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CHAPTER 16. The Room, the Wall, the 'Dream'

In the teachers lounge...

"Got any fours?"

"Go fish." Professor Flitwick sighed and drew a card.

"Any tens?"

"Shadi, any tens?"

"..." Shadi was looking sharply towards the door. Without another word, he dropped his cards and swept out of the room. Professor McGonnagal sighed.

"Severus, any tens?" Snape was glaring after Shadi and made an attempt to follow him before McGonnagal grabbed the sleave of his robe and pulled him back down into his chair. "Any tens?!" she said sharply. He grumbled something and handed a ten.

"Another win for Gryffindor!" McGonnagal smiled victoriously and put down her last set.

"I don't know why I would play this stupid muggle game anyway..." Snape muttered, throwing his cards down and stalking out of the room.

"Not the most congenial chap is he?" Professor Sprout noted, gathering together the dropped cards.

Harry blinked a few times, trying to adjust his eyes to the mottled glow, but before he could Ryou rushed in after him and the room was suddenly filled with a much brighter light that seemed to come from the walls themselves.

"Woah..." Harry looked around in awe at the room he and his friend stood in. Anyone who knew any history could tell that the room looked exactly like something pulled straight out of a book on Ancient Egypt. "Why would something like this be here?" Harry looked around, "Ryou?"

"Shh, just a moment." Harry turned swiftly, to find his friend in front of the far wall, peering at the heiroglyphs as if trying to understand them. But that was impossible, wasn't it? "No way..." Harry rushed over, only to see his friends face had turned even more pale than usual.

"What's wrong?!"

"It's the same..." he looked up with panicky eyes, "It's exactly the same!!"

"Exactly the same as what? What are you talking about?"

"But the writings on the wall! It even has the holes for the Millenium Items! This shouldn't be here!" it seemed to Harry that Ryou wasn't addressing him, but some other presence in the room.

"Hey, wouldn't your ring pendant thing fit in this hole?" Harry said as he noticed the indentations in the wall. He was silenced with a wave of Ryou's hand.

"You think I should try?"

"Try what?!" Harry was starting to get annoyed.

"Harry, please be quiet." Ryou said without turning around.

"You're talking to me and expect me to be quiet?!" Annoyance was melding with confusion and Harry continued to stare at the puzzling white haired boy.

"Ok, here goes." with that, Ryou reached down and grabbed his Millenium Ring, carefully fitting it into the hole on the wall which seemed to be made perfectly for it. For a second nothing happened. And then another. Finally, the white haired boy sighed and tugged at the object. It was stuck fast. "I can't get it out!" he exclaimed, desperately attemping to extract his Millenium Item.

Suddenly all lights in the room went out. Harry took a step backwards in suprise and hit his head against a pillar. At that moment, he heard Ryou make a strangled cry.

"What's wrong Ryou?!" Harry yelled.

"It's dragging me in! It's going to strangle me! Yami, help!"

"What's going on?! Where are you?!!" Harry made his way blindly forwards in the direction of his friends short sharp gasps.

"I ca-I can't! It won't-Help!!"

"Ryou, where are you?! I can't find-" Harry was cut off by the door suddenly banging open. With it, the mysterious light in the room returned, showing an all to familiar figure standing in the door way.

"Professor Shadi...?"

Shadi surveyed the scene and swiftly made his way forward. Harry turned and saw what Ryou had ment when he had yelled 'It's dragging me in'. The Millenium Ring had been almost completely absorbed into the wall, leaving visible only a small part of the chain which held Ryou against the wall by his neck. Luckly for the white haired boy, Shadi's arrival had stopped the process, but his eyes were wide and breath was still uneven and fitful.

Shadi stood back for a moment, his gaze uncertain, before reaching into his robes and pulling out his Millenium Ankh. He knelt down and carefully pressed it up against the wall, muttering some sort of incantation under his breath. With a short flash of light, Ryou was freed and he fell to the ground with a thud. He lay there for a few moments, before pushing himself up into a sitting position. His eyes were wary and Shadi could tell that the boys darker half was in control.

"I...thank you for saving my Hikari." he said slowly, as if thanking people wasn't something he did on a regular basis. Shadi nodded in response. Harry looked bewildered.

"What happened?" the enigmatic Egyptian said simply. Bakura opened his mouth as if to answer, but closed it again and turned his head sharply to look at Harry, whose eyes widened considerably when Shadi did the same.

"W-What?" he couldn't help but say.

"What should be done with him?" Shadi said without emotion. "You know the boy better than I. Can he keep a secret?"

Bakura surveyed Harry through narrowed eyes, and the black haired boy couldn't help but squirm under his gaze.

"Can he keep a secret?" Bakura smirked, then laughed. "I'll bet he can't keep one to save his life."

"Hey, yes I can!" Harry exclaimed indignantly while Bakura simply sat and grinned evilly. Shadi shook his head and raised his Ankh.

"Better safe than sorry I suppose." Harry opened his mouth to protest before the Ankh tapped him in the middle of his forehead and he slumped to the floor. "When he wakes up he'll think this was a dream."

"Are you sure that's enough? I mean, if something else comes up and he makes the connection-" Bakura said uncertainly.

"It's a possibility, but still, he's only one boy." Shadi said dismissively and waved his wand at Harry's prone form, causing it to disappear and reappear in the Gryffindor dormitory.

"Just like Ryou was only one boy? And Yugi? And Malik?" Bakura frowned, "I'd include Kaiba but he's more like a prematurely middle aged boy..."

"In any case if the worst happens, we'll deal with it at the time. Now I think you should tell me what happened here." Shadi said, his emotionless mask fully in place.

"And why should I do that?" Bakura grinned cockily.

