On the edge

Introduction chapter

Warnings/notes : very, very AU, Yohji x Omi, Aya x Ken, Crawford x Schuldich, very slight/short Schuldich x Yohji, no Farfarello or Nagi until the end, Schwarz as Bad Guys, slight fluff

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. This particular Urban Fantasy-setting was created by Mercedes Lackey and described in her (co-authored) novels of the SERRAted edge and Eric Banyon.

written at 27th april 2003, by Misura


It was a normal day in the life of Yohji Kudoh, officially a private investigator. In practice, he mainly lived from the money he made with his jobs 'on the side'. Actually it would be more accurate to say Yohji was not so much a p.i. as a part-time bartender, cleaner, pizza-deliverer and even (for a blessed short time) coffeeboy. He had tried most jobs only once.

Yup, a perfectly normal day. Yohji thought sighing, lighting up another cigarette.

Which meant he was bored out of his mind.

If only something would happen ...

If only I would get a *real* case to work on ... something exciting.

It was at this point, of course, that someone knocked on the door to his office.

He was able to resist the urge to run to open it. Barely.

Dignity, Kudoh, dignity!


"So, basically, you're looking for a p.i. ?" Manx asked, eyeing the too-cute-to-be-true guy in front of her. She had no idea why she had offered to help him when he had walked by her flower-stall.

Oh, be honest, girl, you know it all too well. Yohji would say it's your motherly instincts kicking in.

She was still wondering if she should send a kid like this to someone with a reputation like Yohji's, the only p.i. she was acquainted with.

Not that he would try anything with the boy, but the places he might take him ...

"A p.i.?" Blank look. "What is that, dear lady?"

Manx sighed, wondering what planet this kid was from. "A private investigator. Someone who finds things or people that are lost."

Though the only thing Yohji ever found back was Keiko's runaway puppy, and only because it had hidden in his office.

An eager nod. "That sounds just like the person I am looking for. Pray tell me, lady fair, do you happen to know any of these p.i.s by name or location? Can you aid me in this?"

Manx decided she would give Yohji a call as soon as she could to tell him she'd have his hide if he even so much as thought of taking this kid to any club.

Who else can I send him to? He doesn't look like he's rich or something and Yohji's probably desperate enough to work almost for free, just to have something on his hands.


There was music.

There was always the music ; it never stopped.

Which was as it should be. [Wasn't it?]

He belonged here. [Didn't he?]

He existed for the dance only. [Wasn't that true?]

There was something else.

He remembered it, almost. [What was it?]






'I'm here, Ken.'

Everything was as it should be.

[Wasn't it?]




"Do you love me?"

"Don't ask foolish questions. And don't call me 'Brad' in public."

"But we're in your office! That's not in public."

"It is for me."

"You're so weird. I feel like I will never be able to understand you sometimes."

"Perhaps you never will. Are you bored here?"

A shrug.

Was that a trick-question? There were times when he was afraid of this man that was his lover.

He's not human. He can be so cold sometimes, freezing up about the smallest thing.

And then, when I think I really did it this time, he turns all caring on me.

He loves me, right?

He gave me so much, taking me away from a life on the streets.

"A little." He had learned not to lie to the other man.

"You can go out if you want to. I will be done here at 20:47, be sure you're back by then."

"Thank you."


authoress' note

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