Ages: Marie-4 Bobby-5 1/2

"MOM! Bobby did somein' yuckie!" The little four year old girl yelled to her mother. Her mother ran outside to where her daughter and the neighbor boy were playing."Honey are you ok?" "Mommy....Bobby....umm....He....Bobbykisseedmeanddatshowyougetdacooties." Her mother let out a huge sigh. "Sweetheart your gonna have to run that by me again." The little girl blushed and looked down at the ground. "Bobby...kissed me and now I probably have da cooties...." The older woman laughed as hard as she could. "Oh babygirl. Ya wanna know something!?He probably kissed you becuase he likes you." "EEEEWWWWW!!!Mom pwease. Boys and girls do NOT kiss each oder." Her mother smiled at her and let kissed the girl on the forehead. "Dont worry baby. Im pretty sure you dont have cooties.....," She saw her daughters face turn sad and realised what else she need to say,"Oh and Bobby and you can still play." The little girl looked up with a grin on her face and ran to the back yard. Her mother watched her run and sighed."Oh Marie your something special...." ~Meanwhile in the BackYard~ Bobby sat on the steps to the porch in his small backyard. His head was rested in his hands and he was looking down at the ground. He didnt know why he kissed her. First of all she was a girl! Second she was only four. He was almost six...well in another year, but still...he just felt the sudden urge to kiss her. The were playing house and he was the daddy and she was the mommy, and he rememebred that kissing is what grown-ups do. So he did that to his 'wife'. Now his bestfriend just ran off crying. he felt bad. He never liked to make her cry. He felt bad everytime he saw her cry, and..."Umm....Bobby?" He looked up and saw the face of the four year old Marie."Umm......." "Im sowry Bobby...." " to Mawie...." The little girl smield and grabbed his hand. "Ok lets go pway!!" Then the two kids ran off down the street.


*A/N I really hope you liked it. R/R. Sorry if I have to much mis spelled words. My computer isnt working right. So I dont have spell check or anything like that now. It'll hopefully work soon though. Chapter 2 preview below. Dont read preview if you dont want a spoiler. Preview : "I-I dont know...I just..before I got in the water I felt alittle weird. Then all I did was barely touch it and it just...well, it froze."