Get Psycho

Chapter 21: Broken Heart

Finch hadn't won. Not yet.

Alex ran across the parking lot of the mostly empty police station, coming closer to his destination... He had made it in record time and he felt a smile tug at his lips. He'd get backup... then get that psycho Finch.

The tips of his fingers touched the door- pain flared in his arm as it was twisted back and a hand covered his mouth roughly. "Hello… Detective." The man's startled cry was drowned out in the callused hand. Short nails clawed at the hands that held him in place as he recognized the voice.


'He's not the psychotic maniac who is killing everyone! Why the hell is he attacking me?' Alex fought relentlessly but it all was futile, he was exhausting himself as Vegeta dragged him away from the building. His black shoes dug into the grass and one of them slipped off as he was thrown to the ground, the wet grass caught his fall. He scrambled to his feet, but Vegeta was on him in a heartbeat, smirking at him as he pulled him to his feet by the front of his shirt, the collar tore as he pulled back.

"Vegeta- what are you-" A slap across the face silenced him and the taste of copper filled his mouth.

"Don't waste your breath pathetic human." He growled, his voice filled with purpose as he continued. "Where is he." It wasn't a question… it was a command.

Alex stared at him, his eyes wide with terror, and a sudden sickness. 'Where was who? Finch?' He had no fucking idea what the hell he was talking about. 'There was no way in hell he could kill Finch.' He gasped as Vegeta grabbed his tie and tightened it. "Well? Where is he?" The detective tried to pull in air.

"I- I don't…. Don't know who you're talking… about." His voice rasped as the grip loosened.

"Kakkarot. Where is he?" he watched the detective's eyebrows draw together as he stared at him in confusion. 'Who the hell was that?' Vegeta's eyes narrowed, his patience was wearing thin. "Goku." He should have known the idiot human wouldn't know who Kakkarot is.

"I…" Alex swallowed hard, trying to think of an answer that wouldn't get him killed. Maybe he didn't have to say anything. His hand dropped to his side and he slowly reached inside of his blazer, hoping the Sayian wouldn't notice. A startled cry left his lips as Vegeta suddenly pulled him close, their noses brushed against one another's.

"I'm waiting for your answer… Detective." Vegeta smiled at the younger man with sick intent.

Alex clenched his jaw. "I don't know wh-" before he could finish the gun was gone from him and pressed against his temple. Vegeta's speed was incredible. It took him less than a second to grab it from the detective's hand and press it into his skin.

"You were going to shoot me, were you?" He hissed the words into the brunette's ear as he held him in place with his free hand. He let the black barrel trail down Alex's cheek, to his lips, lightly touching them as he continued his trail down to his chin and he placed the barrel underneath. The berretta tilted the detective's head back painfully. "Answer me."

Alex shook his head. "I wasn't going to shot you Vegeta- listen to me I ca-" A scream caught in his throat as pain flared across his face and he was on the ground, clutching his bleeding cheek.

"DON'T LIE TOME!" Vegeta shouted as he kicked the brunette in the stomach, knocking him over and causing blood to emerge from his mouth.

"Stop- listen to me!" His voice was hoarse and low as he tried to reason with the obviously disturbed man. 'He's crazy!'

"What was that? You want me to listen to you?" Vegeta spit at Alex's flailing body, leaned down and pulled him back to his feet. He examined his handy work. The detective' cheek was swollen, blood rolled down his cheek, mixing with fresh tears which left a beautifully exquisite red lines down his face. He squeezed the detective's blood slicked wrists together and smirked. He knew they had been bleeding. "Care to tell me about… that?" Alex's eyes were clenched shut. "Detective." He slowly opened his red rimmed eyes.

"Finch, he… I don't know. He let me live… I don't understand why…" He blinked away the confusion as Vegeta's eyes stared into his. "I came here to get backup. I think I may know where Finch-"

"Does he have Kakkarot?"

"I don't know." Alex licked the blood from his lips. No emotion passed through the Sayian's eyes.

"You don't know much do you? Why should I keep you alive? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip your throat out…" He said lowly.

"I can help you find him. I know the city and I can recall where I came from. Maybe he has Goku there."

Vegeta eyed the man. "I'm convinced, but if we don't find him, I will kill you." The Prince released Alex from his grip; he stood, with the berretta held loosely in his hand. "Kakkarot could be dead, why are you standing there?

"If I'm dead because I couldn't breathe, you'll never find him." Vegeta narrowed his eyes at this.

"Don't get mouthy with me, Detective." Alex began walking away from the police station, the way he had come from. 'Would Vegeta kill me even if we find Goku?' His mind screamed for him to take off running and get inside the police station. He also knew he couldn't move as quickly as the Sayian could. No where near as fast. Vegeta followed a few steps behind him, his eyes following his every movement. 'Shit…' there was no way he could escape. Unless somehow… he walked next to the building and grabbed the door and ran inside, but the chance of it actually working… was not in his favor. His hope was gone. His shoulders slumped in defeat as they crossed the street.

Finch stopped mid stride. His head tilted slightly as he stared off at nothing. His lip twitched and his face was unreadable. 'God... what is wrong with this man? What… is he?'

Goku watched as his lips suddenly curled into a smile. His head shifted and he finally spoke. "Too bad… I let him live but your friend doesn't seem to think the same way."

'What was he talking about?'

