Their Sister…

By Sammie-Chan


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Party Changes



:::Last Time:::

## Flashback ##

"SAKUYA!!!!" Sesshoumaru cried out, not really caring much for his own life at this point. But something rushed past him, into the mass of lesser youkai and was obviously NOT going to let them kill her. Sesshoumaru looked up. It was… No way… it couldn't be…


It was Aoki-sama, one of the youngest and most powerful vassals of their father. Aoki-sama was only a few years older than Sesshoumaru, and he could already wield an immense amount of power. To Sesshoumaru, Aoki was like an idol. He too wanted to be an extremely powerful youkai when he reached Aoki's age. Aoki came from another strong clan of ancient dog demons that had slowly disappeared until he was the only one left to carry on the bloodline of his family.

Standing next to Aoki, Ulysses stood.

"Uly-sama!!!" Sakuya yelled, feeling his strong paws wrap around her small body and the wind in her hair as they ran quickly away from the battle. Away from Aoki, who was fighting them alone with only his sword to fight with.

## End of Flashback##

"Oi Kuya-chan! We're almost there!!" Ulysses snapped the shape shifter out of her memories. With a slight nod of the elegant dragon's head, the speed slowed down slightly and the two kitsunes were able to get a better grip without the thought of slipping and plummeting to their deaths.

"Oh gosh no!!" Atlanta whispered, seeing fire and smelling smoke. Ulysses could feel the sudden change in Sakuya. Her anger couldn't be seen, but both kitsunes could feel the sudden change of emotion in the dragon's muscles.

Atlanta and Ulysses jumped off the dragon's broad shoulders, landing on the ground with ease. Sakuya shapeshifting once again into a more versatile human form.

"We're too late. The neko have outsmarted us this round," Atlanta said, looking at the young shapeshifter. Ulysses too, looked at the young shapeshifter, worry evident in his face. It pained the pair that their friend, and mistress, was looking that way.

Sakuya felt her anger boil. Those blasted neko have crossed the line, and she was absolutely furious. She could feel her youkai blood, mixing with the feeling of absolute bloodlust, causing her heart to pump in her body at a rapid rate. Her claws grew, luckily that she decided NOT to have her tail in her human appearance – although that would have scared her charges.

Ulysses and Atlanta stood to one side, observing the changes that Sakuya was going through. To say the least, these two have seen basically all of these changes in Sesshoumaru, although it was still interesting in the kitsune's point of view to see another going through such transformation.

She stood back up, breathing heavily. She was officially mad. Her claws were sharp, and could sever a tree like it was paper. Her fangs had appeared as well, causing her to lose some of her beauty. Stripes were appearing on her face, along with her wrists.

"Sakuya-sama?" Atlanta asked, a bit afraid of her mistress, although doing her best to suppress that fear. Ulysses stood tall, no emotion whatsoever crossing his features. Placing an arm on his 'wife's' shoulder, Ulysses shook his head. There wasn't any point in trying to talk to the dog, not in her current state anyway.

"Come on. We can't really help her now. We don't know if she will calm down and search for survivors, or if she will go tracking those murderous vermin. We have to act according to her decisions. If we go to track down the neko, Kuya-chan might come after us – and there may be a chance of survivors here. But if we stay here, Kuya-chan might also stay and then we won't EVER know where those blasted neko are hiding."

"I see you have point as always Ulysses."

Sakuya was panting really mad by now. Not only did the neko have enough nerve to try and launch an attack on Sesshoumaru and the others. How DARE they set her charges' village on fire! How DARE they think everyone was inferior to them! Those neko were a bunch of arrogant sissies.

"Ulysses, Atlanta. I want you two to go after the neko. I'll see what I can do with any survivors," Sakuya voiced her order. She managed to calm her blood lust, undoing any changes that her youkai blood had caused to her human body. Taking in a few shaky breaths, Sakuya smiled – fangs gone. She hated it when she let her youkai blood react so violently to such emotions. Knowing Sesshoumaru, he would have approved her blood lust for neko and humans alike.

"You sure you'll be ok Kuya-chan?" Atlanta asked, looking at her, worried etched over her features and voice.

"I'm fine. Now go!" Sakuya made shooing motions with her hand.

"Come on Atlanta. Kuya-chan is a big girl now. She can take care of herself," Ulysses placed a hand on the young demon's shoulders, "now you take care of yourself alright?"

"I will." The pair nodded and using their keen noses were soon on the trail of the neko.

"Yami… come here my falcon," she held out a hand and waited for the trusty bird to perch on her outstretched limb. "Follow the two and make sure they are safe."

"Sesshoumaru-sama, this is a waste of our ammunition. These are mere small fry – but if my liege will continue we will respect your wishes." The great western lord looked at the speaker. It was a handsome fox, with a coat of glossy black fur. A white slash of fur wiped across his muzzle, his icy blue eyes were sparkling with devotion too the great western lord. He wore a dark blue yukata, accented with many warrior items, and the colour brought out the coldness of his eyes. Sesshoumaru kept all signs of emotion off his face, the usual death glint accenting his golden eyes.

