Again, I know the update has been awhile…but, yeah, no excuse besides the fact that college leaves you no time…anyway, here's the last chapter…I rather hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it (a cliché line I know…but whatever). Again, I love Hey Arnold and I always will even though the fandom seems to have gotten progressively smaller, it's still a very inspirational cartoon for me…especially since I'm at art college to become an animator. Anyway, my thanks goes out to all those who commented on this story thus far and hopefully this (somewhat) short chapter won't be too disappointing…but it has come to the end…also, I hope everyone gets some of the little jokes I've thrown in…enjoy ;)

Curly jiggled the knob on the stereo system until the radio station came in perfectly clear.

"This'll have to do!" he called out from the audio/visual room on the library balcony.

"What is it?" Rhonda yelled up to him, curiously.

"Sounds like some old 80s hit," Helga chuckled from her position next to Arnold on the floor.

"Well, it's the only station that'll come in perfectly clear," Curly explained, as he popped his head out from the doorway.

The fast-pace beat of the music could be heard all throughout the library as the teens slowly got up from their positions on the floor and made their way down the staircase.

Gerald stretched his arms as he walked down, "Well, this has been a most interesting day."

"Interesting indeed," Arnold smirked as he helped Helga up out of her sitting position on the floor.

"Thanks football-head," Helga smirked back as she picked up her bag from the floor.

Curly turned the music up louder and bolted down the stairs, almost pushing Phoebe down in the process.

"Hey man, watch it!" Gerald yelled down to Curly as Phoebe toppled into his arms. "Never mind, thanks!" he grinned as Phoebe giggled softly in his arms.

"Aw, quick the mushy-crap and lets get this party started!" Helga grinned sarcastically.

Arnold leaned over to Gerald, "Wow, she has such a way with words doesn't she."

Gerald laughed at his friend's apparent lovesickness, "She sure does man, she sure does."

"Well, this music may not be 'in', but it's not bad for dancing, I must say. Even prom dance-worthy…" Rhonda trailed off, no doubt thinking about her part in the dance committee. She was soon yanked out of her thoughts as Curly suddenly grabbed her hand and forced her into a twirl.

Everyone fell in silence as they waited for Rhonda's inevitable hostile reaction.

Glancing at everyone and then turning her attention back to a grinning-Curly, Rhonda smiled, "Why Curly, I must say you dance divinely!"

"I've taken a couple dance lessons or two," Curly grinned sheepishly as he and Rhonda continued a tango across the library floor.

Arnold gave a bow as he took Helga's hand, "May I have this dance m'lady?" he grinned.

Helga gave an exaggerated curtsy as she took Arnold's outstretched hand, "It would be my pleasure young sir."

Gerald turned to Phoebe, "Hey, you wanna-"

"Let's dance!" Phoebe said as she grabbed Gerald's hand.

Curly continued to spin Rhonda, as Helga jokingly broke out into a Molly-Ringwald-worthy 80s dance impression; kicking her feet out and swinging her arms in low, short arcs.

Arnold cracked up at Helga's enthusiasm as Gerald swung Phoebe around and Curly dipped Rhonda.

The song soon ended and the gang ended up in hysterics all around the library floor.

Phoebe glanced up at the big clock overlooking the library's first floor and grinned, "Hey guys, you'll never believe what time it is."

Everyone looked in wide-eyed surprise as the clock's minute hand swung to 2:46.

"Well shit, we'd better get back to our seats before Wartz comes in and freaks out," Helga said.

"We probably should pick up some too unless we wanna spend another Saturday here," Arnold smirked.

"Hey, I could use the company," Curly joked as he picked up a few of the books he'd thrown only earlier that day and tossed them into the library's "return" box.

"Oh yeah, that sucks with your detentions an all," Rhonda replied seriously as she tossed some books in the "return" box as well.

Curly grinned and leaned against the front desk, crossing his arms, "Well maybe you'd want to get in trouble and keep me company these next couple Saturdays, what do ya say?"

Rhonda cleared her throat, smiled, and leaned in close to Curly, clearly making him nervous, "I don't think so," she stated.

Gerald cracked up as Helga smirked, "Wow, you sure no how to flatter a woman," she said sarcastically, helping Arnold straighten up the desks.

"A true Romeo," Phoebe giggled in agreement.

Curly gave a small smirk as Rhonda folded her arms.

