Hey everyone! Here comes my 3rd story so far (yes, yes I know, I still have to finish my first one...) Anyway, this story is a parody of the Breakfast Club. If you haven't heard of this 80's classic, it's about 5 highschool kids from different status' (rebel, princess, jock, nerd, basketcase) that are forced to spend an entire Saturday together in detention. While fighting, they find out secrets about each other and eventually become friends. My story will, of course, star the Hey Arnold gang. I will be adding an extra character and changing some of the characters stereotypes around from the movie. Although it will be the same HA! characters, but they will only know each other a little bit, some more than others. So it will of course be different but I hope you enjoy it, so here goes the first chapter....

Disclaimer: Don't own HA!...


One cold Saturday in February, Helga Pataki was walking down the sidewalk to the Hillwood High School. Shivering against the morning cold, she pulled her thick coat tighter around her body.

Damn detention,' she thought as she continued to make her way down the sidewalk. Noticing the school up ahead, she quickened her pace.


Now Rhonda dahling, Mother and I know that you don't want to be here, but sometimes, as upper-classmen in society, we have to face horrible situations too. Just try to hang in there, Rhonda's father reassured her.

Rhonda looked over at him from the passenger side of the porche. But Daddy, how do you expect me to stay here eight hours with...detention freaks! Rhonda whined, flipping her hair.

Look Rhonda, I'll buy you that $600 dollar jacket you wanted from Paris, please just get through it, Rhonda's father compromised, giving her a pitying look.

Very well, Rhonda pretended to pout, and slipped out of the car, sleekily. The porche drove away as Rhonda made her way up the front steps to the school.


Now Arnold, I know you don't want to be here, but Wartz said you broke a school rule, so just get through it. It probably won't be as bad as you think, unless all he other kids gang up on you and force you to eat cafetaria food! Arnold's grandpa said sarcastically, pulling the Packard up to the front of the school.

Arnold sighed as he got out of the car, Funny Grampa, I'll get through it though. See ya in eight hours, Arnold waved as the Packard sped off, then made his way up the front steps as well, noticing Rhonda Loydd ahead of him.


Mother, I know my actions were wrong and am prepared to face the consequences that lie ahead, Phoebe stated, almost as if reading a book.

You sure were young lady, now go on and make this detention useful, get some studying done, Phoebe's mom scolded.

Yes Mother, Phoebe replied, as she grabbed her bookbag and climbed out of the van.


Now son, guys fool around, it happens, Gerald's dad reassured.

Gerald nodded.

But getting caught is another story, Gerald's dad continued.

Gerald continued to nod.

Are you listening to me? Do you wanna miss your practices? Do you wanna to miss your chance at being number one!? Gerald's dad scolded.

Of course not dad, let it go, mom already lectured me, Gerald sighed, looking at the floor of the truck.

Well next time, don't get caught! Now go, Gerald's dad said firmly, as Gerald pulled his leather man's jacket tighter around him and got out of the truck.


Curly continued to run at full speed until he saw the school, then slowly walked.

La da, dum, de dum, freein' the animals, he sang under his breath as he walked toward the school and up the steps, his trench coat wrapped all the way around him, and his hands jammed into his pockets.


Well, what do you think so far, I know it was a short chapter but I just wanted it to start off kinda slow, so tell me whatcha think! ;^)