scared seeing him riding towards them.

His stats had predictably risen and his newest perk is nice I suppose though I think it is too situational. If we lived a few centuries back then it would have been nice but at this point whatever horse we meet it is more likely than not to be equal or more powerful than Ruin. Gods have the best stuff after all.

Shrugging, I petted my familiar's head and after he was satisfied we hoped on and with the delightful feeling of my lover's breasts pressed on my back we teleported outside L.A.

From there I rode for a couple of hours until we reached Las Vegas. I used the Mist to make us look like a pair of mortals dressed in jeans and t-shirts and I started showing her what a modern human city looks like.

First we went shopping because we both had a dire need for new clothes and other essentials. I after all had been looking like a 12 year old when I had last bought clothing so I needed a new wardrobe and Arwen was living into a medieval world up until now.

Three hours later after the start struck (heh the puns) princess dragged me into every single clothing and accessory shop she could find I managed to persuade her into going sightseeing. My wallet had screamed in agony at the purchase of so many brand clothes.

We watched a movie, a romance one and I hated it but Arwen was tear-eyed by the end and I have a terrible suspicion that there are more of those in my future. Leaving the cinema we went to get some food and I finally managed after 141 years 6 months 4 days 12 hours and 23 minutes to taste once more the heavenly treat that is a double cheeseburger. The moan I let out when I put it in my mouth caused Arwen to go red from her toes to the roots of her hair and I noticed that the men and some women that sat in the restaurant around us were rearranging their pants or fanning themselves respectively.

After that little 'incident' we ate quickly and a slightly annoyed Arwen dragged me out of the restaurant, the blush still very prominent on her cheeks while a cute glare was directed my way. I managed to pacify her with a kiss thankfully and we were ready to head home when I noticed something peculiar. One of the pubs on a side street named the Moonlight pub in blue neon cursive (and I mentally thanked Athena for giving me those awesome glasses because I would have probably burst a vessel trying to read this with my dyslexia) was surrounded in many heavy layers of mist. Giving our shopping bags to Arwen and sending her home, I went in, in order to investigate.

Stepping through the door casually I noticed that the place didn't look different from your average pub. There was a big bar filled with many different beverages with a hot bartender in leather skintight pants and a sleeveless shirt manning it. Scattered everywhere were tables with chairs or sofas in muted colors occupied by about a dozen people enjoying their drinks. If an average mortal could manage to get inside here they would have found nothing out of the ordinary but looks can be deceiving.

While some people here were human, I could feel more than a few foreign magical signatures from a few of the customers and when I used observe none was lower than level 18 with the bartender being the highest, an impressive level 29.

As I took a seat in one of the bar seats I could feel everyone's eyes boring into my form but I suppressed my urge to show them their place. I didn't want to cause a ruckus without a good reason. After all I came here for information not to make unnecessary enemies.

I was about to order a beer but I was interrupted by the bartender.

"You should leave. We don't like your kind around here." said the cute brunette and I used a quick observe on her.

Patricia De la Croix "Kick ass Witch"

Race: Quarter-Jotuun/Human (magi)

Gender: Female

Level: 29

HP: 3.860

MP: 11.000

STR: 15

VIT: 46

DEX: 25

INT: 120

WIS: 89

CHA: 21

LUC: 23

Info: Patricia age 27 is the daughter of a demigod son of Aegir, Norse Jottun God of Ale and the Sea and a human witch. She had a prodigious talent in the magical arts from a young age and after she learned everything she could from her mother she left to make her own way in the world. For the last 4 years she has been the owner of one of the many establishments scattered around the world that cater to the supernatural. She is weary of your presence and knows that she doesn't stand a chance against you if you start trouble.

"Oh love, you wound me with your words. Here I come to your pub to enjoy a pint of bitter and you give me such a cold shoulder." I fake-pouted causing Patricia to scoff and cross her hands.

"Yeah right, you want me to believe that a Goddess like you would enter a Moonlight pub just to drink some beer? Pull the other one, it has bells on it."

"While I am delighted by the compliment I am afraid I am not a Goddess girly." I said sharpening my right pointer finger's nail with a bit of air magic (this was the whole extent of my abilities with that element currently) and made a shallow cut in the inside of my left palm causing a little red blood to trickle out.