"But, if you wanna do something after…" Rhonda sighed as she pulled a pen out of her purse that was still sitting on the table. She turned to Curly, grabbed his hand, and started to write on it. Curly stared at her, wide-eyed as she finished and looked up at him,

"Call me," she purred as she headed back to her seat.

Everyone looked at Rhonda incredulously as Curly stared down at his hand, "I'll never wash this hand again," he stated as he headed back toward the library door.

Rhonda winced as he passed her, "Just don't be a freak about it, jeez."

Arnold and Gerald laughed as Helga rolled her eyes toward Phoebe, causing her to giggle.

Curly gave a salute toward the gang before disappearing out the door and heading back to Principal Wartz's office.

Gerald gave a salute back towards the door and turned to Rhonda, "There goes a good man, wouldn't you say Rhonda?"

"Oh jeez Gerald, don't get all sentimental on me," Rhonda scoffed as her cheeks flushed.

Everyone returned to their seats not two minutes before Principal Wartz's glum face entered the room. The clock read 3:00 and his watch read 3:00; Saturday detention was over at long last.

"You students may go, and I hope today's festivities helped you learn a valuable lesson about school life, and what is, and what is not appropriate on school grounds," Wartz droned on, trying to make a point.

"Oh yes sir, we'll think twice about our actions next time," Rhonda rolled her eyes.

Wartz ignored her sarcasm and gestured to the door, "Until next time students."

Helga stood up and headed towards the door, followed by Arnold, Rhonda, and Phoebe and Gerald bringing up the rear.

Wartz sighed as he watched them walk past.

They soon reached the front of the school and out into the afternoon sunlight that wasn't doing much to the glistening white snow.

Arnold hurried toward Helga who was debating whether to start walking home, "Hey Helga, wait up."

Helga's face lit up before she turned around, "Yeah Arnold?"

"You wanna ride home?" Arnold asked, his cheeks flushed.

"Oh yeah, sure, that'd be great," Helga smiled shyly.

Arnold put his arm around her shoulders and gestured towards his Grandpa's Packard that had just pulled into the parking lot.

"Bye Phoebe," Helga called over her shoulder, grinning from ear to ear.

"Bye Helga, bye Arnold," Phoebe smiled for her friend.

"Bye guys," Gerald grinned as well, turning to Phoebe, "So hey, Phoebe, I was wondering if…well, you know…"

Phoebe smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Here's my number, call me sometime."

She headed to her mom's car, leaving Gerald wide-eyed and goofy-grinned.

"Yeah, I'll do that," he stared after her.

She waved one last time before speeding off.

Rhonda headed toward Gerald, socking him in the arm, "Put your eyes back in your head," she grinned as he carefully folded and placed the paper with Phoebe's number into his letterman's jacket.

"Shut it Rhonda," he couldn't help but grin, "Jeez, who are you waiting for I wonder?"

Rhonda looked taken aback before replying, "If you must know, I was going to ask if I could give Curly a ride home."

"Will wonders never cease?" Gerald chuckled as he headed to his father's car that had just pulled into the lot, "See ya princess!"

"Bye sporto!" Rhonda yelled back to Gerald as Curly came bounding out of the school.

"Freedom!" Curly yelled as Wartz closed the front door and locked it, heading to his car, muttering something about teenagers.

Curly soon noticed Rhonda and looked around, "What are you still doing here?"

Rhonda wrapped her fur coat tighter around her, "Well, I'm waiting for my ride, and…I was wondering…if you wanted a ride."

Curly chuckled, "You don't have to feel sorry for me princess."

"Oh please, there are many other people I could feel sorry for," she grinned and looked toward the parking lot, "And…it looks like my ride forgot me…again."

Curly looked at her embarrassed face, "Well, I'd love to see how the other half lives," he held out his arm in gentlemanly fashion.

Rhonda beamed as she took his arm, "Mother and Father will be just thrilled to meet you," she chuckled as they headed down the front steps and out of the school parking lot together.

The end.

Wow, wow, wow…how about I wait a couple of years to finish a story? Jeez, sorry about that guys, things have been so crazy. I'm just lucky that I happened to think about this story and quickly headed back to my computer to finish it off…still haven't finished the first story I started writing, too ambitious I suppose. Anywayz, thanks to all of those who have read and commented this story, I really appreciate it. It's fun to sit back and just let the ideas flow, it's so relaxing to me. I hope that more and more HA! fans come back and continue to read, write, and draw out their ideas of how HA! could of, or should of gone. Until next time… ;)