What I go to school for

Warnings/notes : Omi/Nagi, slight fluff, song-inspired fic

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'What I go to school for' belongs to Busted ; it's a song about a boy in love with his teacher so I didn't make this into a songfic. Instead I put a quote at the beginning of this chapter altering the 'she' to 'he'. I have absolutely no knowledge of Japanese schools ; everything in here is made up.

written at 14th may 2003, by Misura

His voice is echoed in my mind

I count the days till he is mine

- 'What I go to school for', Busted



Blond hair spread around his head like an angel's halo, Omi, the youngest member of Weiss, who wore the codename of Bombay and was specialized in darts and computer-hacking, snored gently. As had happened more than once already this week, he had fallen asleep behind his computer, working on some assignment.

Yohji had covered him with a blanket, not trusting himself to ascend the stairs safely with the boy in his arms ; his balance was never very good after a night of clubbing and drinking.

Omi smiled in his sleep, mumbling a name that went unheard since there was no one listening to him. Perhaps that was for the better too. None of his teammembers would have been too happy to hear the name of Nagi Naoe, a member of Schwarz, coming from his lips in such a caring tone.


Nagi tossed and turned in his bed, his hair a mess. Yet it was clear to anyone who might have looked in on him that the lively dream he was having was not a nightmare. Nagi was smiling softly, his usual cold expression replaced by an open warmth.

The name he spoke in a bare whisper was that of Omi Tsukiyono. His enemy. His lover.


Two alarmclocks started blaring, two hands reached out to hit the 'Snooze'-button. Only one reached its goal ; the other one hit the computermouse, causing its still half-asleep owner to wonder why the noise hadn't stopped yet.

Nagi sighed with contentment as his mind slipped off into the land of dreams again, while Omi frantically tried to find the right button. Since the blond boy still wasn't fully awake yet, it took his mind some time to come to the conclusion that something was not quite right and that he wasn't in his own room and bed somehow.


"OMI! Turn off that noise, will you?"

"CHIBI! I need my beautysleep!"

Two shouts (Aya would never do something as undignified as yelling through the house, unless it *really* was an emergency) shook Omi out of his half-conscious state. Blinking, he took in his environment, finding his muscles stiff from sleeping in such an uncomfortable position.

"SORRY!" He stumbled up the stairs to his room, punching the 'Off'-button on his alarm-clock before grabbing some clothes to wear that day. His bed looked awfully inviting, but he knew that if he gave in to that temptation - lying down for just a minute - he would fall asleep and be late for school again.


Nagi's alarm-clock started pestering him again. His first thought was to smash it or throw it out of the window, using his telekinetic gift. Unfortunately, Crawford would have him buy a new clock out of his allowance, even when Nagi protested that he had no control over his gift that early in the morning.

The fleeting satisfaction it would give him simply wasn't big enough for such a price. And thus Nagi muttered, rose and grabbed the clothing he had hung over a chair the evening before. Pushing the curtains aside he saw the sky was bright today ; maybe it wouldn't rain today, like they had predicted at the weather-forecast.

He had asked Crawford about it, but the older man had just glared at him and informed him that such predictions were beneath him. That reaction might have had something to do with the cup of coffee Nagi had accidentally spilled over Crawford's new suit earlier that day, but still Nagi considered it rather unfair.


Omi sighed as the rays of warm water hit his skin. He was finally starting to feel alive again, his body pleasantly relaxed. He wasn't even conscious of the fact that he had started to sing until someone knocked on the door to the bathroom.

As no shouted complaint followed, he concluded it must have been Aya. It made sense it would have been the redhead, since Omi knew he was the one having the morning-shift today. Yohji had gone partying the evening before and probably wouldn't come out of bed voluntarily before twelve. Ken wasn't as bad, yet he too enjoyed to sleep.

In Omi's opinion, life was totally unfair to him ; he was the only member of Weiss who had to get up this early every single day *and* he got the kind of assignments from Kritiker that required the most of time. On top of this he even had to work in the flowershop on a regular base!


Nagi munched down his breakfast, while reading the front-page of the newspaper Crawford was holding up at exactly the perfect height. Farfarello enthusiastically attacked his cornflakes, causing bits of the stuff to fly all over the floor and table, while Schuldich was nowhere to be seen.

"No." Crawford said, for no immediately apparent reason. Farfarello looked up, stared at him for a while, then went back to what he had been doing before.

"No what?" Nagi inquired.

"No, it's not going to rain today and no, you're not getting a raise in lunch-money. So don't bother asking." Crawford replied, rising to pour himself another cup of coffee.

"Thanks and why not?" Nagi responded after a moment's consideration.

"Because I said so." Crawford didn't look smug. His voice didn't sound smug either, and yet the young telekinetic could feel the self-satisfaction oozing from his leader. Nagi loathed being put in his place like this, especially at an hour like this.

Crawford was a morning-person, while Nagi ... Nagi was an afternoon -or perhaps even a night- person, coming alive when sitting behind his computer in the sanctuary of his room.


"I'm going to be late!" Omi whined, running around the living room while gathering his books and notes. He stuffed them quickly in his bag, praying he wasn't forgetting anything. The disk with the assignment they had to turn in today was safely tucked away in a pocket of his jacket, so that meant he had the most important thing with him.

Anything else he could probably borrow from Nagi. It would slightly distract him of course, to have to use the same book as the other boy - quite likely it would distract Nagi as well - but then again ; they knew most of what they were told in class already. The few things they didn't know were things they were never going to need anyway.

"Calm down. You have plenty of time." Aya replied, watching his frantic activities with a frown.

"No I don't!" Omi tossed another set of notes and a few pencils in his bag. Not finding any other school-things, he sprinted to the door, grabbing an apple for lunch. "Bye, Aya-kun!"


Author's note : This fic will be continued only after I finished at least three of my other stories.