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Summary:  Draco watches over a sleeping Harry, remembering the day of Lord Voldemort's defeat.  "You never knew the Dragon had a heart, did you?"

Author:  Lenora

Rating: PG-13

2nd A/N:  underlined are thoughts, //…// is a flashback (hopefully italicized if Word works properly)


Ch. 1- Casa de Malfoy

The battle was over, good triumph over evil as it should be and Lord Voldemort was no more.  He had been defeated by the combined powers of two mortal enemies.  And now, our hero, The Boy Who Lived, lay resting in the home of a boy he wished he had never met.

Harry Potter lay sleeping on a bed in a luxurious room decorated in the colors silver and black, with a family crest attached to the headboard.  Harry's 6'0 frame lay stretched out on the soft bed.  His trademark emerald green eyes were closed, his glasses resting on the bedside table, and like always, his ebony hair was everywhere, sticking up even in sleep. Harry lay sleeping for the entire time after the Order defeated Lord Voldemort on the grounds of Hogwarts three weeks before.  On the Quidditch patch actually.  Harry lay there on July 31st, sleeping through his 17th birthday. 

A boy with white blonde hair and pale skin sat in the chair that he's hardly left since the day Harry was left in his care, not trusting anyone else to do it.

The boy sighed, startling the house elf that perched on the other side of Harry's bed.

"Master Draco?  Can Dobby get you or Harry Potter something?" the elf squeaked.

Draco Malfoy looked up from Harry's face for the first time that day to blink wearily at the elf.  "No Dobby, get some rest, I'll call you if I need anything."  Dobby blinked, he still wasn't used to being treated like an equal.  And most especially from a Malfoy.  Dobby bowed his head and he left the room with a 'pop.' 

Draco turned his head to look at the ill boy.  It had taken most of Harry's strength to defeat the Dark Lord.  Draco smirked when he remembered how 'Saint Potter', The Boy Who Wouldn't Die had wavered and had received help from the most unlikely of places.  Him. 

Draco's smirk disappeared as he remembered the way Harry had looked during that final confrontation with the Dark Lord.

//"Ron!" Harry yelled as his red headed best friend was hit with a blast from Lucius Malfoy.  Hermionie rushed to her boyfriend's side where she concentrated on keeping various Death Eaters off of him. 

Harry turned slowly as he felt the presence of the man that wrecked his life so many times.  He stared Voldemort directly in the eyes and he began to chant the ancient spell that would rid the world of the Dark Lord forever, sending him to a place where he would have no chance to recover his powers again.  The Latin chant was roughly translated into:

"Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, great witches and wizards of old, help me protect the future you foretold."

Harry continued to chant the spell, holding the Dark Lord off of him and his friends.

Draco watched helplessly from where he was standing with Snape, watching Harry's face gradually pale as his strength was leaving him.  Draco moved away from his favorite professor to stand next to Harry.  He watched the tremors of fatigue slowly begin to take over Harry. 

Draco dared to look up at the man he was once expected to serve, until Draco followed in Snape's shoes and began spying on the Death Eaters.

Suddenly Draco knew what he had to do.  A voice in his head suddenly spoke up.

You must help him, the voice said.

Why? Draco thought, chewing on his bottom lip in worry.

You know why, the voice chastised.  Draco cocked his head to the side, that voice sounded oddly familiar.

What do I have to do? Draco asked.

Ahh! I knew that would get you going.  Now you know the parameters of sharing powers for this spell.  You must be touching- Draco's heart jumped.  Stop that! Anyway, you must touch him and chant the spell with him.  And you must do it soon, he's about to collapse and he'll be lost to you forever.

Raw panic flared in Draco's eyes as he saw Harry's spell flicker for an instant.  Triumph flashed in the Dark Lord's eyes as he saw that.  Before Voldemort could blink Draco stepped foreword and he grasped Harry's hand and began chanting with Harry.

"Draco no!" cried a woman that sounded suspiciously like his mother. 

"Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, et Hufflepuff, grand sorcières et magicians de vieux de ménage moi protéger le avenir vous poédire.  Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, et Hufflepuff, grand sorcières et magicians de vieux de ménage moi protéger le avenir vous poédire.  Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, et Hufflepuff, grand sorcières et magicians de vieux de ménage moi protéger le avenir vous poédire…" they chanted, their voices growing stronger as their powers flowed together.

The Dark Lord's face grew gradually more frightened as he saw the stream of magic coming from their wands grow stronger and brighter.  As their magic grew so did the concealment charm around the Quidditch field.  Harry's grip on Draco's hand slowly weakened as his strength began to leave him.  Draco glanced over worriedly at him and he squeezed Harry's hand tighter.

This confrontation went on for several more minutes before Lord Voldemort began to weaken.  He fell to his knees and he dropped his wand as he gripped his face in his hands.  The two boys continued in their chant their voices growing in intensity as they saw the man before them begin to wilt.  An emerald green light began to glow around Voldemort as the boys began shouting the chant. 

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Voldemort as the light grew blinding and a robed figure stepped out of the light.  The wizard shook his head sadly at the cowering figure before him. 

"Come on Tom," he said, "It's time to come with us.  Your time terrorizing this world is over."

"Damn you Gryffindor," snarled Voldemort.  He looked up to see three more robed figures step out of the light. 

"Salazar, Helga, and Rowena," breathed Dumbledore.   Harry and Draco looked up at the founders of the school. 

"We never meant for the knowledge given to you at our school to be used this way," intoned the four founders.  "So we, the creators of Hogwarts, decree that you, Tom Marvolo Riddle, shall be banished to the land of Momiji, where you will be stripped of all your powers and followers.  You shall once more be nothing but Tom Marvolo Riddle."

Voldemort looked up at his ancestor.  "How could you do this to me, I am your HEIR!" he screamed.  Slytherin looked at him in distaste.

"I have no heir," Slytherin said coldly.  Voldemort screamed a scream of anguish.  The two wizards picked up the struggling man and they stepped back into the light.  Gryffindor looked back at Draco.

"Malfoy!" he yelled.  Draco looked away from Voldemort just in time to catch Harry as he passed out.    Draco gently set Harry on the ground and he pulled his wand out to ward off the Death Eaters that stepped foreword. 

"Harry!" cried Hermione as she rushed foreword to drag him back to where Ron was still lying.   Draco glanced at Harry before setting his shoulders to face the dreaded Death Eaters. 

Snape, Dumbledore, Remus Lupin-Snape, and several more wizards and witches stepped foreword to stand and protect The Boy Who Lived and his friends.  They looked in surprise at Draco but they nodded once at him before turning to the followers of Voldemort.  

"Draco, how could you?" asked Lucius Malfoy, taking off his mask. 

"Your son has been very helpful in collecting information for us, Lucius," sneered Snape. 

"What do you mean Severus?" asked Narcissa Malfoy. 

"He means that our darling little Draco has become a spy against his own family," snarled Lucius.  His wife looked in surprise at her son.  Draco raised his chin and he looked at his family unashamed. 

"When?" his mother asked in a small voice. 

"Since he came back," said Draco in a confident voice.  "Now Father, Mother, it is time for you to face your crimes.  Expelliarmus!" he cried.  A flash of scarlet light shot out of his wand and it knocked the wands out of all the Death Eater's hands and brought them to him.  Draco walked over to Dumbledore and he gave him possession of the Death Eater's wands. 

With a wave of his wand, Dumbledore produced ropes to bind the Death Eaters with.  He also produced two stretchers for Harry and Ron.  The Order of the Phoenix tied up the Dark followers, while Dumbledore handed Narcissa Malfoy over to her son. 

"I will not bind your mother Draco," Dumbledore said,  "I am putting her into your custody.  Do not let her escape." 

"Yes professor," Draco said, grabbing his mother's arms.  On the way to the castle, Narcissa pleaded with her son to let her go.  Draco turned a deaf ear to her until she mentioned something that made his heart stop.  "What did you say?" he snarled at his mother. 

Narcissa smiled evilly, "What you mean the part about Potter never recovering from the strain of this night?" she asked.  Draco glared at her. 

"Explain yourself," he ordered.