"And you are?" Not once did his golden eyes lined with coldness leave the fox's own icy blue ones. Sesshoumaru's tone was void of emotion. No hint of curiosity was evident in either of their voices.

"I am Koori, my liege." The icy tone lived up to its owner's name. Sesshoumaru accepted that with a mere nod – a slight bob of his head – and Koori smiled inwardly, although keeping a stoic expression on. It was always a pleasure to make the great inu-youkai squirm with a loss for words – or so Koori believed so.

"Ok. Koori, get Persephone and Poseidon along with your company ready to attack. We're going down for some combat. Got to whip you young folk back into shape," Sesshoumaru muttered loud enough for the fox's acute hearing to pick up. Koori bowed respectfully, and disappeared into the rest of Sesshoumaru's army – well sort of. The great western lord watched his vassal disappear and was certainly impressed on how his army could still have the ability to sneak and stealthily get by. The great advantages of using kitsune's as an army.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, I have them assembled. We are awaiting your orders." The exceptionally beautiful youkai turned around and nodded. Koori awaited further orders – trusting the western lord's judgment. The fox adjusted his yukata and his weapons, honing his sense of hearing to any sounds of reinforcements.

"Here we go." Sesshoumaru didn't leave any room for reply and leapt of the roof to fight the neko. Poseidon and Persephone followed, as did Koori and his company. The neko did not reason to think that they would need to engage into hand-to-hand combat, and perhaps this was the reason they were clambering over one and other to whatever hole they had crawled out of. Poseidon watched amusedly, muttering, "What a stupid good-for-nothing batch of ninnies." Sesshoumaru watched as the last of the neko disappeared into the forest.

"Koori, did your father serve Inutaisho-sama?" The great western lord turned to face the fox with icy blue eyes. Koori had been expecting that question, and there was not a faint twitch of curiosity that flickered over his composed face as he answered yes to Sesshoumaru's question.

"Do you accept to become a vassal to me, Koori?" Poseidon and Persephone watched the younger kitsune with interest in their eyes, although the two keenly felt their senses prickle.

"I, Koori, the son of Hyouga of the ice lands, will pledge my service to the western lord and his lands." Koori and his company knelt before the said lord. Sesshoumaru grabbed a secretly hidden dagger from behind his haori and cut a straight line down his palm. Koori felt his palm being treated in the same way as Sesshoumaru used the dagger to dig into his skin. The two pressed their palms together and watched as their blood intermingled and drop to the ground dying the ground a shade of red.

"Koori, son of Hyouga of the ice lands, and I, Sesshoumaru, the son of Inutaisho, and lord of the western lands are tied by blood and if one proves dis-service to another, there will be consequences met." The deep voice of the western lands decreed and a deep golden light shone between the palms. Koori and Sesshoumaru retracted their palms. Koori was now tied to the western lands by blood and to the ice lands by heritage and birthrights. Koori's company had watched in awe as their leader signed a contract to the western lord as if it was a walk in the park. Poseidon and Persephone watched the western lord carefully. Sesshoumaru now had been tied to the ice lands by blood – and that meant he was expected to protect it as well.

"Inuyasha!!" Kagome yelled in exasperation for the fifteenth time that minute.


Shippou and Sango had volunteered to go down to the nearest river to refill their bottle of water. This left poor Miroku and Kirara – not to mention a very huffed Kagome – to baby-sit the immature hanyou by the name of Inuyasha.

"LET GO INUYASHA, or I WILL SAY THE WORD," Kagome threatened, watching as Inuyasha faltered for one step. "LET GO OF THE RAMEN CUPS!"

"Just let go Inuyasha, we won't get a decent meal if you don't let us eat the ramen cups you stole," Miroku sighed. It was a daily routine nowadays for Inuyasha to steal all their lunch, and then get yelled at by Kagome – who would threaten him – and then eventually, Inuyasha would give in. Lunch had always been this hectic – no wonder Shippou and Sango had decided to skip the whole scene and graciously offered to get the water. Kirara mewed in agreement. Couldn't they have a decent quiet meal for once in their lives? Like a day without Inuyasha kidnapping the actual lunch? Miroku sighed and tugged at the fabric sealing his kazaana.

"Kagome-chan?" Sango asked, having walked back into the clearing with a full water bottle in both hands, Shippou - having grown a bit taller - with another two bottles trotted besides Sango.

"Sango-chan! Shippou-chan! You're back!" Kagome sounded very much relieved. In a moment or two, she was sure that Inuyasha would run the sanity out of her body. Shippou and Sango exchanged a look. That was the whole point of offering to go fill up the bottles – to escape Inuyasha's escapade… and Kagome's scary change of emotions. The girl was practically a ticking time bomb these days. Inuyasha, who had actually replaced the ramen, sat quietly besides Miroku – looking peeved.

"Don't want Sango to hit me with her Hiraikotsu…." Inuyasha sighed but was cut off by the youkai exterminator's loud yelp. An audible slap made all the birds fly off their posts.

"Houshi-sama!" Miroku sighed, chuckled to himself, and nursed his wounded cheek. Sometimes it was very worth it to grope the beautiful maiden's behind. Shippou sighed and looked up at the clear blue sky. Nothing much had changed and sure as heck Inuyasha hadn't.


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