Get Psycho

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A/N: It's been a long time since this has been updated. I'm currently editing the chapters in hopes I will begin writing. This started with two writers but now, it's only me. Special Thanks go to SatanSpinner67 for sticking around as long as she did to write this with me. It was fun!

Warnings: Contains graphic violence, gore, language, sex, general weirdness, and torture… just to name a few. Please read with caution.

Chapter 1

I chuckled to myself as I carried a lean body in my arms. The dark crimson dripped onto my clothed body beautifully. Each droplet a part of her pointless life

Her worthless life


I decided to end it for her. End it. She could never do it herself. The stupid bitch, stupid bitch!

She tried to escape!!

She thought she could evade me by going to the cops. The second she crept into her house, I got her. I got her and I pulled out all her pearly white teeth with my pliers. She scream and cried for me to stop but it only made me want to hear her scream more.


Her long pink fingernails had caught my attention, only the day before they were purple.


She cares too much for her looks, I hate it.

I hate it I hate it- I hate her- she's filthy

I broke off all her perfect nails one by one, her sharp cries pitiful.

So pitiful . . .

Her fingers went next, each one carefully sawed off with another one of my special tools.

Her life spilled onto the floor.

Onto the floor, onto the white carpet

I'm sick of these fucking people. Fucking people. They're so easy to kill.


Easy to hunt

Easy to figure out

I need a real hunt.

A real prey.

After her fingers, off went her toes, those too a purple

Damn purple, damn purple

My gloved fingers traced the tears on her face, tears; there aren't enough tears, not nearly enough.

I must-


must break something. I crushed her ribs, everyone of them, oh there was more tears. The sound of the bones being crushed, and then tearing through her flesh brought a grin to my face and I laughed at her tears… More tears.

Her screams lost with in the shirt I shoved into her mouth. Pink cloth, pink.


There wasn't enough blood, there is never enough! They always bleed out before I can really torture them. TORTURE. How I love when their blood pools around their bodies. Crimson running off the blade of my scalpel, swirling with tears as I slice into their face.

She looks beautiful in red….

My scalpel! Yes, my favorite tool of choice. It cuts deeply into their perfect skin. Painting it scarlet; staining it scarlet . . .

Why did I kill her you may ask? Why did I kill her? Why did I kill her? ….Why not…?

She passed the test. What test? What test? Yes, question, good. Yes. Good, good.

What was her flaw? There was none to the eye. Her lovely skin, nice smile . . . but she-she was evil. A skank, a whore, you name the man she had screwed him senseless. Or the other way around.

Circles. Circles.

Yes, filthy bitch. Evil. I rid the world of her filth. Ended her existence with a single blade. Who could have imagined something so simple could do so much damage to a person's neck. Blood, I love how it drenches her shirt, her pink shirt. Her white skirt stained in red too.




I need to write


Paint on the walls with blood.

Her blood


So I did. I wrote in neat cursive, no sloppy cursive. Not cursive. Print. Just regular print. I left my name.

Such a beautiful name. A name that the people of West City and Satan City will never forget.


Written in crimson, dripping down the wall. I will not be remembered as a murderer. No, not a murderer. But as a god. A savior. Their savior.

Finch . . . oh what a beautiful bird. Its wings, soaring, yes soaring above everyone. Looking down upon them. Looking for good, yes good. If there is any good.


Evil. Evil, Evil, Evil! All of them, but when I find good, they'll be good no more. The good I have to destroy. Pure. Innocent. Destroyed. Obliterated. Desecrated. Dead. Yes, dead.




I picked up the brunette's body and exited the house. The lonely house. The silent house. The now empty house. The blood stained house. Her house no more. No more. City. The city that's where her body will go. Dumpster, perfect I know of one. At the corner of Manchester street and McAlester avenue, in the dark alley. Dark. Dark.

Only a few people are out at this time of night. Only a few, enough to choose new victims. New victims. More fun. Maybe they'll have more friends, more prey, more fun. I hopped into my vehicle. No, not telling what kind. Not telling. Nope. Threw body in the passenger side and drove off, yes drove. I drive. Stopped at the street corner; scanned the area. No people, nothing. Clear. I brought the body into my arms; she's skinny. Too skinny. She should have ate the food and let it go through her system instead of shoving her finger in her throat and spilling it into the toilet. Barfing. Throwing up. Yes, yes. Tossed her into the open dumpster. Trash. She is trash. She was trash until I disposed of her.

Good bye.

Another scum of this world gone.

Who's next? Who's next? I walked out to the street.



Test subjects.
Hmm, two.

Male and female.

Male: short, black flame shaped hair, deep voice.

Female: short blue hair, soft voce, taller then male.

Test, yes I need a test. But what? Hmm, what? Yes, I know. I went in front of them, my back hunched, yes cowering.

"Do you have any money to spare?" my voice croaked weakly. Weakly. I could have laughed but I hid it with my weak eyes.

"Of course." She smiled at me, a very pleasant smile. She passed. Yes-- she passed. She passed!

"Peh, damn woman always giving our money away." The other scowled, his eyes never meeting mine. No, he failed; he failed. Destroy good. Destroy evil. Not him. He hides.

I scrutinized the female. Yes, I know that face, yes stored in my mind. Bulma Briefs; Capsule Corps. Yes. And the male must be Vegeta, two children. Yes, I know.