Seeing that she wasn't dealing with a Goddess the bartender relaxed slightly while I used some subtle fire magic to evaporate my blood, the scratch healing in its own in seconds.

"You are a demigod then?"

"Yep, the name is Cely, what's yours?" I asked while shortening my elven name. I don't know what kind of scrying spells these people have or what is the extent of their magic ability. It wouldn't do to utter my full name while a Fae lurked around.

"I am Trish and now that we introduced ourselves I gotta ask. What does a goody two shoes demigod like you doing in Moonlight territory? I thought your kind was always chasing around your Gods like lost puppies. Or are you maybe one of those 'revolutionaries' that are trying to bring back the Titans?" taunted the little girl trying to anger me and if it was the me before meeting Freyja I would have probably decked her but at this point in my life I only found her attempts at best amusing.

"Cute and don't worry I will be more than happy to exchange some information with you but first I am going to need that beer." I said leaving 10 bucks on the counter.

After she came back with my bar that I observed to make sure it was clean we started talking.

From what I was able to discover from her, the Moonlight world was the name most people used to describe the supernatural community. Her pub like thousands other establishments around the world are places were non vanilla mortals are capable of entering for many reasons. Information, Job requests, relaxation or even sanctuaries.

These establishments are sponsored by the Thirteen which like their name explains are the thirteen strongest Guilds or Sects whatever you want to call them that are filled with the most powerful supernatural beings from human mages to hybrids like Trish or me or others like Vampires, werewolves, fairies and every supernatural being ever recorded in history and some that had not.

These places are an agreed on neutral grounds and whoever dared to cause trouble inside them would meet a slow and painful death. That's why Trish was so spooked when she had mistaken my aura for that of a Goddess. The only Gods that enter these places are either rogue ones that cause problems or official ones that came to give some poor shod a really bad day because they had committed a taboo. Taboos happen when someone acts knowingly against the laws established between the Pantheons and the Thirteen.

The pantheons of the world had made an agreement to leave these establishments and their Guilds on their own. In exchange the Thirteen are responsible for keeping their members in line, give information to the official pantheons about their enemies or usurpers like the 'Titan revolutionists' and lastly and most importantly to assist in keeping the Moonlight world a secret from the mortals.

Contrary to popular belief the Mist is neither all powerful nor absolute. It works by altering the sight of mortals so they see supernatural incidents as something normal instead but the crux of the matter is that to do that the mortals must have absolute faith that there is not such a thing as a supernatural and this is the problem.

Not all people are completely in denial of the supernatural. Children and teenagers don't have such established notions of normalcy of the world and as a result more of the former than the latter are able to see through the mist. In addition there are many adults who search around the world for magic or monsters like bigfoot or some idiots who find some 'satanic' ritual and try to do it on a LARK only for the ritual to actually work once in a blue moon and kill them all while whatever they summoned start causing problems until it is put down by the guilds. Clear-sighted mortals are exceedingly rare and are snapped up the moment they are found in order to become apprentices of some mage if they are lucky, potions ingredients if they are not.

According to Trish there had even been a few instances on the past that governments had discovered the supernatural and in pure human stupidity had tried to create departments that their jobs was to cull and extinguish the 'freaks'. Gods unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective can't interfere with the mortals directly and the demigods are due to their nature very awkward with technology so the Thirteen step in to deal with them.

Being shown the job request board I was amazed by the sheer spectrum of the requests. From helping a grove of dryads relocate their trees, to dealing with a bunch of kelpies that had caused too many deaths, raiding party requests for naturally emerging dungeon Gates, to even apprenticeship requests for Alchemy, there was everything that was asked. Hell there was a request from a succubus that was searching for a magically powerful human to impregnate her and her sisters which I thought these kinds of stuff were only found in trashy smut novels.

Finishing my beer, I picked a few requests that I found interesting and after they were marked by Trish I bid a goodbye and exited the establishment my horizons broadened.

The call of nature (D-Rank) - Side Quests (0/9)

Complete all quests that you have accepted from the Moonlight pub.

Rewards: 2m exp per quests, 2.000$ per quest, ?, ?.