It was as if Finch could hear his thoughts, "Your friend Vegeta has Alex as a hostage to find you. I do believe he will kill him once he finds us. Pity. I had grown so fond of him…" He frowned and he looked back to where Videl had buried herself. "Goku, you know what I have to do. If Vegeta does happen to find us, I will have to kill him, Alex, and I will be very unhappy if you happen to get killed in the crossfire. It's time for me to go home."

Goku's eyes went wide. 'After everything this maniac has done, his goal is to go home? Go back to hell.'

"On the contrary, I am not from hell." Finch's eyes darted to Goku then a small table to the left of him.

"That's not possible. Nothing as evil as you could come from heaven. It's a lie!" Goku's arms strained as he tried to free himself.

"Believe what you want." He moved towards a table, opening a small drawer. Something glimmered in his hand, a scalpel. "Either way, you're going with me."

"This way, come on!" Alex shouted as he tried to keep up with Vegeta. A while back Vegeta had thrown the gun in a dumpster. At least he didn't need to worry about getting shot…

They ran past a few places he didn't quite recall going past earlier. He prayed he was going the right way. He still didn't understand why Finch had let him go… Maybe he was attached to him in someway, no matter how evil someone was, they're bound to make a friend or two. Anton had been a very close friend of his, he thought highly of him and trusted him with his life. He is evil. There is no doubt that he has to be killed. He didn't know if he could do it. Kill his best friend? Pull the trigger… stab him in the chest… break his neck… His eyes looked to Vegeta.

Vegeta had completely lost it. He could do it. Vegeta could kill Finch. He had to or Finch would kill everyone. Pick them apart piece, by piece.

The box had been addressed to their prescient. Written in crimson on top of the cardboard. They knew immediately who the 'gift' was from. Alex took a deep breath. Knowing whatever was in that box…

The bottom of the box was soaked through with blood. He felt sick. This was a nice city to live in. There was minimal violence, few robberies, and some nut jobs. Nothing they couldn't handle. But this… people were afraid to go anywhere. There was a 10pm curfew, police patrolled the streets after that. Never before had people in this city lived in fear.

He wanted this sick man to be caught, and fried. He wanted to be there when they pulled the switch, to watch him burn

Anton was now standing next to him, calm and ready for anything. "The bomb squad is on their way."

"It's not a bomb."

"You think I don't know that? It's not his style. It's procedure, we have to do this." Anton frowned and rested a hand on his partner's shoulder, with a small squeeze he said, "Let's get going, we'll only slow them down." He was right. Alex glanced back at the box, blood had started to seep onto Anton's desk. Covering white paper and the colored sticky notes that were on it.

They both left their office and went down the street to a hole in the wall coffee shop.

"Maybe he's trying to tell us something?"

"If he's trying to tell us he's psycho, well we already know that." Anton gave a small smile at Alex's words. "We've been following him for… almost a year and we have jack shit. No finger prints, no hair, no blood, nothing. He's fucking with us. He has us in the palm of his hands, he's laughing." Alex shook his head and took a ship of his coffee.

"I know…" Anton stared idly at his coffee. "The Feds will probably pick this case up soon. I'm surprised they haven't yet."

"They'll give it to Mulder and Scully. It's weird enough." Alex and Anton shared a laugh. "Honestly, I want them to. It might cause him to stop, or I donno, find someone else to fuck with besides us."

"It's only because we're on the case…If it wasn't us, it'd be someone else. I'd rather it be us them the Feds. It'll probably go into a stack of files and be forgotten. I don't want that, you don't want that. Alex, we're the only ones who can stop him. He'll get careless. They always do."

"Not this one. He won't. Keep dreaming buddy."

An hour later they were called back to the office. The female officer that called them was obviously disturbed by what she bad seen.

"I've brushed it for prints. The only one's we've found are from the UPS guy, Carl." Detective Martens told them as they walked into the lab; her face was drained of color. "I know I've been here for a few years but this… I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight."

The box sat in on the lab table, the top of the box sat open. The smell of old blood and formaldehyde hit them like a wave. Both the detectives covered their nose. Finch obviously wanted to preserve whatever was in the box. Anton was the first to peer over the side of the box, he jerked back from the smell. His eyes watered as he coughed. "It's a heart."

Alex sucked in as much air as possible before he looked into the box. The bottom of the box was drenched in at least an inch of blood. The heart was split in two, he could see right into the ventricles on both sides. Both were filled with thick blood. The veins were all cut perfectly. Whoever did this had some sort of background in med, or they had a steady hand. The slice down the center was perfect also, separating both sides. Finch needed everything perfect.

On the side of the box, the Detectives barely could read what was written in blood. One word written on every spot on the cardboard that was available.


"He has a broken heart." Anton was the first to say it. "He's upset about something." Alex nodded, feeling the same way to. "More will die from this point on. Many more."

Anton's thoughts had always been correct. Only because he knew. He was killing everyone. The sick fucker!

Alex saw a white sign that read 'West Palm Lane'. There it was! The once abandoned building was at the far end of the street. He could see it from where he was. "Vegeta! There… it… is!" He shouted between raspy breaths.

He watched in awe as Vegeta kicked off the asphalt and flew through the sky. Alex nearly fell as Vegeta flew towards the building. "What the fuck… what… is… he…"

To be continued….