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Rating: R. R. And R.

Note: This can be read from two points of view. Angie's or Mira's. I prefer Mira's. This, btw, is a drabble, which means it's 100 words (103, actually.. I cheated).

So Easy

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Rollie doesn't know.

He misses the looks, the moments when she slides a hand under your shirt and you twist away because it tickles.

He misses the hurried gropings under the stairs, by the computer; last-minute orgasms inside the VR machine while he's been off creating.

He misses those moments she's above you, arched back with your fingernails digging into the flesh of her thighs.

He misses those drowsy moments as you both slide towards sleep determined not to care.

He misses that you're fucking each other because neither of you can have him.

Rollie misses a lot.