Failure: Nothing

Walking down the side street, I made sure my steps were slow and casual. Throughout all the time I spent inside the pub I could feel someone looking at me persistently and I wanted to see what their business with me was.

It was as I entered a side alley that three 'men' leapt in front of me while another four blocked my way back effectively 'trapping' me. They were all caucasian in skin tone and had extremely pale skin. Their eyes were red and slit like a snakes while they had very smug or self assured smirks freely showing their pointed and sharp incisors. Wanting to gain some additional information, I observed their leader, a tall and handsome blonde haired man that looked no older than thirty.

Joshua Campbell 'Montague Coven General'

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Level: 26

HP: 20.000 HPRegen: 80% per minute when outside battle

MP: 15.000 MPRegen: Only through blood consumption or sleep

STR: 380

VIT: 300

DEX: 420

INT: 150

WIS: 22

CHA: 45

LUC: 5

Info: Joshua Campbell was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. He was turned in 1864 by Pierre Montague a French 600 years old Dhampir that had come to the states to build his own coven away from the oppression and prejudice of the old families of Europe. He wants to kidnap you after smelling the delicious and powerful scent of your blood in order to gift you to his Master and turn you into a blood bank and broodmare for the next generation of the coven.

"Hello sweetheart. Haven't you been taught to never walk through dark alleys alone? You can find many dangers when stumbling in the dark after all." said the idiot with a self-assured smirk, his toadies laughing in the background for his 'wit'.

"And haven't you been taught any better lines? I mean seriously how more cliché can you get? I feel embarrassed for all Vampires everywhere for having to share race with a blithering moron like you." I replied slightly slouched and an expression of utter boredom on my face causing the idiot to grit his teeth in rage.

"Oh I am going to enjoy breaking you, you fucking bitch. Capture her." he shouted while three of his minions jumped me.

One second before they could touch me I unleashed my draconic wings from my back ripping in half the two idiots that tried to attack me from behind while I caught the other by the throat and turned him to ashes with a flex of my Pyromancy. Acting quickly, I used my earth magic to impale the last three grunts through their hearts leaving only the leader alive.

I expected him to run seeing all his back up getting decimated so I could follow him to his coven but instead that self-preservation deficient idiot tackled me like a rugby player on the ground. Using the momentum to my advantage I put the soles of my feet on his sternum, I kicked him on the air and out of the alley causing him to crush on a concrete wall on the other side of the street. Thankfully they had the sense of mind to use the mist before confronting me so the street was empty.

Casually walking out of the alley while dusting my pants half heartedly, I pulled my beloved spear from my inventory and I had to stop myself from purring in pleasure at having my precious in my hands once more.

"You little whore. I am going to-"he tried to say but the wall behind him turned into an earthen fist that punched him face first into the middle of the road creating a human shaped hole into the ground. Suppressing my giggles at the amusing sight I stabbed him on the shoulder and I was about to have some information gathering discussion with him but before I could even lift him he screamed in pain and tuned into white dust.

I paused in astonishment. The moron had 20.000 HP and I made sure to not imbue my spear with fire so what the hell happened? Using observe on my weapon it was easy to figure out.

Fate's Lament

+20.000 Damage

+100% Damage to Divine

+100% Damage to Monsters

+50% effectiveness when using the 4 basic elements

Special: 'To Me'(Lv1): This weapon has been enchanted with the same spell that was used on Mjolnir, Thor's ultimate weapon. If called by its rightful owner it always flies back to their hand (Alexandra Bellum).

Special: Spear Manipulation(Lv15): Through the blessing of Ares this spear can be wielded even through the thoughts of its wielder making them capable of telekinetically wielding it with absolute precision in a 2 meters radius around their body.

Special: Bane Of Netherkind (Lv25): This spear is capable of harming all beings of death and darkness.

Special: Progenitor of Fire (Lv35): When the spear is in its user's hand all fire magic is amplified by 150% (Including the Flames of War). Also any type of fire that is inferior of the user's capability to wield in rank can be absorbed by the blade and unleashed in a concentrated beam of fiery death.

Special: Locked (Lv?)

