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                                                     CHAPTER 20

          Buffy, Angel, Gunn, Fred, Wesley, Willow, Xander, Autumn, Jeff, Connor, Maggie, Dawn, and Giles all popped up out of Willow's hole like popcorn. They'd all made it out safely. About an hour later they were all scattered throughout the house. Buffy and Angel were in the kitchen, Wesley was upstairs, Willow, Fred, Gunn, Xander, Autumn, Dawn, and Jeff all sat down in the living room, Connor had wondered off to some room, and Giles and Maggie were in the dining room.

Xander patted Willow on the back. "Looks like your abra and kadabras are useful for more than just bring Buffy back to life."

"Yeah... that spell was flawless," Willow smiled then immediately pouted. "I just jinxed us so let's never speak of it again."

The room laughed softly.

Autumn looked towards Fred and Gunn. "So... I guess you guys are going back to LA, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess," Fred replied softly. "Even though, you know, we don't necessarily have to. Do you want us to?"

Autumn shook her head. "No. I really want you two to stay and Angel, too. Fred, you've been really nice. I could definitely use that right now."

"We'll stay," Fred said enthusiastically then looked over at Gunn. "Was that too fast?"

Gunn shrugged. "I don't care. I get the feeling we weren't going back, anyway?"

"What makes you say that?" Willow asked.

Gunn glanced in the direction of the kitchen. "Just a hunch."

Buffy and Angel sat at the kitchen table, hands linked on top the table.

"So you're heading back to LA?" Buffy asked.

Angel shrugged. "Maybe."


"I've been thinking about transferring AI."

Buffy raised an amused eyebrow. "And how long have you been thinking of this?"

"Yesterday?" Angel smirked.

"Angel, this isn't funny," Buffy said seriously. "I mean I don't do mixed signals, well, I do them just hate them, now come on. I want to know where this leads us."

"We can give it another try," Angel told her simply.

"Of course." Buffy smirked. "Because, you know, I planned on clubbing you over the head and dragging you back to my cave, anyway."

"You getting physical already?" Angel joked.

Buffy slapped his wrist playfully, only getting a laugh out of him.

          Angel went around the table and took her hand, guiding her up. Buffy looked into his brown eyes as they slowly moved in for a zealous kiss. Unknown to either of them Spike stood at the doorway watching it all, a spark of anger in his eyes.

Dawn walked up. "Hey, Spike, you—" She stopped at the doorway, seeing what he was so involved in. "Oh." Dawn glanced at Spike. "I guess Buffy and Angel are..."

"I know," Spike interrupted her, no emotion in his voice.

"Are you OK?" Dawn asked him.

"Sure, nibbles." Spike finally looked away from the kitchen. "I'll live. Always do."

"Hey." Dawn turned around and saw Jeff.

"Hey," she smiled. Jeff walked up and whispered something in his ear. "Sure."

Spike raised an eyebrow. "Sure? Sure what? What sure?"

Dawn smirked at him. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Before Spike could say anything Connor passed by them, going into the kitchen. A look of disgust crossed his face as he saw Angel and Buffy kissing each other. The thick haired teenager cleared his throat soundly. Buffy and Angel finally broke apart looking over at him.

"Oh, hey, Connor," Buffy greeted.

Connor waved his hand a little.

"You mind?" Angel asked his son.

"Angel." Buffy slapped his arm again.

"What's going on?" Connor asked, sticking his hands into his jeans pockets.

"New beginning," Angel replied simply.

"Oh." Connor shrugged. "Whatever."

          Wesley, stepping out of the bathroom, headed towards the stairs then stopped and turned around. The British man went out and stood in the middle of the hall.

"Cordelia!" he suddenly called out loudly. "Cordelia! Cordelia Chase!"

"Hey." Wesley spun around to see Cordelia standing right there. "Higher being, only need to call once. Y'know, like those angels on Charmed."

"Whatever. I have an answer for you and the watchers council."

Cordelia folded her arms. "Um, drum roll, please?"

"Tell them that I'll take the honor."

"Really?" Cordelia raised an eyebrow. "OK. But you know you could have just said I'll take the job. Don't be all... British-y." A glow appeared around her and she rose up towards the ceiling vanishing.

Willow came upstairs then. "Wesley? What's going on up here? I thought I heard you call for Cordelia Chase then you were talking to someone."

"Just making something official," Wesley told her.

Willow nodded, obviously clueless. "That's great, Wesley. Um, good for you."

