A/N: Ok guys here it is! My first Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh fic. Actually that's a complete lie, it's like my third but all the other ones were lame, plotless and....well...lame. I put heaps of work into this one and I'm 99% certain I'm actually going to finish it! It has a plot, it has style and even my friend who hates Yu-Gi-Oh liked it! I've got the whole story planned out and in writing it I'm already up to the fifth chapter. I've made it so it fits in with most of the Ancient Egypt Arc so in my humble opinion it works very well. I'll probably update this about once a week. Oh and by the way, I don't have Word so therefore don't have a spell checker. So with all that in mind, enjoy!

CHAPTER 1. A Glimpse of the Future

It was a muggy summers day at number four Privet Drive, the sort of hot day that leaves people lounging around, wondering where the fan was and being to tired and hot to be bothered moving to look for it. This was the general plight of the 10 year old boy who currently lay in the smallest bedroom of the afore mentioned Privet Drive address. For him it wasn't the heat that was so terrible, but the neighbours. Or more specifically the neighbours house. If we're going to be into details it was the neighbours current lack of house and their attemps to construct one. It wasn't that the boy wanted the neighbours to be homeless, but he did want them to be a bit less noisy about it. It was 8am and the builders had already begun work on the to-be home. It didn't help that they were working about a meter from the boys window.

The boy opened his bright green eyes and ran a hand through his messy black hair, before groaning and pulling a pillow over his head in an attempt to block out the whine of the grinders and the pounding of the hammers. The disgruntled boys name was Harry Potter and, although he didn't yet know it, he was a wizard.

"Wake up! You stupid boy, wake up!" shrieked his Aunt, banging on his bedroom door. "Breakfast is ready, and as much as we'd like to see you starve, it wouldn't be proper! Now up!"

Harry groaned and threw the covers off his head. It was only a matter of time till he had done this anyway, the noise from next door was starting to make his head pound. He heard his door open and the sound of his Aunt bustling down the stairs. He dragged himself out of bed, put on his glasses, threw on an old shirt and slumped out of the room. Before he had even reached the kitchen he could hear his Uncle's voice.

"That's right! Seto Kaiba, the boy billionaire! Building a holiday home here, in Privet Drive! And right next door to us no less. A little noise is a small cost for the chance to meet someone of his esteem."

"That's all wonderful dear. I just wish they weren't so loud about it." his Aunt responded, tossing the builders a subtle dirty look through the window.

"What's this about a billionaire?" Harry asked, entering the room.

"None of your business boy." his Uncle sneered. He was wearing a formal suit, which was strange as it was a Saturday and also as it gave his the appearance of a beached whale, with his hair slicked back as it was. "But if you must know the house being built next door is going to be the holiday home of the owner of a multi-billion dollar company. He is coming to inspect it today, so I expect you to stay out of sight when we go to greet and welcome him. Not just out of sight, no sound, no evidence that you even exist, got it?!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry said dejectedly, pouring milk over his small bowl of cereal. What had I expected, an introduction? Unlikely. Just sit quietly and pretend I'm not here, that's all they ever want. Why should it be different today?

Just then, over the banging and clanging of the builders, Harry heard the sound of a car pulling up outside. His Aunt heard it too and rushed to the window.

"Vernon! Vernon! He's here early! Quick, get Dudikin's hair combed! We have to greet the man!" she said, rushing around. She quickly cleared everything off the table, including Harry's breakfast (which was halfway to his mouth at the time).

"You, into your room!" Vernon bellowed at Harry, who was more than happy to comply, rushing up the stairs at breakneck speed. It wasn't that he particularly wanted to obey his Uncle's wishes, he wanted to get a look at the so-called boy billionaire Seto Kaiba. As soon as he reached his room, he dashed to the window, just in time to see two figures emerge from a fancy-looking stretch limo.

One was a young boy, who would have been a few years younger than he, with wild, bushy, dark hair. The other, who looked to be about 5 years older, had short brown clean-cut hair and bright blue eyes. He was dressed in a business suit and Harry could only assume this was the illustrious Seto Kaiba. The younger boy stumbled slightly and yawned widely, before turning around and grabbing onto his brothers (for that is what he assumed them to be) arm and asked him something. Harry couldn't hear clearly, so he opened up his window partially but found this didn't help at all, as they were speaking another language.

