AN: Alright, people, this is a departure from what I usually write, but the suspense was draining me seriously, and I have some serious writer's block on 'Beautiful Secrets', so I'm gonna relax and loosen up a bit. Here's some humor for ya! Also…this is my first fic with Spot in it…and I'm a little nervous about how I write him…so don't kill me, please? I know all you people out there love Spot, so I'll try to behave…* snickers evilly * Oh, and even Jack fans will like this fic, I promise!

Summary: The newsies are sick of Jack stereotyping them and they think he's becoming far too high on himself. So what do they go and do? Play a prank on him that will envelope the whole lodging house and the King of Brooklyn himself…

PLEASE READ!!!  Don't be confused. The first chapter is narrative, the rest is Jack's POV!!


            "Jack's late. Again."

            The entire bunkroom groaned as Mush walked in and gave this latest announcement. They knew Kloppman would be in a foul mood tomorrow morning with Jack walking in late for the third night in a row.

            "What's wrong, Mush?" Blink asked, noticing that his friend was a whole lot less chipper than usual.

            "He called me a softy again. In front of everyone at Tibby's. I'm getting' sick of it, ya know?"

            "Yeah, I know."

            Skittery threw his hat onto his bunk. "He needs a good slap in the face, that's all. He's getting' a little too high on hisself."

            A smile began to form on Racetrack's face. "Skittery…for once ya said somethin' I agree with…and I have just da right idea."

            For once, the boys were glad that Jack came in late. By the time he walked in and fell asleep, all the other boys were asleep and the entire plan had been laid out.

            Come tomorrow, Jack Kelly would be wondering if he'd gone insane.


AN: Ah, I love cliffhangers! This is gonna be good. Oh yes…this is going to be very fun. Hold onto your seats, kiddos…this is gonna be one helluva ride!