Not the way you want – Epilogical snippet

Warnings/notes : Ryou/Bakura and Yami/Yugi, slightly dark, oocness, slight AU.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 11th october 2003, by Misura

[!] This snippet's not really much of an epilogue. I just found it floating around in my note-book and I did write it to be used at some point in the main-fic so … The flashback takes place while they're flying back to Domino in Kaiba's helicopter, at the end of Duelist Kingdom.


Ryou Bakura is called 'Ryou' when adressed. His yami is referred to as 'Bakura' when he has taken over Ryou's body. I just found myself slipping too many times. ^^;


Ryou knew who was coming, even before the sound of the doorbell alerted him he had a visitor. The Sennen Ring was lying on his chest, feeling cold and warm at the same time.

Feverish. Not too different from the way Ryou felt himself.

/Relax, hikari. No one's going to hurt you./

What could he say to that? That it was sweet of his yami to lie like that? Yeah, right, like *that* would make Bakura any happier.

/It'd be nice to hear though./ his yami murmured.

//You're very sweet, yami.//

Unsurprisingly, his yami snorted. /Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. Really, hikari!/

//You said you wanted to hear it.// Ryou defended himself, stung.

/Hmmm, I didn't mean it. Now go open the door./

Ryou was halfway when he realized what he was doing. And what his yami had been doing.

//You're trying to distract me.//

His yami sighed and Ryou could almost *see* him rolling his eyes.

"I'm not scared of heights, I'm not scared of heights, I'm not - " Ryou whispered, careful not to look out of the window of the slightly crowded helicopter.

"Great view, ne?" Jou enthusiastically punched him on the shoulder. "Got to hand it to Kaiba ; he does have some good stuff."

"Jou ... " Yugi began, a note of disapproval in his voice.

"Yeah, yeah, I know what you're going to say." Jou raised his hands. "I'll be a good dog and say 'thank you' when he gets us safely home, okay?"

"Just for your information, pup : dogs don't talk." Kaiba, having somehow managed to turn around in his seat next to the pilot, glared at the unrepentant blond.

Jou shrugged. "Heard that, Yug? Kaiba-san doesn't want my thanks."

Yugi sighed, too polite to make the remark that lay on the tip of his tongue, but clearly wishing he was somewhere, anywhere else.

For about a quarter, a brooding silence hung in the cabin. Then, Jou gave a cry of excitement.

"Look! I think I can see our school from here!"

Before he was even conscious of the gesture, Ryou turned his head.

It was quite a long way down ... and there was no way he could let his yami take over, not in the present company.

/Can you really see your school?/

//I ... well, yes. Over there. That would mean our house is ... //

Yami wasn't alone. Yugi was with him, looking pale but determined. Ryou wondered what that signified, what decision had been made about him.


//But Kaiba said ... //

/... that you could argue with your darker half, that that made you a lucky person and that you were the only one who could truly end my existence./


"Ryou .... " Yugi's voice trailed off uncertainly.

"You know why we're here." Yami spoke up. Ryou wondered who he meant by you ; just him, or his yami as well. "We're here to help you."

His yami hissed angrily, while Ryou did his best to remain polite. The same words as the first time.

/But not the same outcome. I'm not going to let him hurt you like that again./

"Both of you." Yugi added hastily, seemingly guessing the way Ryou's thoughts were going. "Yami thinks he can give your yami a body of his own too, if we combine the Sennen Puzzle and Ring."

"Your mindlink would still be intact." Yami explained. "But the Tombrobber would no longer be able to hide behind you and your innocence. One wrong move ... "

/I bet he'd like to do that, to crush my mind./

//Can he really give you your own body?//

A slight hesitation. /Yes. Probably. The Sennen items have that power, if combined./

//Do you want it?//

A longer hesitation. /Hikari ... do you know what will happen if we're no longer in one body?/

//What do you mean?//



Ryou frowned, then turned his gaze back to Yami and Yugi. They had sat down on the couch, a few inches apart at first. During his conversation with his yami though, they had shifted closer to eachother, until Yugi was practically sitting in Yami's lap, his head resting on Yami's shoulder.

//I love you.// It was true. Even if his yami would be no more than a voice in his head for the rest of his life, a presence in the shadows of his mind, Ryou would never be able to give his heart to anyone else.

The response was immediate.

/I wish to protect you. Always. Even if you're one silly hikari./

It was more than he'd hoped for. //That's settled then.//

/Ryou ... /

He nodded at Yami, while Yugi smiled and drew out the Puzzle.

And as the light surrounded him like a blanket, Ryou considered there was only one thing left for him to worry about now.

Which was how on earth he was going to explain Bakura to his father.

/We'll think of something, hikari./


"Yes." Arms embraced him, a body pressed to his in a gentle embrace, like he was made of glass and the person holding him was afraid to break him. "Together."