He glanced down and saw his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and pudgey cousin Dudley Dursley emerge from the house in their most expensive and for some reason, most tasteless outfits. He observed them as they hurried over to where the Kaiba brothers were currently standing and cringed as he saw his Uncle shake the mans hand as if they had known each other for years. Seto Kaiba smiled a smile that Harry thought to be the most obvious of fake smiles, but if the Dursley's had noticed it they weren't saying anything. The smaller Kaiba stood back behind his brother with one hand behind his head and looked very bored. He yawned once again and glanced vaguely around the neighbourhood. Harry could tell he wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, else.

As Harry had been thinking this, he hadn't noticed the boys eyes had settled on him and were giving him an inquiring look. Harry jumped as the boy gave him a wave that he hesitantly returned. If his Aunt and Uncle noticed this there would be hell to pay later. His worries rose as he saw the boy motion for him to come down. Harry avidly shook his head to indicate that he couldn't, but much to his horror he watched helpless as the younger boy asked his Aunt and Uncle about him, pointing to his window. Harry tried to duck out of sight, but it was to late. He didn't know what happened down there but all to soon he heard his Uncle stomping up the stairs.

As he entered Harry's room he could see anger clearly etched onto his Uncle's large face.

"Listen boy, I thought I told you to stay out of sight! You'll be duely punished for this later, but for now you will come down and keep the younger Kaiba entertained! And on all accounts, no funny stuff! You try anything, ANYTHING! And you'll be locked away for the rest of the summer! You hear me?!"

"Yes Uncle." Harry said suprisedly, he was getting off easier than he had suspected he would. Plus as a bonus he was getting to meet another boy his age. He walked downstairs and outside with his uncle and was introduced to the other wild-haired boy.

"Boy....Harry, this is Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. Seto and Mokuba, this is my nephew Harry." his Uncle practically growled at having to talk to Harry politely.

"Pleased to meet you." Seto Kaiba said politely, bowing slightly.

"Same here." Harry said nervously.

"Come on, show me around here!" Mokuba said, grabbing Harry's arm and dragging him away in the direction of the park. Harry glanced back to see a pained expression on Seto Kaiba's face but he didn't think it was solely on account of his brothers actions. It looked like he didn't want to be left alone with the Dursley's. Harry and Mokuba ran all the way to the swings in the park, where they sat down.

"Thank goodness I got away from there, pity I had to leave Nii-sama with those people...sorry! No offence, I didn't mean that!"

"Don't worry, even though they're family I have the same feelings about them." Harry laughed

"So what were you doing up there? Why didn't you come down to begin with?" Mokuba asked.

"I'm sort of the unwanted nephew. My parents passed away and I got stuck with that lot." Harry said, indicating to his remaining family.

"Oh...I'm sorry. Our parents died some time ago too. Nii-sama is the only family I have left, and I love him lots. He's the best big brother anyone could ever have!" Mokuba grinned

"So where are you from?" Harry asked, wanting to steer the conversation away from touchy subjects.

"Domino City in Japan. Nii-sama's here for a conference and I wanted to come to as I'd never been to England before." he sighed and blew some hair out of his face. "But it's so boring, absolutely nothing to do but sit around all day."

"I know what you mean." Harry said sympathetically, leaning back onto the swing. And he did know, he spent most of his summers locked away doing just that. "But you speak very good English for someone who's first language is something else."

"Nii-sama taught me before we came. He knows heaps of languages and he's a really good teacher. I swear, he must know over 15 languages. Well he knows Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, Welsh, Gaelic, Arabic..."

"Wow! He must be super intelligent!" Harry gaped

"Yeah, he's the best." Mokuba grinned proudly

"So how long are you two staying here?"

"Well right now, only for today. Other times I'm not sure, it all depends on whether Nii-sama likes the place or not. If he really likes the house and the neighbourhood you'll probably be seeing alot more of us. If not who knows when. But, I promise you that even if he doesn't like it, I'll make him come back here at least once and I'll come too. I can tell you get very bored around here and you need some excitement." Mokuba laughed.

"That's for sure." Harry agreed

"Mokuba! Mokuba, we're leaving! Come on, I told you before I have an important meeting with the heads of Industrial Illusions. I can't be late and it'll take at least an hour to get there." Seto Kaiba called to his younger brother.

"Sorry Harry, I gotta go. But we'll see each other again sometime, ok?"

"Yeah, for sure." Harry said waving goodbye to the first person his age he'd really talked to in a long time. That was four years ago...