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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003

1:04 am

Wooded area near the town of Besaid

The smell of blood and dead flesh filled the crisp evening air. A swarm of police cars were parked in a semi-circle just outside a patch of woods in the outskirts of Besaid. Most of them were not surprised by the scene that lay before them; they'd seen similar incidents five times before. They were used to the gruesomeness by now.

Officer Mitch Langry stood near his vehicle, a cup of steaming coffee in his left hand, his right hand on the hilt of his handgun. He knew he didn't need a weapon - no one ever did - but he felt better knowing it was right there if need be.

A female officer, Serena Davidson, approached him, a plastic bag held out in front of her. "Take a look at this," she said rather grimly.

Mitch set his beverage on the roof of the car and took it carefully from her. He held it close and saw a necklace inside the bag. A silver man's necklace with a triangular pendant on it. It was crimson with blood. "Finally, we got something."

Serena shrugged, taking it back from him. "We don't know if it was the victim's or the Ghost, but at least we've got something."

"A ray of hope?" Mitch said with a hint of a smile on his mouth.

Serena's gloomy expression did not change. "Something like that."

The Ghost was the nickname that had been given to the serial killer that had been terrorizing the town of Besaid for almost two months. Not once had any crime scene investigators found anything but a grisly murder scene, until now. Even if it was the victim's, there might be a fingerprint left on it by the Ghost. Mitch now had newfound optimism, and he was beginning to like it.

He began walking forward towards the area where the body had been found. Most of the police were beginning to leave, but crime scene investigators still remained, along with one other individual: police chief Gregory Walters.

"So Chief, looks like we finally got some evidence."

Greg shook his head. "We'll see, Mitch. Whoever this guy is, he sure as hell knows what he's doing. I mean, come on, six murders and not one slip up? Not one bit of saliva or blood from someone besides the victim, not one piece of hair, shit, not even a fingerprint for God's sake!" He paused to shake his head again. "This is one smart guy we have here, Mitch."

Mitch turned to look straight ahead, where Greg's eyes were locked. The mangled female body had been tied with fishing wire to two trees, being nearly ripped in half in the process. She was beaten, cut, bloodied, and the back of her head was bashed in by what seemed to be a baseball bat, or some other blunt object of the sort.

Mitch turned back to Greg. "And there's no connection between any of the crimes?"

"Not that anyone can notice. And you know as well as I do that the CSIs we have on this case are the best of the best. But the first was a man, middle-aged, thrown in a bathtub after being disemboweled. The second was beheaded and just left on the side of the highway. Third was that old lady who was locked in a vault, she suffocated to death. Fourth was dismembered and scattered in a farmer's cornfield. The fifth was skinned, and now this. None of the crimes have anything in common, nothing links them. Not sex, race, age, absolutely nothing."

Friday, June 6th, 2003

4:48 pm

Besaid Police Department Crime Lab

"Alright… let's see if we know who this Ghost is…" Amanda Mason waited for the computer to finish retrieving the identity of the fingerprints that had been on the necklace.

"LeeAnn Hoffman? This is a man's necklace… That doesn't make any sense…"

She typed in the name to get the profile and was highly disappointed. It wasn't the Ghost after all. The picture that came up on the screen was that of the victim's. Her prints were all over the necklace.

"She must've grabbed it, tried to choke him before he killed her." She looked at the broken chain. "Would've probably done it too if this hadn't have snapped."

Amanda decided to go down to the autopsy room and tell them her findings.

Friday, June 6th, 2003

5:13 pm

Besaid Police Department Autopsy Room

"Hey Stephen, I think you oughta know this isn't the Ghost's prints after all," she said, holding her nose as she approached him.

Stephen shook his head. He was obviously upset. "Damn it…"

"What?" Amanda asked, "You didn't find anything either?"

"No. This girl's - "

"Her name's LeeAnn Hoffman. This isn't a Jane Doe anymore."

"Well then LeeAnn's intestines are burnt. Say, from a chemical. It'll take you to find out what exactly, but it looks like it might've been rat poison, or a cleanser even. The cuts were made from glass. There are still shards left in her skin."

"Any prints on them?"

Stephen shook his head. "Not a chance. They're slivers, if you can even call them that. You wouldn't find anything, trust me."

"Alright then. Anything else?"

"The fishing wire nearly cut her hands off, if that's anything. Other than that, there's really nothing."

"Well what about the gash on the back of her head?" Amanda asked persistently.

"Definitely something other than a baseball bat. My guess is a steel pipe or something along those lines."

"Why not a baseball bat?"

"With the intensity of the strike, her skull was almost shattered. If it was a bat that did it, I'd find pieces of the splintered wood in with the bits of mashed skull. But there is none. So it was something that wasn't going to break easily."

"This guy's good…" Amanda said with a sigh.

"No," Stephen corrected her, "this guy's sick."