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Chapter 13:

A month later, a strategic battle meeting is held in the Hokage Tower.

"Thanks to Nagato and his rebel forces in Rain Country, we got information on Hanzo's Ame defenses and their numbers. Plus, a detailed layout of their barracks. Everyone looks at the map and listens to the battle plan Shibi and Shukaku has come up with and then debate the pros and cons." Tsunade commands her Jonin leaders.

"Using the Aburame Clan's skills with their insects we will take out and overwhelm the gates and courtyard as our archers take out the patrolling sentries. Next with Uzumaki's rat summons all armed with his potent poisoned senbons, they will infiltrate and kill all they encounter of the barracks area. Anko and her snakes will do the same in the main military housing. Naruto and Jiraiya will then set up the seal barrier trap for Hanzo at the Kage tower. We want the ANBU to hunt all the councils known as shown here in the Noble District, assassinate them all." Shukaku explained.

One week later 3 in the morning outside the Village of Ame.

The air was cold as the rain fell. It was the perfect cover as shadows move in silent precision taking their strategic positions around the gates, barracks and guard towers. The two gate guards are quickly dispatched as arrows whispers death. The tower watch looks on to see and hear nothing in the dark early hours. Then a massive shadow flows like a wave to silently overtake them, realizing to late that their life force is literally sucked out by thousands of beetles. Hundreds of rats armed with coated senbons swarm and infiltrate the barracks to deliver their poisoned gifts to any and all they find. Cobras, vipers, and asps slither into the military housing to deal death to those within.

"The countdown begins…" Naruto whispers to his Master Anko as they co-ordinate the silent attack on Ame.

Nodding to an archer, she fires several flare arrows to light up the village and act as a signal to begin the assault. Ninjas conjure several fireballs to scorch their way toward the barracks and guard towers. Naruto then sends his clones out around the Kage tower. Jiraiya meets them to start placing chakra suppression seals and erect a prison barrier. The ANBU rushes in towards the Nobles district to complete their gruesome task.

"Who dares to attack my village?" booms Honzo, as he runs out of the tower to confront the assault.

Once he entered the courtyard, the clones activated the seals imprisoning the old leader. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Nagato then walk up to him smiling victoriously. The Leaf ninjas and ANBU continue killing all the stragglers left alive from the initial assault.

"YOU!" Honzo glares at Tsunade and Nagato. He now realizes just how the village's defenses were breached.

"Yes us. We have come to end your era of tyranny and oppression over Ame and Rain country. As one Shinobi to another I will allow you the honor to die by your own hand." Tsunade tells Honzo matter of factly.

"I thank you for this last honor." Honzo says as he disrobes his armor and shirt exposing his chest.

Placing his shirt on the ground and his tanto in front of it. Hanzo gets into a seiza (formal sitting position on the knees) and picks up his tanto. Placing the tip on the left side of his abdomen holding the tanto with both hands, he looked into Tsunade's eyes and thrust it deep to the hilt. Gritting his teeth and pulling across and upwards in a reverse "C" slicing his internal organs and up through the diaphragm. Refusing to make a sound he bows forward and bleeds out, thus keeping his honor intact. Tsunade then turns to her ANBU.

"Take his head. Bury his body with full honors, and then loot the tower. Make sure you get his notes on poisons and his salamander summons." She then turns and leaves. Climbing on a falcon summoned by Naruto they head back to the Leaf.

The next morning, Council chambers.

"I am happy to report, our raid on Ame was a big success! Honzo surrendered after our opening volley on the village and was then trapped in Senior Chief Uzumaki's fuinjutsu with the help of Jiraiya. Hanzo then performed seppuku honorably, under witness of Nagato, Jiraiya, and myself. Our Hunter Squads achieved 100% of their targets. Shizune, what is our casualty report?" Tsunade informs the council and Elders.

"Hokage, all our forces have returned. We received no fatalities and only 20 with minor flesh wounds. There are, however 30 genin now on mandatory leave and therapy for PTSD and First Kill Syndrome." Shizune reports.

"Way better than expected! Lord Yamanaka, please have your councilors ready for the hopeful recovery of those genin." Tsunade commands.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Inoichi answers.

"Dragon and Shukaku, I want the village secured and new patrol routes in case of any retaliatory events from probing enemies. All low-level missions are on hold till after the Royal wedding. Elders how goes the nuptial planning?" The Hokage inquires.

"The venue is being prepped as we speak. Due to the wedding, the Hokage Monument Park is closed to the public till further notice. We have received confirmation from Tōtsuki Culinary Academy for their acceptance to cater the event. All invitations have been sent; we are now awaiting the RSVPs. Reception and Bonfire dance will be at the park lake with fireworks from the monument top." Koharu read from her notes.

"Very good if no other business is needed? Dismissed." Tsunade then shunshined out.