Perfect, yes, perfect prey.

She handed me a wad of money. No, no need for money. I placed it in my coat pocket. "Do you need a place to stay? We have plenty of rooms at my house. It's very cold out." Yes, place to stay, home.

I nodded, "How very kind of you…. I would appreciate it." My words come out nice, but not in thoughts no, not thoughts, jumbled. Thoughts jumbled

Vegeta, he crossed his arms. Crossed. Yes, crossed his arms. Dark eyes. Not as dark, no his soul not as dark, could be. Yes could be. Angles, face in angles, light scars on skin, on tan skin. Silent lips, no smile. None.

"Come on follow us. My name is Bulma and this is Vegeta. He doesn't talk much." Vegeta growled, like a cat. A feline? Yes. "Some of our friends are going to be are over. You'll get to meet them. I'm sure they'll like you."

Yes, friends. More. "I hope they will. I don't know many people. You are too kind."

She laughed, no not at me. "If you think I'm nice wait until you meet Goku." Hmm Goku. Nicer than her. Yes. More.

"That name's familiar"

"Of course his name's familiar he saved the world a million time. He's the strongest warrior on Earth, probably the universe. I will surpass him one day." Vegeta smiled triumphantly putting on a good show. Lies, maybe. Yes, no, maybe. Smile? Few?

"Yeah, he is something." Bulma smiled, she must be thinking of this Goku. I've heard the name, yes. The mighty Hercule. His daughter's husband's father. Yes, I remember yes, some. Can't picture his face no, never seen him.

Good. He's good. Pure? Maybe. Innocent? Maybe. Most likely, not.

We didn't walk far; Capsule Corps is huge. Big yes. We went inside the double doors. Vegeta stepped away from me and out of sight mumbling something about food.

He left me with Bulma, no fear. Fear. None here. They will fear. Smiles greeted us. Smiles, too many. But one seemed to glow. Glow. Bright. A hand was in front of me. I looked at a man about my height. Wild ebony hair. Ebony, wild and ebony. Dark eyes, big eyes, innocent eyes, pure eyes, comforting eyes, hopeful eyes. Perfect skin, yes perfect. No age lines, he didn't look a day over 18. Not a day. His grin wide, white teeth, ah yes. A sweet scent, yes sweet. A god must have made his features; they were perfect. Yes, perfect. Must- must be destroyed. Beautiful. Yes too beautiful. Destroy. Vanquish. After Bulma, it was him. My prey.

The perfect prey.

My prey needs a name. The words fall from his lips, yes his voice beautiful. I took his hand in mine. Soft skin. Warm skin. Yes, good. His sculpted lips moved again, forming words. Words.

"Hi, I'm Goku."


I threw the covers from my body and slid into a sitting position. My feet touched the floor, the carpet soft under my toes. Carefully I stood, making sure not to rouse the one next to me. I made my way to the door and opened it. Cool air from the hall rushed in and soothed my nerves. But I was still angry.

Why must I always be angry? Couldn't I be happy too? Or was it too much to ask of these people around me, and the one person I love. My dearest Sayian. The one they call Goku.

I made it to the end of the hall and descended the wide staircase. When I reached the bottom, I switched on the light. Dim yellow poured into the room with the flick of my wrist. I blinked and then walked on, to the large window across the room. I sat down on its seal and stared out into the night.

My Sayian . . . My love. Why couldn't you love me? I'm dying inside without your touch, your innocence. You and I are so different, but we were made for each other. You're everything I'm not and oh, how I long for you. I burn for you. But we cannot be together; no fate will not allow it. So, we must stick to this life of society, living for what all the others want.

I clenched my teeth at the thoughts that played through my mind over and over again. I raised my head and the stars glowed in the darkness of the night. The arms of cold black nothing seemed to wrap around them as if holding on to their light because, for the dark, there was none. And the moon, oh the moon. It was full tonight, and what beauty it held, what light.

I love the moon, especially when it's full. Maybe just as much as I love the Sayian. Sometimes I ask myself why I don't give up . . . it is pointless. But my heart won't let me turn away from him. I could never love anyone else.

I snorted and turned away from the glittery stars and round moon. The party that took place earlier tonight . . . It made me angry. Restless. Everyone around him. Goku the Sayian. He was mine. But that was not true, and that made my blood boil . . .And that man . . . That stranger. He was touching my Sayian. How dare he. They all knew nothing of this love, this true love I had for him.

But what would I know about that?

A great deal actually. I love the Sayian. So much that I would KILL for him . . .

My thoughts trailed off and I shook my head. But I didn't kill for him, because I knew he would hate me for it. If he ever hated me, I don't know what I would do . . . Break. Yes, I would break without his smiles and care. That's why I put on this act. It's all for him.

Rain began to fall outside and I looked at the window again. Sighing sadly, I pressed my cheek to the cool, solid glass. A tear slipped from my eyes and ran down my face. So many had come before it, but no one noticed. They never saw me cry. They never saw the cuts on my arms . . . My wrists. But I hid it well, as I did everything else.

I held myself tightly and stared at the moon as it began to blur into the rain.

Maybe one day this could all change. I could have my Sayian and my love could be unleashed. I would wait until the end of time for that day to come . . . But for some reason, I had the oddest feeling maybe that day was not too far off.

To be continued…