"Thank you, Willow."

The duo shared a smile.

          Maggie strayed from the kitchen and stood by the front door, cup of coffee in hand. As she put it closely to her lips, ready to take a long sip of the delicious beverage Giles walked up.

Maggie put the cup away from her lips. "Yes, I confess. I've been dying for a cup. I blame it on American values."

Giles just smiled at her. "Go ahead. I suppose we can let it by this once."

Maggie beamed at him and took a soothing taste of the coffee. "Delicious." She looked at Giles. "What brought on the pleasant change?"

"Oh, nothing really. I just figured that if you can handle being locked in a cell and keeping your cool then you deserve a little reward."

Maggie smiled sheepishly. "I didn't exactly keep my cool. I nearly lost my bloody mind until Autumn showed up. She's a good friend when she's not all loopy in the head."

"Yes, loopy teenaged girls. Don't you hate those?" Giles asked dryly.

"Absolutely," Maggie agreed. "I mean—" She caught on then. "Hey, what are you trying to say here?"

"Nothing," Giles replied, turning away with a smirk.

Maggie went after him. "Uncle Rupert! Uncle Rupert, get back here." Maggie followed him into the living room.

"Autumn," Jeff said to his sister.

"What is it?"

"What time is it?" Jeff asked.

Maggie glanced at a clock. "I read 8 AM."

"Why?" Autumn asked Jeff.

"Because it's morning and Mom and deadbeat don't have a clue where we are," Jeff pointed out nonchalantly.

Autumn gasped. "Jeff! Why didn't you call Mom?"

"Why didn't you?" Jeff shot back.

"I was trying to be world save-ish!" Autumn yelled at him.

"Kids?" Gunn interrupted their fight. "Need a ride?"

"Yes," Jeff and Autumn replied simultaneously.

"I'll go with you," Maggie volunteered then looked at Giles. "Can I?"

"Of course," her uncle nodded.

          Gunn borrowed Angel's keys and Autumn, Jeff, and Maggie all filed into the car. As they drove along Autumn decided that her parents were probably too busy throwing things at each other to even notice that the kids were missing. As Gunn got to Autumn and Jeff's block they saw four police cars standing outside of their house, officers buzzing around. Both Autumn and Jeff's jaws dropped open as they stepped out of the car, Maggie with them.

"Wow," the British girl looked around in awe.

"Who died?" Jeff wondered.

Gunn chuckled. "You two are in hot water."

"Only if it's a hot tub," Autumn told him. "Thanks, Gunn." She ran up to her house.

Jeff went after her and Maggie decided to follow.

Autumn entered the already open door of the house to see her parents talking to one of the officers.

"Mom?" Autumn called out as Jeff and Maggie approached.

Mister and Mrs. Tucker turned and rushed up to the kids.

"Where the hell have you been?" Mrs. Tucker demanded.

"Well..." Autumn had to think. "I was  sleeping over at Maggie's when her phone went out and Jeff was... at someone's house."

"Yeah!" Jeff agreed quickly.

"Exactly," Maggie added.

Mrs. Tucker raised an eyebrow at her. "Who are you?"

"Um, that would be Maggie," Autumn told her mother.

"You were both stupid," Mr. Tucker snapped at Autumn and Jeff.

Autumn folded her arms crossly. "Really? Well, let me tell you something, Dad. I know Jeff and I screwed up, I know we were insensitive, but guess what? At least we don't cheat on the people we love, move around with some hoochie who turns out to be like a million years old, and then that same hoochie turns around and tries to kill me!"

"I knew it," was all Mrs. Tucker said. "Well, except for that killing thing. Honey, are you feeling all right?"

Autumn groaned annoyed.

"So then it's true?" Jeff asked his father.

Mr. Tucker turned away. "Yes. And I hope you all have a wonderful time here in Sunnydale. I'm not about to stay here a minute longer with any of you. I'm going back to New York."

Mrs. Tucker, Jeff, and Autumn all stood frozen.

Autumn flipped her hair, turned around, and stormed outside.

Maggie, worried, went after her. "Autumn?" Maggie sat down with her on the stairs. "Autumn, are you all right?"

Autumn counted to ten in her head and a small smile crept across her face. "You know what, Maggie? I'm going to be fine..." Maggie starred at her strangely. "Just fine."

          Maggie was still confused but just nodded with a little smile of her own. Autumn and Maggie rested against the stairs, watching the police cars, half slayers but friends forever.

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