Sailor Moon Lunar Saiyan

By Mako-sempai

Ages: Senshi: 11

Gohan and Goten: 7

Everyone else: Normal from the series

Pluto: Who knows?

Disclaimer: Don't own them. Just the plot and the concept of Sailor Silver. Get over it.

Usagi: Hey everyone! Last time the Saiyans arrived and didn't waste any time coming after us. They killed Yamcha, Tien, and even little Chao-tzu! Krillen and I tried to stop them, seeing as Piccolo was killed right in front of Gohan and Goten. Then my dad showed up! I'm aiming to tell him that I'm Sailor Silver! Oh! Did I mention I had a flashback about my past? Weird…I've gotta ask Pluto about it after this is all over…

"Wait Goku! I need to tell you something first!" Sailor Silver said in a slight hurry.

"Hmm? What's up?"

Sailor Silver takes her tiara off, as this happens, all her hair decorations also disappear briefly. "Recognize me now?" the Sailor Senshi said to him.

"U-Usagi? What are you…" Before Goku could finish, Usagi interrupted.

"I'll explain later, but please don't kill Vegeta! If you can believe it, you two were friends before the fall of the Silver Millenium."

"Silver Millenium?" Goku said, as puzzled as ever.

"That's where I was killed in my past life. I was Princess Serenity. You and Vegeta came with Prince Trunks to my birthday ball. Trunks died with me, while you two headed back to Vegeta after trying all you could to help save us from Queen Beryl." At this point, she put the tiara back on her forehead and all her hair decorations return.

"Queen Beryl?" a confused Goku replied.

"Dad! I don't have time to tell you everything! Just don't fight Vegeta!"

"But I have to kill that big guy first! He was the one who killed our friends!"

"Hang on…" She thinks about the flashback again, but doesn't see the big bald guy in them. "I don't know who he is. I'm guessing he's free game…"

"Alright! I'll get revenge for everyone!" Goku looks back at her. "You'll see how strong your father has gotten!" He runs toward Nappa.

Nappa turns only to be kicked away, retreating back towards Vegeta. "Heh, looks like I have another playmate. Hey wait a minute, isn't that Kakarotto, Vegeta?"

Vegeta takes another look at Goku. "Yeah it is, he's the main reason why the Saiyans don't control this planet. Kill him."

Nappa puts his sadistic grin back on, laughing a little as Goku suddenly shows them both up by howling a warcry of a yell as the ground shakes and his power rises immensely. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, after all any Saiyan can raise his ki up high as a showmanship of power (or ego) in the heat of battle. However this lone warrior who came to them seems to be showing them up. Rocks crumble under the strength of the wavelengths of ki, cliff sides fall and crumble to the wayside; even a few trees fall over. Nappa raises a curious eyebrow; nevertheless more interested and excited though he scoffs the move thinking that Kakarotto is nothing. Vegeta however, took on the sudden uprising as a possible warning or even a breach to his own might. Nappa snickers. "Nappa! This is serious, shut up!" . The bald warrior quickly quiets and tries again to stay focused as he figures If Vegeta is telling me to take this shrimp seriously, to stay quiet as he's showing off, maybe he's got some spunk. Pft….nah.

Suddenly both of the Saiyajin warriors don't seem so confident in their dominance over the planet, nay one warrior who just showed up out of nowhere.

Where did this one come from..? Is the thought that goes through Vegeta's mind..shocked but not too taken back. That is, until his scouter across his left eye starts up and starts calculating numbers written in the Saiyajin language. The numbers keep going higher and higher and Vegeta stands back, agast. "Vegeta?" Nappa questions his comrade as he starts to see that Vegeta's showing an emotion no Saiyajin warrior shows too often; nervousness of a higher power. It…just keeps on going and going, does he have no limit? Vegeta thinks, growing mad.

The fireworks show of ki-raising stops as Goku stands there, focused to the point of being ready for the fight. Silence.

Nappa, tense and a little confused, looks to his friend Vegeta. "Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?". Vegeta doesn't want to answer as he takes his scouter off his left eye, rage building, and crushes it as a small tint of rage lets out. "It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAANNNDD!" he shouts at the top of his lungs with his eyes widened and teeth gritted.

"What, NINE THOUSAND?" Nappa replies back in disbelief. "Goku", Kakarotto was a definite threat to them. "There's no way that can be right! Must be broken!" Nappa tries to reason with himself. (A/N 8/17/2011: Meant to say this when I first wrote the chapter but, sorry, I just had to throw all that in.)

Usagi, along with Gohan and Goten, just stare in awe and shock. "Whoa….! Look how powerful Dad's gotten, he's gonna beat them now! YE-HA!" Gohan shouts.

His power level's over 9000? Dang Dad, what kind of training were you put under…? Usagi thought as she watches him power up. Suddenly she feels a rise in her own power level, not quite as high as Goku, but still pretty high for her age. I must power up whenever Dad does….I wonder if anything in the past has anything to do with it…I'll have to try for another vision or ask Pluto…

Goten tugged at her skirt and said, "Sailor Silver, Daddy's going to win, right? He's going to beat them up?"

She looked to him and knelt on the ground to the twins' level and put her hands on their shoulders. "We have no need to worry about the Saiya-jin threat anymore boys, your father and I will take care of them." She stood up and started walking out to the field, but she turned a little to look at them. "Plus, I promised your mother I'd keep you two safe. I can't let her down. Sailor Silver's not COMPLETELY powerless." She turned back and headed back towards Goku.…

Goku turned around to see that Silver was on her way back to him. "Sailor Silver, what are you doing?"

Silver looked at him and said, "It's okay, Dad, I think my power level rises whenever yours does. I feel stronger than I did a few seconds ago! Besides, I promised Mom I'd protect the twins."

Goku smirked a bit before turning back to Vegeta and Nappa. "So, which of you want to try me?"

Nappa stepped forward. "Let me take care of this weakling Vegeta. No sense in wasting YOUR time on him."

Vegeta just stood there. "Sure, be my guest.."

"Hehe, get ready Kakarotto, you'll wish you DID destroy this planet when you had the chance."

Goten: Hey everyone it's Goten! Next time, that big guy's gonna fight Dad and Sailor Silver..! I hope they win, Gohan tells me that it's the only way to save the planet! Next time, on Sailor Moon Lunar Saiyan, episode (chapter) 14; The Fight of Old Friends; Don't fight anymore! See you soon!