"Mystique I wana thank you for being such a great friend to me during these few monthes."

"Yes, Bobby my boy your very welcome. I even believe you've gained my trust. I...Ive never been so happy. I feel like now I have something."


Bobby and Mystique leaned in for a hug. When Bobby pulled out something from under his palm. Mystique felt a sting in her back and Bobby pulled away. She fell to her knee's blood oozing out of her mouth. Bobby smiled at her as she placed a dry hand on her back feeling the blood pooring from the whole where the knife had been. She smiled and frowned at the same time if it was possible. The suddenly she fell forward to the ground and the last thing she heard was Bobby's laugh.

*2 weeks later*

The door bell rung and Marie stopped braiding Karen's hair. She kissed Karen on the forehead and got up.

"Ill be back sweet heart."

As she got to the door she saw the one person she thought she never would again. Her knee's felt like jello and she screamed. Tears of happyness fell from her Green eyes. She fell to the floor and felt strong arms grasp her waist pulling her up. He looked inot her eyes and caressed her soft cheek. He just had to make sure this was real. They heard some noise in the back and they both turned when they heard...


*Someplace Else*

The music began to play and The bride walked down the ile. Her dress was short and cream colored. She walked slowly and made her way. The preist opened his mouthbut suddenly interupted. John looked at his fiance's eyes. Wait. This isnt Jubilee. She was his true love. He couldnt do this.

"Im sorry."

John turned and left. He ran down and out the doors. He walked slowly to his apartments. He began to walk up the steps when he heard a voice he didnt expect.

"Are you sure he isnt here?"

"Im sure ma'am. He has already left for the wedding. Im sorry."

"Oh dear god Im to late...."


Her head tunrned and she sighed. He ran to her and hugged her before he heard a giggle. A small giggle. Then another. He looked down at Jubillee's feet and saw Two little babies about a month old. They were sitting in a carseats. He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes.


"John I think you need to meet some people....This," pointing at the baby in hte bunny car seat," Is Savannah. And this is Jeremy."

He bent down to get a good look at his children and looked up at Jubillee's hopeful face. Then smiled.

"May I hold them."

"O-Of Course."

She picked up the girl and place her in Johns arms. Then she herself took the boy in her own arms. They looked at each other and both walked into the building. The door man only smiled at the scene....


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