"Because I saved your Hikari and I dealt with that Potter boy for you." he said simply.

"Oh...right." Bakura pursed his lips in irritation. He hated owing anything to anybody.

"Yes, follow me to my office. We shall discuss matters there." Bakura stood himself up and with one last glance around the room, followed Shadi much as a sulky schoolboy would. What he didn't see was a pair of yellow slitted eyes following their movements out the door.

"Hey Kaiba...did you feel that?" Malik asked carefully, looking unwittingly towards the dungeons.

"Hmm..." Kaiba made a non-commital noise and continued to flip through the Daily Prophet.



"Are you even listening to me?"

"I assure you that I'm trying my best not to." Malik rolled his eyes and slumped into a chair.

"Sometimes, I swear you have no respect for me."

"How ironic, I don't."

"I know you don't mean that." Malik grinned and propped himself up with his elbow. "I mean, I think we're getting somewhere! You don't tell me to go away nearly as much as you used to."

"I've decided to take a different tactic. 'Ignore it and it might go away'." Kaiba flipped a page of the newspaper. Malik pouted.

"Well, you have to admit, you're used to having me around! You'd miss me if I was gone!" Kaiba gritted his teeth and ignored Malik. "Ha! You don't deny it!"

"Having a conversation with you is like digging for worms in the dirt. It's unpleasant, you end up with something you don't want, you don't know why you started in the first place and I'm sure that only little children could possibly enjoy it."

"Jeez Kaiba, did you come up with that just for me? I'm touched." Malik said dryly, before pulling out his Charms essay and tapping on it thoughtfully. "Don't suppose you could lend me a little help with this?" Kaiba looked up and narrowed his eyes.

"....Will you leave me alone if I do?"

"Uhh...for the rest of today?"

"Sadly, it's worth it. Bring it here."

"Yay! Me and Kaiba are study-buddies!"

"Don't push it Ishtar."

"I love you too."

Harry awoke abruptly to find a tawny owl pecking at his forehead. He blinked and sat up, vaguelly recalling details of a strange dream, but these were quickly pushed to the back of his head as he untied the piece of parchment from the owl's leg and gave it a piece of Pumpkin Pasty he had sitting on his desk.

As the owl hopped out the window and flew away, Harry recognised his Godfathers scrawl immediately. He unrolled it quickly and sat back down to read.

Dear Harry,

Sorry I didn't write sooner, I've been dealing with some very important business lately (nothing for you to worry about).
Foreign students you say? I suppose it isn't totally unheard of, but I think it would have to be under exceptional circumstances. Is there anything
unusual about them? In any case, I'm sure Albus has good reason to let them in.

If you're worried about anything don't hesitate to owl me and I can be there quicker then you can say Fizzing Wizzbees. Give my best to Ron and Hermione and stay alert.

Sorry to be so brief,

Harry sighed and leaned against the back of his bed, wondering briefly about the 'important business' that Sirius mentioned. Suddenly it occured to him that it was still mid-afternoon and he had just woken up by himself in the dorm. Weird.

He stood up and wandered down into the Common Room where he found Yugi, Ron and Hermione studying. To be accurate, Yugi and Hermione were studying and Ron was stareing blankly at his parchment and tapping his quill against the table.

"Hey guys." Harry sat down next to them.

"Harry! Sorry, didn't see you come in." Hermione said, glancing up from her parchment.

"Ryou did great in the try outs. For a second there I thought Angelina was about to kiss him." Ron laughed.

"Speaking of which, where is Ryou?" asked Yugi. "Didn't you stay with him to pack up?"

"Huh? Oh...yeah. He must have wandered off...think he went to the library or something. Yeah that's right, he wanted to get some books on Quidditch." Harry nodded, vaguely wondering why it felt wrong saying that. And why he had woken up in his dorm if he had come straight from the pitch? He shook the thoughts from his head after seeing the concerned look on Yugi's face. There was nothing to worry about, surely.

At that moment the portrait swung open to reveal a nervous looking Ryou Bakura, looking even more nervous than usual. He walked in wringing his hands and glancing from side to side, sitting down between Harry and Yugi, muttering a quiet "Hi."

"Did you get the books you were looking for?" Hermione asked.

"What books?" Ryou muttered, as if half distracted.

"Harry said you'd gone to the library to get some books on Quidditch."

"Oh...yes. Couldn't find them. Doesn't really matter."

"Ryou, you were awesome before! There's no way you aren't gonna get in!" Ron grinned at the white haired boy.

"Get in where?!" Ryou looked up abruptly, his eyes wide.

"Into the team of course." Ron gave the boy a slightly puzzled look.

"Oh yes, that. Thank you." he said and lapsed into silence, his hands still nervously twitching and occasionally darting to his neck. Harry, Ron and Hermione gave each other confused looks while Yugi stared worriedly at his friend. It was obvious something had happened and he needed to find out what. The question was, would Ryou tell him? Only one way to find out.

"Ryou, you look a bit sick. Want me to take you up to the hospital wing?"

"No I-" the white haired boy paused at the meaningful look Yugi was giving him. "Actually yes, that would be good. Thanks."

"Want one of us to come as well?" Hermione asked, giving the two an appraising look.

"No, I think I can get him up there in one piece." Yugi smiled and lead Ryou back out the door. The original Gryffindor trio sat for a moment, staring after their retreating backs.

"Something's going on." Hermione muttered.

"Was Ryou acting like that on the way back from the tryouts?" Ron asked Harry.

"I..don't think so." Harry's eyebrows knitted together. "It's weird, it almost feels like this afternoon has been a dream. Small details keep slipping away from me." he gave his friends a half-apologetic half-confused look. "You're right Hermione, something is definately going on."

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