Special: #%$& $%#

Info: This spear is a masterwork influenced by many Gods. Forged by a mix of Celestial Bronze and Uru Steel and through the blessings of Odin and Ares, the forging of Hephaestus as well as the pieces of Laevatein and other ingredients that had been used during its creation, it has become a weapon fit for a God instead of a mortal. Its full power though remains sealed until its rightful owner manages to reach the correct perquisites to unlock them. Once touched by its owner the spear is soulbound to them. As a result it will never stay far away from them.

Since I had skyrocketed in level I had managed to unlock more of my spear's power and as a result the new basic damage output one-shot him, not even counting the percentage increase in damage due to Vampires being monsters.

While I was happy with the upgrade of my weapon I just lost my chance to find out the location of the base of the Montague Coven and that annoyed me. Entering once again the pub with my spear in hand and a slight scowl on my face I felt everyone tense. Slowly reaching the counter I didn't let Trish speak. I picked three Gold Asgardian Coins from my inventory and pounded them in front of her.

"The Montague Coven, where is it?" I said my eyes glowing a crimson light. I wasn't all that angry but a little bit of intimidation makes people answer me faster.

"The Vampire Coven? They are all the way down to New Orleans. What is your business with them?" said the pub's owner while gulping but at the same time pocketing the coins. Damn, even while scared shitless she still had the audacity to pick the money. I was impressed.

"Some idiot named Joshua Campbell and half a dozen of his grunts tried to capture me not even 5 minutes ago." causing some of the eavesdropping tenants to curse at the bloodsucker's stupidity. You don't try to take on someone whose divine aura drowns the room they sit in unless you have a small army with you or are strong enough to match them.

I of course unshackled them from this dark and cruel world but they didn't manage to last long enough for me to ask them any questions so I will have to get some answers from you. Where are all the Vampire bases and hideouts inside the city?"

"This information is going to cost you."

"How much?"

"One hundred Asgardian Coins."

Giving her the money, I strolled out of the establishment to the visible relief of its tenants. Unknowingly to me, the moment I had walked far enough away some of the more brave individuals and those that dealt in information decided to observe the entertainment from some distance away while the rest run away fast to get the hell out of dodge.

According to the information I got, there were three Vampire covens that had presence in the city. The Montague, the Brotherhood of Blood and the Teeth. These three covens have also the monopoly of the prostitution and trafficking rings but instead of selling just human merchandise they also dealt in supernatural creatures as well. Nature spirits, Yokai, witches and even some demigods or legacies from time to time (though secretly), they had them all. Originally they had set up shop is San Francisco but after the Amazons kicked their asses they came here.

Once I reached the Red Light District of Las Vegas, I went from brothel to brothel that belonged to the bloodsuckers and I killed everyone inside, both the vampires and the customers that had the unfortunate luck to be using their 'services' at the time. These VIP brothels only cater to those who are knowledgeable of the Moonlight world and as a result they knew exactly the situation of the 'workers' there so I had no mercy to give to such scum.

In order send a message of my opinion for this trade, I used a simple steel sword instead of my spear or Glamdring. Using divine or holy metal completely dusts the vampires but steel ones don't.

By the time I was done with the brothels and the warehouses scattered around the city with more merchandise inside, I had freed more than a hundred women of various races while the heads of hundreds were mounted on wooden pikes sprouted from the ground through my Chloromancy, I even leveled it up a bit which was a welcome sight.

Chloromancy(Lv20-Lv22): Your ability to raise and control plants (-24MP to all plant spells). Cost 28 MP/ sec

Collecting all the girls in the biggest warehouse, I asked them about their situation and if they had any families to return to and it was then that I discovered another disgusting fact about the supernatural world.

Slavery was apparently quite legal as long as you follow the proper channels. As a result every single woman here had been marked with a tattoo that gives a distinctive aura that helps to track them no matter where they try to hide. Even if they managed to return to their families, raid parties would come for them anyway while endangering their loved ones. The only way for someone to escape was if they had useful connections with one of the pantheons or they were descendants of Gods. Demigods and legacies are the only mortal beings forbidden for getting enslaved though they can be 'conquered' and turned into concubines or servants of the winner in one on one battles and that includes males as well (like what the Amazons do or Circe). Seeing their defeated faces I got an idea but it would have to be their decision.

Using the Mist to engulf the warehouse and preventing our observers from overhearing I gave them an offer. They would be saved from their lives as prostitutes but the cost was that they will have to abandon the Nine Realms forever and obey the laws I will put up for them.

