Author's Note: This is the last chapter!! It wasn't really necessary to make another chapter, and this one will be extremely short, but I just wanted to add some dramatic effect…

…she opened her eyes with a jolt and found herself back in Roger's apartment in her own clothes. It really was just a matter of faith.

Mimi felt like she had been gone forever, but her life seemed to pick up right where it had left off. Roger was still singing and seemed to be just now finishing up. It occurred to Mimi that maybe time didn't exist in the tunnel, and she had merely been there--not for a certain amount of time; in the tunnel, she just existed. She let it go at that and allowed herself to be filled with joy.

Without really thinking or comprehending what she was saying, Mimi blurted out, "I jumped over the moon!" "What?!" Roger asked hastily, partly shocked and confused and partly overjoyed that Mimi showed signs of life. "A leap of…Moooooooooo!" "She's back!" Joanne screamed. "I was in a tunnel, headed for this warm, white light…" "Oh my God…" Maureen commented. "And I swear, Angel was there--and she looked good! And she said, 'Turn around, girlfriend, and listen to the boy's song…' "

Mimi didn't feel like explaining the whole thing--even she didn't understand everything that had happened in the tunnel. Besides, it didn't matter now. She was back.

The End. (Yay!!!!)