"Well it's common knowledge that your precious Potter wasn't fully recovered from the last confrontation with your father.  Even with your pathetic attempt to help him will not save him.  He will die, and you will lose everything that matters to you," she snarled. 

Draco felt sick with worry until he remembered his mother's exclamation as he took Harry's hand.  "You lie."

 Narcissa's smile left her face as she was once again drug towards the castle.  He left his mother in Snape's custody and he hurried to the infirmary.  He walked in the door to see Madam Pomfrey tending to Weasley.  Draco's eyes wandered throughout the room to see Harry asleep on a bed near the back of the room. 

Draco walked towards the bed only to stop two feet away from it. Harry was unearthly pale and his scar stood out brightly.   Madam Pomfrey looked up to see Draco hovering in the doorway.  "Come in Mister Malfoy, are you here to see Mister Potter?" she asked, looking up at Draco. 

"How's Weasley?" he asked.  Madam Pomfrey smiled at him.

"He's going to be fine," she said.

"And Harry?" he dared to ask.  She smiled and she beckoned him to come closer.  He compiled and he walked over to where the boy was sleeping.  Draco smiled at Harry when he saw that Harry was breathing normally.  Draco looked up at the nurse.  She smiled gently at the worried blonde.  "Is he gonna be okay?"

"Yes Mister Malfoy, Harry will be just fine.  However, since the school year is almost over, and we have no idea if his family will take him in…"  Draco looked up in surprise; he had always assumed that Harry's family loved him as much as everyone else did.  "The Weasley's have already owled and asked to take him in, however they will have their hands full with Ron here.  Their house is simply too small to accommodate the people they need to care for the boys.  I just don't know what to do about Harry.  I don't live at the school full time and I can't be making the trip every day."

Draco looked at her in surprise.  He looked at the ceiling.  He knew that with both of his parents likely to go to Azkaban, he would inherit the Malfoy fortune early.  He looked at Madam Pomfrey.  "He can stay at Malfoy Manor, " Draco said.  "Everyone in the wizarding world know it and I could watch over him on the days you can't make it. "

She looked at his pleading face closely and she sighed.  "I'll talk to Dumbledore. "//

Draco sat up as he remembered the thrill he had felt when Dumbledore had agreed to let Draco look after Harry.  Of course, Dumbledore had asked why Draco had helped Harry.  And Draco felt he owed it to the professor to tell him the truth.  It had surprised Draco when Dumbledore had trusted him to watch over the Golden Boy. 

Draco looked at Harry's face and the lock of hair that was always falling in his face.  Draco reached up and he brushed the hair off Harry's face.  Draco's touch was tender as he brushed his fingers across Harry's face and down his cheek.  Draco sighed, by owl post the week before, Dumbledore had advised for Draco to tell Harry how he feels.  Well, now's as good a time as any.  He leaned foreword again.

 "I love you.  Do you know that?  No of course you don't.  How could you when you were too busy seeing Draco Malfoy as the enemy?  All I wanted was for you to notice me.  And notice me you did but not in the way I wanted.  It all started that day in Madam Malkin's, all I wanted was to be your friend.  Then on the train, you rejected my offer of friendship.  Do you know how much that hurt?   You chose those like Weasley and Granger over me, and I couldn't understand why you'd want to be around them and not me.  But I get it now.  They offered you friendship without any strings.  I guess I wanted more from you that you wanted to give, but all I've ever wanted was you.  Why couldn't you see that?  I lived to see you, to talk to you; I even lived for our fights.   Every word I ever said was in love, not hate.  But you, in your never-ending quest to become a martyr, never saw how I felt about you.  That's why I'm choosing to tell you while you're asleep instead of awake.  I could not bear to see the disgust on your face when I told you I love you.  You never knew the Dragon had a heart, did you?"  Draco sighed loudly and he got up out of the char he had been sitting in.  He stalked out of the room bellowing for Dobby to watch over Harry while Draco went to rest. 

After the door closed, Harry turned over in the bed and he looked at the closed door.  He smiled gently and he turned back over and he went back to sleep.  Goodnight Draco, Harry thought. 

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