I gave them 10 minutes to discuss it between each other and at the end they accepted. After all, they had been living under hellish conditions up until this point and there was nowhere they could run to escape from their pursuers so they accepted to follow their rescuer. For good or for worse remained to be seen but either way they were screwed so nobody cared. This was their only chance for a better life and if the worse happened they would trade one master for the other and it would be business as usual. It's not like they could escape if they run.

Giving them a reassuring smile, I opened a Gate into my dimension and after they all got in I closed it and was left alone in the warehouse. Acting quickly I created a firestorm that circled the whole building while I used my terramancy to make an underground passage until I reached a park a few blocks away, befuddling my method of escape. Once there I transformed into my eagle form and flew away from Las Vegas and went back to my home. I had caused a lot of work for myself but I couldn't bring myself to regret it.

When I stepped into the my private dimension I found a slightly panicking Arwen comforting a few of our youngest new residents while the rest were either trying to help her or were nervously looking around.

It took us over a week to organize everyone. Our new residents were 120 in number and considering their physiologies, they had to be directed to specific areas in order to prosper. Most of them were tree and bush nymphs and as a result they created two 'colonies'. One was around Arwen's sacred tree and the other on the Island continent near the Monarch's Eye. They were joined by half a dozen potamides (river naiads) and limnades (lake naiads) each living about 30 more to find a home to.

These were a mix of yokais (7 foxes, 6 cats, 2 dogs,3 tengus and even a couple of kappas) and witches (10) so we couldn't exactly expect them to reside in a tree or in a pond or something. As a result, we built a village near the sea east of Arwen's tree than was named Moon tree in her honor with the surrounding community of nymphs being called the Lunar grove. The other grove was called the high grove in honor of the mountain.

They wanted to name the village Alexandria at the beginning but I dissuaded them from it, not wanting to give the name on one of the most famous cities in Midgard to what is practically 10 small houses placed near each other and I named it Haven. I know, not the most imaginative but it is what it is.

The only laws we put in place for now was that they had to respect the environment as well as being careful on what magics they are practicing aside from the obvious ones like murder and stealing. I am not hypocritical enough to ban branches of magic from them but I made sure to inform them that if they performed sacrificial rituals with their fellows as ingredients there would be no mercy for them.

Accommodations in place and some rudimentary farms and orchards for food created for the village, I could now focus in forging.

Using the Arkenstone, I enhanced the already impressive forges in Erebor by turning some tools and a couple of the furnaces into mithril that were then further enchanted and improved dramatically through the One with the Forge perk saving me a huge amount of time by making able to easily customize the enormous place in a matter of hours.

Preparations done, I got to work first with Arwen's equipment and begun with her weapons. A hunting knife and two dual wielding sword curved swords that the elves favored so much. They were made by elven silver in order to have a purifying element.

Lunar Knife

+1750 DMG

+100% DMG to Monsters

+25% DMG to undead and dark aligned beings

+50% DMG when imbedded with light magic

Special: Death of a thousand cuts: When this knife cuts in the enemies flesh it causes the victim's wounds to bleed 3 times faster than normal.

Special: Runic Empowerment: Through the use of runes carved on it, the blade is now more powerful and can now be used only by its rightful owner and her descendants.

Info: A hunting knife made by Alexandra Bellum for Arwen Undomiel. It is made from elven silver and can be extremely effective against dark creatures.

Crescent Moon Dual Blades

+4.500 DMG

+100% DMG to Monsters

+100% DMG to Divines

+25% DMG to undead and dark aligned beings

+50% DMG when imbedded with light magic

Special: Rapid Slash: When fighting against a higher leveled opponent, the user can activate this enchantment that grants +200% increase in DEX until the enemy dies or retreats. WARNING: Once the enchantment deactivates the user will suffer a -50% debuff to her DEX for the next hour.

Special: Runic Empowerment: Through the use of runes carved on it, the blade is now more powerful and can now be used only by its rightful owner and her descendants.

Her hunting bow was made from one of the branches of her tree empowered with runes made by the spare shavings of the silver ingot and the string was created by combining some of our hair together.

