Echoes in time

Warnings/notes : Gareas/Ernest [past], Zero/Erts [present](both unestablished in the beginning of the fic), bits of bad language

Disclaimer : I don't own Candidate for Goddess.

written at 24th june 2003, by Misura

italics = images from the past

:: italics :: = mental speech/thoughts


At one of the many crossroads in the complex, two boys stood staring at an empty corridor.

"Not that one." Erts touched Zero's arm briefly, shaking his head. "Let's take another route."

The other boy looked at him in surprise. "Why? We're already late."

Erts shrugged uncomfortably. "I can't explain. Just a feeling."

"Do you think something will happen if we walk through it?" Zero inquired curiously.

"N-no. Not really." Erts sounded uncertain.

"Well, I know for sure something will happen if we aren't in time again. Something unpleasant. So I think I'll take the risk." Zero stepped forward.

Erts followed after a brief hesitation, wondering what made this particular corridor so different from all the other ones.


"Ernest! Wait!" Gareas ran after the blond pilot, detesting the pleading tone in his voice.

The other man didn't seem to hear or rather, as Gareas suspected, preferred to ignore him.

He caught up with him halfway one of the many hallways.

"Will you stop and listen to me for a second!"

Ernest walked on, as if he wasn't there.

Grabbing his arm, Gareas forced the blond pilot to a halt.

"What *is* it with you?"

No answer. Ernest wasn't even looking at him.

"You hardly talk to anyone outside of the battles. Like you're afraid of us or something."

That did provoke a reaction, if not exactly the one Gareas might had hoped for.

Ernest punched him, using the opportunity to free his arm from the other's grip.

Gareas gasped for air, clutching his stomach, hating the silence.

He wondered why he'd even bothered to try. Ernest's behavior out of battle might be a bit strange or even shy, but there was absolutely nothing wrong when he was *in* battle.

"F-fuck you!" he managed, though he wasn't sure what annoyed him more ; Ernest's behavior or his own.

Ernest looked at him, an emotion flashing in his eyes, gone before Gareas could name it.

:: If only ... ::

Gareas blinked, knowing that thought had not been his own.

Before he could remark on it though, Ernest had walked away again.

This time he didn't follow.

"You can't run away forever you know. You can't live your life like that without falling one day."

As expected, there was no reply to that either.

But maybe the words would reach their destination nonetheless.

"And when that day comes," Gareas whispered under his breath," I hope for all our sakes you'll talk to someone about it. We'd be your friends if only you'd let us come a bit closer. Why can't you see that?"

He sighed and went back to his own room.


"Well?" Zero asked as the exited the corridor and reached the main-hallway.

"Well what?" Erts replied softly.

"Nothing bad happened, did it?"

"No. I guess."

Zero glanced sidewards, noticing how pale Erts looked. "You all right?"

"Sure. Nothing happened, did it?" the blond boy quoted.

"Hn. But something *will* happen if we don't get to the training-room within the next two minutes."

Erts couldn't keep from smiling at that. Shoving the odd sadness he had felt in the corridor to a far corner of his mind, he sprinted after Zero.