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Chapter 17: It Begins

Rinathen was staring out the window as Owacyn groaned and rolled over in bed. She smiled and turned to see him looking up at her reproachfully. She laughed lightly, "Get up and dressed love, I don't think Fribrindel will be very pleased if you report for duty today as you are."

He muttered something and she caught a gleam in his eye as he rolled back over on his stomach. She shook her head, "You're impossible…" She moved over to the bed and began rubbing his back. He groaned softly and turned his head to look at her.

"I love you Rinathen." She bent down to kiss his cheek, "Must you insist on not remaining inside for the battle?"

"Yes; I will not change my mind at all- at one point I will need to leave you and fight alongside my people within the ranks."


A knock interrupted his statement. He muttered something as Rinathen rose to answer. "Master Fribrindel requests Lord Owacyn and Lady Rinathen's presence as soon as convenience allows," the small orc messenger stated indifferently.

"We shall be there soon." Rinathen shut the door and turned to Owacyn ruefully. "Get dressed; you know that 'as soon as convenience allows' means his convenience."

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Aragorn surveyed his troops; six thousand men had been mustered for the battle. He hoped it would be enough if this battle was going to be as…interesting as he heard it promised to be.

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Arwen glanced up as the door opened. Rinathen smiled and sat down next to her cousin. "How are you doing?"

"Fine…but it doesn't look like you can say the same."

Rinathen shook her head. "Just…worried…"

"He'll trust you."

"I hope so…if not…I don't know…"

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Legolas could not hear anyone outside. 'Something is happening…' he stood up. He had healed well, although he was still not completely whole. He pressed his ear to the door and waited, holding his breath in attempts to hear anything outside with greater ease. After several minutes soft footsteps were heard making their way quickly down the hall. 'I know that footfall…' he thought and felt something twist inside of him—wither in joy or grief he was not sure but what was coming was inevitable nonetheless. He stood back from the door and waited before he heard the key slide into the keyhole and watched as the door swung open just enough for Rinathen to slip through.

Legolas stared at her impassively at her as she silently closed the door behind her. She crossed the room until they stood- facing each other- close enough for Legolas to clearly see the pleading look she was giving him in the dim light of the cell. "Legolas, I'm sorry," she whispered. She pulled a package wrapped in pale blue linen out of the cape around her shoulders. She held it out to him and he carefully lifted it from her hands.

He studied it for several moments before carefully unwrapping it. Inside was a simple sheath, one that he recognized immediately- it was the sheath he had given to her when she had first been learning how to use a blade, inside would be the beautifully crafted blade, inlaid with mithril, he had given her along with it. His eyes turned to meet hers again questioningly. She shook her head. "Please forgive me..." she hesitated before softly kissing his cheek, "Im meleth le…{I love you…}"

Legolas stood, confused, as she silently turned around and slipped back through the door, continuing down the hall. He glanced back down at the blade in his hands. Legolas stared at the door again and turned, shaking his head, to the back corner where he sat propped against the wall. 'She never did make anything easy did she…?'

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"Where is she?" Fribrindel asked impatient, "The guards at the edge of the forest report that Aragorn's troops are sighted…apparently they have information on our whereabouts for they show no intention of turning from their path straight for us. She insists that her troops will only answer to her and if so then where is she?"

"'She' is right behind you milord," Rinathen's voice floated from the stairwell behind him. They were on the higher battlements of the fort awaiting the oncoming fight. Owacyn shot her a somewhat aggravated look but said nothing.

Fribrindel nodded. "Good." He turned his attention to the forest before them, "This shall be quite an interesting battle."

Rinathen nodded, moving to stand next to him, "One that I'm sure will be worth the wait."

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Aragorn looked at the large, black building looming ahead of them. His troops stopped as he gave the signal and he looked upon the structure loathingly. Inside Arwen was being held captive. Fribrindel would pay. Just then a volley of arrows was shot from the battlements.

"Arrows!" the call went out from the ranks and shields swung up to meet the oncoming sea of arrows. Aragorn's face was stern and dark fire shown in his eyes. 'Fribrindel will pay… *dearly*'

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