Full Moon Hunting Bow

+9.000 DMG

+125% DMG to Monsters

+100% DMG to Divines

+50% DMG to undead and dark aligned beings

+75% DMG when imbedded with light magic

Special: Vital Strike: When an arrow strikes a vital part on an enemy it has a 15% chance to deal +100% Critical damage.

Special: Meira ljós: Grants knowledge of that particular skill to the user and enhances its damage by 10% as well as all light spells used threw the weapon. The greater the users skills with the spell, the more numerous and damaging the arrows.

Special: String of Love: All physical arrows fired threw thiss bow fly with 50% more speed than they would normally do and gain a 10% boost in their penetrating power.

Special: Runic Empowerment: Through the use of runes carved on it, the blade is now more powerful and can now be used only by its rightful owner and her descendants.

Info: A hunting bow made by Alexandra Bellum for Arwen Undomiel. It is a masterpiece of crafting, possessing countless formidable abilities and at the hands of a skilled hunter it is capable of decimating even the strongest of monsters.

Finally done with the weapons after almost two weeks of never ending forging, I made her a nice deer leather quiver that can summon arrows from an assigned room and is designed to never spill its arrows and I was finally more assured about her safety.

Epic Runic Enchanting (Lv27): The ability to empower items with the use of Runes. Currently you have a 76% chance to successfully enchant a B-Rank item through the use of runes. [Not to be confused with Mythical enchantment she learned from the elves. This is the skill that governs non-Arda runes that she has not explored in their full potential in enchanting]

+1 STR

+5 VIT

Unfortunately for me I couldn't relax because I had the side quests to finish. All of them were made by nature spirits that were in dire need for help. A couple of covens of nymphs in Oregon, a flock of sylphs (wind spirits) in Texas, some potamides in St. Louis, some fire elementals in Yellowstone and even half a dozen Undines near Chicago sent me in a wild trip around all the United fucking States of flipping America.

The silver-lining of these quests was that I got the pleasure of seeing the ecstatic face of my girlfriend as she experienced all these new travels as well as the chance to visit every freaking clothing store her eyes landed upon.

I got the last laugh though, because I threw all the work in dealing with our latest batch of residents to her while I flew away trying to explore the whole dimension that we finally managed to name 'Dalur Heimanna' whichs means 'The Valley of Worlds'. Yes I know it was kinda pretentious but it was either this or Azeroth since I didn't know if I would ever travel to the original WoW I decided to go with the safe option.

By the time Halloween came aside from a few outings with my favorite nymph, I spent my time either training said nymph or training myself in some of my more neglected skills.

First and foremost I managed to upgrade one of the skills I gained after Zeus dungeon but never had the chance to use. It took a lot of disintegrating stones before I was confident enough to use it on myself but the boost was worth it.

Greater Reinforcement(Lv1):This skill allows you to reinforce the purpose of existence. Examples of it would be increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or in the case of a living creature, physical strength, speed and durability. It is impossible to reinforce something vague. As living things will resist invasion of Mana, reinforcing someone else is impossible. Cost: 300 MP/min. Increase in STR, Speed and Physical Resistance) by +5%.

After that I focused in my most neglected of the basic affinities. I am talking of course about air and the skills I created from it were spectacular. They synchronize perfectly with my fighting style and as a result my efficiency skyrocketed.

Aeromancy(Lv25): Your ability to control the air and wind (-25 to all air spells). Cost: 5 MP/sec

Wind Cutter (Lv28): You surround your blade with concentrated sharp winds that are then released in a pointy or cutting blast, slashing everything in its way. This skill can be combined with Warlord's Fang and other similar skills combining their damage. DMG: 1100 per slash, Cost: 944 (919)

Feather Steps (Lv10): You remove wind resistance in a 1 meter radius around you, increasing your movement speed by 10% for 5 minutes. Cost: 900 MP

+3 DEX

+3 VIT

Last, as I was improving the Wind Cutter I made sure to combine it with Warlord's Fang and predictably the results were devastating. The first time I experimented with this combo I created a ravine in the middle of a grass field and I had to endure an hour long lecture by Arwen about my recklessness and the destruction of innocents plants. After that I went to the Great Desert which was located on the South-Western part of Dalur Heimanna in order to escape my lover's wrath.

