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Chapter 1: Eavesdropping

"Uhhh...this is so heavy..." Wufei complained as he staggered in the doorway hugging a gigantic fridge. Trowa sighed and glared at him whilst opening some boxes.

"Quit complaining."

"Yeah," Heero grunted, pushing the couch into place. "I can carry that thing one handed."

Wufei snorted in insult, dropping the fridge with a loud thud. "You try carrying a fridge full of food in it! Who's idea was it to leave everything in it anyway?!"

"Hey Heero!!! I found your pen at the bottom of the removal truck!" Duo ran into the room carrying nothing but a mini pen that was barely 4 inches long.

Heero walked over to Wufei and helped him push the fridge to the kitchen, hardly glancing back at Duo. "I have two computers. I don't need that. You can keep it if you want."

"Well, we don't need this then," Duo threw the pen out the window.

"OW!" Came a voice from outside.

Duo flinched upon hearing the voice and gave a cheesy false laugh hoping that nobody had heard it. "Well, I'd better go back and get everyone's pillows. Hey Wufei! Could you come out and get the tumble drier and washing machine, man?"

"Well then," Wufei seethed, coming out of the kitchen. "Why don't you tell me to carry in everyone's beds and wardrobes while you're at it?!"

"Cool! You'd do that for me?" Duo beamed. "You're slammin', Dragon dude!" And with that he strode out, whistling a cheerful version of Requiem.

Quatre entered the front door after Duo had left, wearing a sky blue t-shirt and overalls. His hair fell quite messily over his eyes and a small dirt patch stained his cheek. With one hand, he pushed a trolley with their mega wide screen TV, and held his head with the other, squinting one eye.

"Who threw that pen?"

However, everyone ignored him as they continued to rearrange furniture and other items in the new house that they bought together - or, that is - the house that Quatre bought for all of them.

As Duo sprinted through the front door carrying everyone's pillows and Wufei walked outside to fetch the washing machine, Trowa and Heero proceeded to their designated study while Quatre was busy trying to determine where to put their mega wide-screen TV.

Duo tossed the pillows onto the floor with a loud sigh and wiped the sweat off his brow. "Phew! Man, this is hard work!"

"Where do you think the TV looks good? Left of right?" Quatre inquired.


Quatre wheeled the TV into the living room and looked with a smile at Duo, who looked like he had worked so hard. "It's good that one by one, we eventually got a job at Preventers. I guess I'm not solo anymore."

"Well, yeah, and it's really good we all share a house now eh?" Duo remarked, flopping onto the couch and spreading his limbs wide, nearly enough to cover the whole length of the furniture. "None of us is gonna be alone. And the house is so near the HQ."

"Does it look good here?"

"Nah, just a little to the left."

Quatre struggled to push the large appliance over a little, then sighed in relief.

"Now," he began, "what do you think we should do about the rooms?"

"I dunno," Duo replied goofily, "you very cleverly chose a four bedroom house, so one of us will have to sleep in the lounge."

"Or the bathtub, Duo," Quatre stated sarcastically. "I wouldn't have known that all of you wanted to turn one of the rooms into a study."

"It is a study, Quatre," Heero's voice was heard calling from afar. "It doesn't have any built-in wardrobes. If you want, I can sleep here. I can probably pull a mattress in or something. It'll be more convenient for me, anyway. I'm sure I'd fit."

"Well, that's settled then. That leaves you, me, Tro and Fei to the other rooms upstairs." Duo commented as a thunk was heard in the background.

"Sorry." Wufei uttered from the front door, a washing machine on its side in front of him.

"Wufei, you're so lazy!" Duo scolded lightly, his mouth curled into some sort of scowl. "Get the dryer, and don't forget you promised to get all of our beds!"

The two watched Wufei mutter curses under his breath as he pushed the washing machine to the laundry, and obediently stepped outside to retrieve the dryer. With that, a brief silence fell upon the room.

"No Trowa, I think the computer should go over there." Heero's voice was suddenly heard, breaking the silence. "I prefer it to be next to the window rather than the shelf."

"What do you think Heero does on that laptop all the time?" Duo whispered as he drew closer to Quatre.

Quatre frowned, "I have no idea, especially since there are no more missions to report anymore. Maybe he has a penfriend!"

"Or maybe...he's lookin' at porn!" Duo suggested teasingly.

"But he's still so uptight all the time! You'd think that he'd get some stress relief from it..." Quatre grinned.

Both giggled at their own mental image of Heero smiling open-mouthed and looking completely stoned, scrolling through pictures of shapely women.

"Do you think he'd be turned on if the site contained pictures of someone we know?" Duo asked interestedly.

"Uhhh..." Quatre cringed, shuddering in complete disgust. "Dorothy..."

They tried to suppress their laughter, but it came out in bursts of snorting noises. They didn't acknowledge Wufei re-entering the house carrying the tumble drier. Wufei, curious to know what was causing such hilarity, set down the drier and stood silently in the foyer.

"Where is she now?" questioned Duo.

"Who, Dorothy? I think she's at some business trip with Relena near a resource satellite." Quatre muttered softly.

Wufei strained his ears and stretched out his neck looking like a goose, but he still did not seem to be able to hear what the secret conversation was. He gently tiptoed to the kitchen, adjacent to the living room, and crept to the door that connected the rooms, knowing that he would be able to hear better there.

"Probably on their way to a colony." Duo mused.

Quatre agreed, nodding slowly. "Yeah, probably."

"Hey, that reminds me! D'you remember what date this is?"

"No...what is it?"

"Remember, on the colony two years ago? When we made that pact?"

"It's a little vague," Quatre squinted a little. "Refresh my memory?"

"Remember how we made an agreement to have had at least one sweetheart by the time we're eighteen. I haven't fulfilled that promise yet, and we've only got a year left. Did you manage to accomplish it?"

At these words, Wufei smiled with interest from his hiding place in the kitchen.

"Nope, still a single, lonely Quatre."

Duo pondered, "I wonder if the other pilots are dating someone?"

"Well I don't think Trowa's seeing anyone, at least not to my knowledge. Trowa and I are really close, and he's usually honest with me. He's practically my best friend and I'm not sure that he would ever get by doing that without telling me straight out."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Duo nodded. "Despite Heero's silence and that grumpy attitude that seems to have been permanently molded onto his face, I know that I can really trust him, and that he wouldn't just be keeping that sorta stuff from me."

"What about Wufei?"

Alone in the kitchen, Wufei screwed up his face and stuck out his tongue in disgust.

"Hey! I don't know! He's probably dating Sally!"

Wufei almost fell over. They must be drunk, he thought, shaking his head.

"So then," Quatre continued, "what about this pact? I haven't met anyone yet, let along considered dating."

"Me neither. But think positive, Q, I'm sure that within the year we'll get to know someone very special, someone that could possibly love us." encouraged Duo in a melodramatic voice.

"If Wufei is already dating Sally, and should Trowa and Heero be single, I hope that they'll experience the feeling we're talking about that we want to experience ourselves."

Wufei stood stunned, then smiled mischievously as an idea formed in his head before walking back out towards the removal truck to get everyone's beds.

(To Be Continued)