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Summary: Draco watches over a sleeping Harry, remembering the day of Lord Voldemort's defeat. "You never knew the Dragon had a heart, did you?"

Author: Lenora

Rating: PG-13 or K+ as it's now listed

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August 14th would not be remembered for anything special in the Wizarding world, but for the newly wed Black and Malfoy families, it was the day that both returned from their honeymoons.

They stayed at their respective homes just long enough to pack their bags with fresh clothes before going to meet their family at the Department of Mysteries. Severus and Remus were there with little Tala, a vivacious almost seven month old. Dudley and Neville were also there, Dudley ready to start the Auror program in September and Neville going to the prestigious Herbology school also in September.

"Ready everyone?" Sirius asked, looking at the others. His family nodded and he very quietly walked through the veil along with Lucius.

"Welcome back Sirius," Archon said, looking at the black haired wizard fondly. "And who's this?" he asked, noticing several others emerging from the portal.

"This is my husband, Lucius Malfoy-Black," Sirius said, hugging Lucius to his side. "This is my godson/step-son-in-law Harry Potter-Malfoy and his husband Draco Potter-Malfoy. This is Harry's cousin Dudley Evans and his boyfriend Neville Longbottom. And this is my best mate, Remus Lupin-Snape, his husband Severus Lupin-Snape, and little Tala Lupin-Snape."

Archon nodded and he looked at the four couples before him. "Congratulations," he said looking between Sirius and Harry. "May your children grow to be half as great as their parents."

"How did you know?" Harry gasped.

"He's a god Harry, he knows these things," Severus said, standing in awe of the ancient god. After a moment he thought of what the god had revealed. "Wait a minute? Both Harry and Black are pregnant? Man, the Malfoy's have some pretty strong seed," he muttered. The others all broke into laughter.

Archon smiled at them all. "My friends, welcome to Atlantis," he said, moving his arm as if he was pulling back a curtain. Those that hadn't been there before gasped. Atlantis was the most beautiful place on earth.

It soon became a tradition to take their vacations in Atlantis, and as young Tala Lupin-Snape, James Malfoy-Black and Serena Potter-Malfoy, started school, at least one month from their summer vacation was spent in the paradise.

And as they say, all's well that ends well.