Warlord's Fury(Lv5): A long raged slash used by focusing your mana into a fine blade around your weapon, aim and swing. Legend says that true Masters of this skill could cut armies in twain with a single slash of their blades. + 1200 dmg/per slash, cost: 150 MP.

My rate of improvement was greater than any time in the past but that was a given. I didn't have to worry about collateral damage. I could easily fly above the sea or on a rocky island, was way more experienced with wielding my magic than the past, had humongous reserves to spare in order to spam my spells and lastly my spear gave me a greater ease in controlling the four basic elements. All in all, it was training montage galore.

Now I am sitting on the second biggest island of DH (Dalur Hemanna for short) which was the place that I fought the army of demons and skeletons. Unfortunately the demons had been erased so I had no personal army of fire breathing flesh rending beasties to command at my leisure (for now). I named it Dragonwing Island since if you looked at it from above it had the general shape of it and currently aside from me, only a small colony of fire elementals resided there.

I had decided now that I had my own place, to summon my familiars here as well. No longer will Ruin have to stay at the stables of my father, he can be freely running around here. As for Aristomache, it is the first time I would see her since I returned from Arda and I was looking forward to finally bond with her.

Performing the summoning, Ruin quickly appeared beside me and after a few pats I send him to explore his new home. For my she-dragon though, I had to spend almost 30.000 MP until I managed to summon her which was strange.

She appeared before me in all her scaly red glory and after a happy mental cry of 'Mistress' I was getting crushed in a hug by an over-excited beautiful redhead woman around my age wearing a crimson Vanir armor.

"Oh Mistress I missed you so much. I am so happy to see you after all this time. And oh my Gods you have gotten so powerful and so gorgeous as well and-" she kept bubbling away talking my ear off and I had to put a finger on top of her lips to make her stop.

"I missed you too Mache but you I can't answer your questions if you don't let me." I told you amusedly causing her to blush a bit in embarrassment.


Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Level: 36

HP: 367.622 HPReg= 20 % /h

MP: 258.720 (129.360) MPReg= 1.104 mp/min

STR: 1.458 (729)

VIT: 849 (425)

DEX: 924 (462)

INT: 600

WIS: 125

CHA: 225

LUC: 160

Info: The original Hydra turned Drakon by her defeat and subsequent bonding to Alexandra Bellum through a familiar contract. She is bound to her mistress for life and her lifespan is as long as hers. The stronger her mistress become the more powerful she becomes and more skills and abilities she awakens.

I was impressed with her power but before I could check her skills I was interrupted.

"Do you need me for something Mistress?"

"Nope. I just wanted to meet you and give you a tour-"

"If that's the case then can you send me back? I was in the middle of something that I must get to ASAP." said the she-dragon apologetically, getting me curious.

"What do you possibly have to do that can't wait a few minutes"

"There was a new prophecy that was announced and it is big enough to involve many pantheons. I and your other minions were getting ready to join the raid teams." she informed me but I got more confused.

"What other minions? What the fuck did I miss?" I asked befuddled.

"I am talking about the daughters of Zeus and Athena you had taken under your wing as well as your sister that followed you around like a hatchling. After you disappearance I took them into a training trip to make them more useful for you. You don't have to worry Mistress, they have gotten good enough to not embarrass you."

Giving a sigh of relief at finally finding out what happened to the missing demigoddess and knowing that they are alright, I focused at the crux of the matter.

"Do you remember the words of the prophecy?" I asked.

"Of course, and considering that it was simultaneously given to all Cardinal pantheons, it had created quite the situation."

From the mountains of the West and the sands of South,

the plains of East and the North's cold waves and snow

great serpents of old slither the world to devour

heroes united must stand, to each other devout,

their blades to strike the hearts of the foul

but without the help of their Gods

their time will be short and souls lost

too high their failures cost.

Divine Quest: A World on Fire

Main Objective: Join the Dungeon Raids

Bonus Objective 1: ?

Bonus Objective 2: ?

Bonus Objective 3: ?

Bonus Objective 4: ?

Rewards: ?

Failure: Chaos/ Death of Friends/ Greater possibility of Titan victory


'Well. Here we go again.' I thought with a weary sigh. It seems I can't catch a break.